A Few Ideas For A Creative Christmas Tree

A Few Ideas For A Creative Christmas Tree
A Few Ideas For A Creative Christmas Tree

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Every year we take out the same Christmas tree from the far shelf or buy a live one and decorate it with painfully familiar toys and garlands.


It's time to change something, we decided and put together for you delightful ideas that will change your idea of ​​the traditional symbol of the New Year.

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1. Flying tree

Hang Christmas balls on a fishing line, imitating the shape of a Christmas tree. Smart and very unusual.

2. Christmas tree from a stepladder

Despite its simplicity, such a "tree" looks very nice, and the installation process will take a minimum of time.

3. Spinning tree

The secret lies in the rotating mechanism at the base of the tree. An impressive sight.

4. A tree made of branches

The branches can be fixed on the wall or made from them like a real Christmas tree. Cool idea for a country house.

5. Wine corks

Wine corks make such cute Christmas trees that will add coziness and warmth to your New Year's table.

6. Garland on the wall

What could be easier? Looks very impressive!

7. Drawn Christmas tree

You can draw a Christmas tree yourself or purchase a ready-made poster.

8. For book lovers

Why cut down trees and make books out of them? Let's do the opposite.

9. Bizarre driftwood

A little imagination and New Year's decor - and a fabulous eco-style Christmas tree is ready.

10. Christmas tree made of cardboard

Even a boring piece of cardboard can be turned into a fabulous Christmas tree, you just need a little imagination and the right lighting.

11. Minimalism

For those who are tired of colorful garlands and an abundance of toys, but still do not want to abandon traditions.

12. Christmas tree made of bottles

Crazy idea! But you can go crazy on New Year's Eve!

13. Inverted Christmas tree

Not an option for the lazy, but worth it. At least to enjoy the delights of the guests later.

14. Rope tree

Airy and graceful, this Christmas tree will decorate any interior.

15. High fashion

Fir-trees, similar to lush ladies' dresses, look very feminine!

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