7 Celebrities Who Became Popular After Plastic Surgery: Just Look What They Were

7 Celebrities Who Became Popular After Plastic Surgery: Just Look What They Were
7 Celebrities Who Became Popular After Plastic Surgery: Just Look What They Were

Video: 7 Celebrities Who Became Popular After Plastic Surgery: Just Look What They Were

Video: 7 Celebrities Who Became Popular After Plastic Surgery: Just Look What They Were
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Stars know that the path to success often begins with a plastic surgeon's office. Before plastic surgery, many of them looked too simple and inexpressive.


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Pamela Anderson, 51

Pamela Anderson was a pretty Canadian girl who was into sports, ran a beer ad campaign and once got an invitation to appear in Playboy.

After the first shoot, she decided to enlarge her breasts to the fourth size. The changes immediately affected Pamela's career: she began to appear regularly in Playboy, and then in "Rescuers Malibu" - the series that made the actress popular. Then Pamela more than once enlarged her breasts and even sold the previous implants at auctions. Breast size opened Pam's path to worldwide fame.

Jennifer Aniston, 50

Jennifer Aniston also had to work on herself to become a famous actress. As soon as she moved to Hollywood and found an agent, he advised her to urgently lose weight. But the transformation did not end there. Aniston had Greek roots, she understood that she would have to do something with her nose, otherwise she would not be invited to any role. Having lost weight and having made the first rhinoplasty, the actress was cast in the TV series "Friends". During filming, Jennifer underwent a second rhinoplasty.

After the success of Friends, Aniston starred in comedies and melodramas, fell in love with millions of viewers and entered the top ten most beautiful actresses in America. Not the least role in this was played by another transformation, which the actress ventured to after the first seasons of "Friends" - breast augmentation with implants.

Megan Fox, 33

Without plastic surgery, we would hardly have known about the actress Megan Fox. Megan's appearance before the intervention of surgeons could be called ordinary and unremarkable.

To become the idol of millions of men, Fox worked on herself a lot and very fruitfully. She started with rhinoplasty: she lifted the tip of her nose and got rid of the hump. Then she removed Bisha's lumps, reshaped her chin with an implant and enlarged her lips, cheekbones and chin with fillers. Breast augmentation has finally turned Megan into a sex symbol.

Kim Kardashian, 38 years old

Nature did not reward Kim with high growth or a model figure: her height is only 158 cm, and her forms are more than appetizing. But she skillfully turned the features of the figure into her calling card.

Kim's transformation began with what Hollywood actresses of the 50s did - she changed her hairline, which opened her forehead, made it taller and at the same time extended her face. Then there was rhinoplasty, which reduced the nose and made it neat, mammoplasty after the first birth. To maintain her shape in perfect condition, Kim does liposuction and lipofilling of the buttocks (he masks the implants). The slenderness of the abdomen after the birth of children helps to maintain abdominoplasty.

Kylie Jenner, 21

At first, the youngest of Kris Jenner's daughters, Kylie, was an ordinary teenager. Adjusted for the fact that she was born and raised in the fashionable suburb of Los Angeles, where only the rich and famous live.

The first secular photographs of the Kardashian-Jenner family show that Kylie has narrow lips, a wide nose and an expressionless face contour. For a long time, her older sister Kim shone in the foreground, then Kendall began her first steps in the modeling business. So the moment came when Kylie also wanted to change her appearance.

First, she enlarged her lips (reshaped them using the bulhorn procedure). Then there was rhinoplasty - the shape of the nose remained practically unchanged, but the bridge of the nose became thinner, and the wings of the nose narrower. She also installed veneers on her teeth, enlarged her breasts and did a hip and buttock lift.

Bella Hadid, 22

Bella can compete with Kylie Jenner and Megan Fox in how many surgeries she undergoes to be successful.

Bella began, like many stars, with the correction of the shape of the nose. The future top model did rhinoplasty at the age of 16. At the same age, she first crossed the threshold of a modeling agency and began to participate in shows. However, her transformation did not end there. Bella removed Bisha's lumps, so her facial features became more aristocratic, she did a chin mentoplasty. Then there was augmentation (enlargement) of the zygomatic zone, chin and lips with fillers.

Svetlana Loboda, 36 years old

Even 10 years ago, Svetlana looked like an ordinary girl in photographs. Today she is a recognized sex symbol of the Russian stage. Svetlana began her transformation as a soloist of "ViaGra" - she enlarged her breasts. Thinking about her solo career, the singer got rid of the hump on her nose. The next change was the removal of Bish's lumps and correction of the mucous membrane - the cheekbones immediately became pronounced. Then there were fillers on the lips, cheekbones and chin. Now Loboda has a beautiful oval face, her features are full of sensuality.

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