Sports Lovers: What To Give For Valentine's Day

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Sports Lovers: What To Give For Valentine's Day
Sports Lovers: What To Give For Valentine's Day

Video: Sports Lovers: What To Give For Valentine's Day

Video: Sports Lovers: What To Give For Valentine's Day
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"Overseas" holiday Valentine's Day has been celebrated for 16 centuries in a row and inspires lovers to romantic deeds. Someone does not take him seriously, but you must agree - it is so nice to receive gifts from loved ones and to hear gentle words addressed to you!

How to surprise your soul mate, especially if your chosen one is an adherent of an active lifestyle? AnySports has collected 7 gift certificate ideas for the perfect gift for your loved ones!

1. Higher and higher and higher

You can get a lot of new impressions and acquire unexpected skills on the climbing wall. An introductory lesson will help you master the climbing technique under the supervision of an experienced trainer. And if you go to conquer the "mountains" together, then you can support and insure each other, climbing to the top and feeling the adrenaline rush.

2. Forward to victory

A test not only for strength and dexterity, but also for intellectual abilities, can be passed on the playground of a sports quest. Each stage of the game is unknown, each new room is a new strategy. Each point earned is a step towards victory. Let your loved one (or beloved) be the head of the dream team!

3. Tired? Have a rest

A gift certificate for a massage is a fairly common gift, but no less relevant from this. Especially if your significant other leads a sporty lifestyle. Thai, Balinese, Spanish massage techniques will help relieve fatigue, as well as get rid of muscle pain. Also, these procedures help to restore mental balance and energize.

4. Give acceleration

Is your loved one failing to start a new life on Monday? Give him a fitness club membership.

You can additionally motivate your passion by paying for a block of trainings with a personal trainer in the gym.

5. In seventh heaven

A bright and unforgettable gift for fans of extreme sports will be a flight by plane or helicopter. In the company of an instructor pilot, you can enjoy beautiful views, squeeze into a chair from sharp turns and even steer a little, if you're lucky.

6. Your own gym in the apartment


You can give your soul mate your own home fitness club! No, you don't have to buy bulky exercise machines for this.

You can engage in an individual program and diversify your usual workouts with video courses from under the guidance of professional trainers. What could be better than being able to plan your exercise schedule yourself and get the most out of your exercise!

7. Big Race

Sports excitement, adrenaline rush and the taste of victory - it's all about racing. Give the certificate to the go-kart center, and your significant other is already at the wheel of a sports car. This is a real thrill for thrill-seekers and fast driving!

Of course, it is not a gift that is precious, but attention. But a carefully prepared surprise, which will be useful and necessary or funny and unusual, will be remembered for a long time. Perhaps you will fulfill an old dream of your soulmate, and this is worth a lot!

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