How To Improve Complexion With Natural Remedies

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How To Improve Complexion With Natural Remedies
How To Improve Complexion With Natural Remedies

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From light gray to light green - most likely, it is in this color range that your skin tone will be in the light of the spring sun. It is not surprising - for a long winter, the skin was deprived of active light exposure, it was thoroughly dried in heated rooms. It probably reflects your lack of sleep, passion for high-calorie foods and "toxic" life in a big city. Of course, in the summer everything will level out, but you want to look fresh right now, spending a minimum of effort and money on this. AnySports does not postpone the matter and tells you how to improve your complexion with the help of available tools.


Sugar is not only a great sweetener, but also a great exfoliator.

Mix a little sugar with warm water and a little face cream. Use the resulting mixture to scrub your skin like a scrub. Tone, silkiness and an even complexion are guaranteed to you!


Natural yogurt can be used not only as the basis for a healthy breakfast. This dairy product is an excellent face mask, it tones and gives the skin a healthy glow.

Mix a small amount of natural yogurt without dyes or fragrances with a teaspoon of water, mix well and apply on face for 20-30 minutes. Rinse off the mask with warm water.


Cucumber has long established itself as a cosmetic stamp. However, this vegetable is really great at helping with skin problems, including when you need to improve your complexion. And here options are possible:

- To restore radiance to the skin, mix 1 tsp. cucumber juice with 1 tsp. with lemon juice, apply the mixture to your face and leave until completely absorbed. Then rinse your face with water;

- To even out the skin tone, add some honey to the cucumber juice. Apply the mask to your face as often as necessary. For emergencies twice a day. Don't forget to wash it off with warm water;

- To solve problems pointwise, simply place pieces of cucumber on the areas of concern and leave for a few minutes, and then rinse your face with water.


Honey contains large amounts of enzymes - trace elements that contribute to a healthy glow in the skin. Therefore, a honey-based mask is an excellent solution to bring your complexion back to normal. Take a little honey and mix it in equal proportions with powdered milk, a drop of lemon juice and almond essence (the latter is optional). Apply the mask to your face, let it dry and then wash off with warm water.

Be careful - honey is contraindicated for many allergy sufferers. Before experimenting with a honey mask, apply the mixture to a small area of ​​skin at the crook of your elbow and watch for reaction.

Oat flakes

Oatmeal is a true versatile fighter. In the kitchen, cereals have a wide range of applications - from the usual porridge to auxiliary ingredients in baked goods and salads. And in cosmetology, they are used as a basis for home scrubs.

Oatmeal gently exfoliates and contributes to the achievement of softness and smoothness of the skin, evens out the complexion. It is enough just to grind the flakes in a blender and rub a little with the resulting oatmeal powder on damp skin. You can add a little dry cream or milk to the ground flakes to give your skin a healthy glow.

And if you mix ground oatmeal with a drop of lemon juice and turmeric, you get a wonderful mask. Turmeric has long been renowned for its antioxidant properties, but recent research has shown that this spice is also great for improving complexion.

Mix all the ingredients and apply the mask on the face, leaving to dry completely, and then rinse with warm water.

In pursuit of an even and healthy complexion, do not focus on just one product. It is better to work on the problem in a complex manner: do not forget about daily care, proper nutrition, activity and healthy sleep. There are many tasks, but the result is worth it, so get down to business right now and be healthy!

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