After A Hectic Weekend: 5 Beauty Life Hacks

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After A Hectic Weekend: 5 Beauty Life Hacks
After A Hectic Weekend: 5 Beauty Life Hacks

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what to do if after a stormy weekend the vessels have dilated and the face is swollen? Are there any special cosmetic procedures that will help you survive the long holidays without consequences for your face?

Problem: dull complexion


face after a stormy weekend is not a skin pathology, but the consequences of intoxication. Unfortunately, beauticians do not have a magic wand. Treatments that include light peels or cryomassage will help.

Problem: swelling

If the face is severely swollen, any lymphatic drainage procedures are indicated. For example, microcurrent lymphatic drainage or LPG facial massage.

the puffiness is chronic, it is necessary to understand what the reason is (there may be a cardiac or renal pathology). Then you need to treat the underlying disease and conduct a course of procedures with a beautician.

Problem: blood vessels dilated

Irenal vessels on the face (rosacea) are easily eliminated using Elos technology. This is a hardware procedure, during which two energies act simultaneously on the skin: light and electric current. At the same time, the epidermis is not damaged, and slight redness disappears within two to three hours after the session.

Problem: dry skin

o in the autumn-winter period, the water-lipid balance of the skin is disturbed. This is due to humidity and temperature changes (it is cold outside, but it is stuffy and hot in the room). In this situation, plasmolifting or biorevitalization will come to the rescue. Ideally, you need a course of three to five procedures. These are injection techniques (hyaluronic acid or own plasma is injected directly into the dermis), which significantly improve the condition of the skin, it becomes moisturized, the water-lipid balance is restored. And as a result, there is no redness and peeling on the face.

Problem: loose cheeks

"Eaten" cheeks arise due to the special structure of the face. In this case, cosmetologists have lipolytics - substances that promote the removal of local fat deposits. These are injectable drugs, they are injected with a thin needle clearly into the problem area.

worries about the second chin, then several different methods will help to remove it - from LPG facial massage to mesothreads. It all depends on the severity of the problem and the condition of the skin (here the doctor will choose the necessary technique individually). In any case, this is a course of treatment, which is important to go inside and out.

Home rescuers

For home care, masks for instant skin radiance with cranberry seeds (they will improve the complexion, smooth out irregularities), creams for the skin around the eyes with phytoextracts (to refresh puffy eyes, make dark circles less noticeable), lotions and serums with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E (useful in case you need to energize the skin and quickly restore).

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