Top 5 Female Flaws That Men Are Crazy About

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Top 5 Female Flaws That Men Are Crazy About
Top 5 Female Flaws That Men Are Crazy About

Video: Top 5 Female Flaws That Men Are Crazy About

Video: Top 5 Female Flaws That Men Are Crazy About
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All women have a need to please men. This is necessary both at 18 and at 70. But often our complexes do not allow us to live in peace, and we are looking for another flaw in ourselves, which, perhaps, other than ourselves, no one considers a flaw. So why are we then complex?

Small breasts

It is absolutely obvious that the ideals of beauty do not exist, but each of us believes that men like exceptionally large and magnificent breasts, but is this really so?

Hardly. Opinion polls will confirm that there are a great many connoisseurs of small breasts. It is worth looking at the star pedestal - Hollywood beauties such as Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman, Vanessa Paradis - have achieved considerable heights and won the love of men around the world, despite their modest bust size.

Mimic wrinkles

We viciously call them "crow's feet" and are ashamed of these wrinkles, mercilessly filling them with Botox. However, it is worth saying that men either do not notice this flaw at all, or find it very attractive, because it seems to them that "their eyes are laughing", and all facial expressions look much more lively.

Big booty

In the age of Kim Kardashian, is anyone really ashamed of their "fifth point"? After all, millions of men around the world find this part of the figure perhaps the most attractive, and the hourglass silhouette is the standard of femininity and beauty.


Despite the fact that these "features" are now at the peak of their popularity, many women continue to be ashamed of them. But absolutely in vain, because many men are crazy about them! Freckles give the whole image a cheerfulness and youth.

Excess weight

Probably every woman finds her figure imperfect and dreams of getting rid of 5 or even 10 extra pounds. But dry statistics say that in women a man appreciates "shape", so a little extra weight will definitely not spoil you. but will give the figure the desired silhouette.

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