What A Sight: 10 Russian Stars Who Better Not Go Out Without Makeup

What A Sight: 10 Russian Stars Who Better Not Go Out Without Makeup
What A Sight: 10 Russian Stars Who Better Not Go Out Without Makeup

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Looking at the brilliant photos of celebrities, we often have an inferiority complex. These famous women are so beautiful on magazine covers and TV screens!


But if you look at their "honest" photos, it immediately becomes easier. "Stars" are not much different from ordinary women who stand in line at the store.

Sati Casanova

Sati is a bright girl with an oriental appearance. She is a supporter of bright and catchy makeup, with the help of which she emphasizes her regular facial features. But as soon as the make-up is washed away, Casanova looks at us with a tired and haggard face.

Daria Moroz

Daria Moroz is a cheerful and self-confident woman and a wonderful, talented actress. Yes, her appearance is extraordinary, but with a "war" paint - attractive and interesting. What can not be said when you see her "honest photo".

Anna Khilkevich

The star of the television series "Univer. New hostel "- charming Anna Khilkevich. In studio photos, she looks like a Hollywood star. But without a make-up, just the same, for an inhabitant of a student hostel.

Alena Apina

We will respect the age of the 90s star Alena Apina and her successful singing career. She is 54 years old, and she really looks young. Well, maybe I want to add a little lively blush.

Anastasia Volochkova

With Volochkova, there is the very case when it is not worth taking the risk and publishing a photo "who I really am." The followers of the former ballerina are looking forward to each such "honest" photo session to smash it to smithereens. And they have every reason for that. Nastya really looks bad without makeup. Here, neither the baptismal nor the twine helps.


Without makeup, singer Glucose is not as effective as on advertising posters. You can even say that her face is lost somewhere - it is completely expressionless.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya

The real Liza in the "honest" photo is given out by her "trademark" dimples on her cheeks. If it were not for them, then the "girl on the screen" would not immediately be recognized.

Natalya Sturm

No matter how Natalya Shturm reminded of herself, publishing provocative nude postings on her Instagram, you can't run away from age. The figure of the singer is in shape, but Natalia's face, nevertheless, requires the magical power of cosmetics.

Nadezhda Granovskaya

The stage role of Granovskaya is a vamp woman. Men tremble at the forms of Hope. But everyday photos of the star debunk the myths about the image of the seducer.

Anna Sedokova

Anna is a brave girl and a mother of three children. Once she admitted that she was bothered by skin problems. Sedokova posted a photo confirmation of this fact on the Web, for which she received a portion of sympathy from her subscribers. We think it's better to be excited about it.

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