Nyusha Surprised Fans With Very Rare Eyebrows

Nyusha Surprised Fans With Very Rare Eyebrows
Nyusha Surprised Fans With Very Rare Eyebrows

Video: Nyusha Surprised Fans With Very Rare Eyebrows

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With makeup, the singer rushes from one extreme to another.


More recently, Nyusha was criticized for the half-face eyebrows: the star clearly overdid it, giving them shape. Then the subscribers expressed the hope that Nyusha did just make-up, and not tattoo or microblading, which will remain on her face for a long time. And at least you guessed it: fortunately, the beauty experiment lasted until the first makeup removal.

Now Nyusha went to the other extreme: she decided not to tint her eyebrows at all. And when she wanted to show off her new lipstick color, she again drew attention not at all to her lips.

24 Apr 2018 at 06:39 PDT

The followers advised Nyusha to find a good brow master. The photo shows that the girl's eyebrows, although dark, are quite sparse. In addition, a rather strange shape: there is practically no natural bend, and the width of the eyebrows does not change from the beginning to the tail. This often happens, experts say, when girls constantly pluck their eyebrows and color them on their own, not caring about the quality and components of the paint.

By the way, despite the fact that today at every corner they say that it is the eyebrows that "make" the whole face, many stars do not consider it necessary to monitor their shape and condition. Including supermodels, from Lily Rose Depp to Natalia Vodianova. Among other celebrities who could use a good master, and Cara Delevingne. A few years ago, her eyebrows were a real trend, but today they look, in the words of anti-fans, "like two caterpillars."

Emma Watson and Mother of Dragons Emilia Clarke also do not always delight fans with an impeccable look. And if you remember the older generation, then, for example, Madonna's eyebrows have always been very far from ideal. What can we say about the shocking Lady Gaga. Or about Paris Jackson, who so praises naturalness in everything that she shaved her legs for the first time only recently, and it will obviously take a long time before plucking her eyebrows.

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