Winter Makeup: Top Life Hacks From The Makeup Artist

Winter Makeup: Top Life Hacks From The Makeup Artist
Winter Makeup: Top Life Hacks From The Makeup Artist

Video: Winter Makeup: Top Life Hacks From The Makeup Artist

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Winter makeup: top life hacks from the makeup artist


What products should you use and what to do to make your makeup look perfect in winter? And most importantly - what make-up nuances should you know during a pandemic? How to survive the mask regime without smeared lips, redness and flaking on the skin?

Maria Andreeva, make-up artist at the "White Garden" beauty center in Zubovsky proezd

1. Use a thick tone

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The first step is to prepare your skin. To do this, apply oil, nourishing cream or mask. Then use a thick foundation. It will help block out redness from frost and protect the skin from the negative effects of the environment.

2. Focus on rich shades and long-lasting lipsticks

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In winter, add some color to your makeup. For example, coral on the lips looks good in spring and summer, while wine shades, burgundy and plum look good in autumn and winter.

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When wearing masks, the best choice is long-lasting tints, pencils and lipsticks.

To prevent the skin of your lips from drying out and cracking, be sure to use a balm.

3. Focus on eyebrows and eyes

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Do not forget that during the pandemic, the emphasis in the make-up shifted to the eyebrows and eyes. Therefore, be sure to follow the shape of your eyebrows. Now the trend is a natural wide shape and contrasting eyebrows against the background of unpainted eyes.

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If you still want to highlight your eyes, then for makeup use wine shades of shadows (they are just in fashion), so you can apply glitter to the upper or lower eyelid (New Year is still close).

And, by the way, in order for the makeup to hold on firmly, do not forget to fix it with a special spray.

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