Makeup Strobing: Everything You Wanted To Know

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Makeup Strobing: Everything You Wanted To Know
Makeup Strobing: Everything You Wanted To Know

Video: Makeup Strobing: Everything You Wanted To Know

Video: Makeup Strobing: Everything You Wanted To Know
Video: Strobing | Everything You Need To Know | Arna Alayne 2023, March

The strobing technique that enslaved Instagram in 2017 is actually almost 90 years old - and Max Factor, the “godfather” of makeup, came up with it. For several years of a kind of "renaissance" strobing has undergone a number of changes, but the essence remains the same: the technique involves placing accents in makeup with the help of radiance.


Unlike contouring, it does not model the face, visually changing features, but creates the appearance of a fresh, rested face and "sleek" skin. Moreover, contouring once grew out of strobing, and long before the Kardashian family knew about it.

Let's understand the terminology: from English "strobe" is translated as "light source" - remember a strobe lamp in clubs that produces bright flashes. You don't need to dazzle anyone, just grab a highlighter and place accents: on the forehead, cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and the tick above the lip - that is, where natural light usually falls.

Of course, trends have also contributed - make-up artist Elena Krygina assures: “The fashion for strobing has passed. Gloss is still in trend, but now it is different - natural. " She replaces her usual highlighter with face oil to make her skin glow naturally (you can find an interview with Elena here). But make-up artist Sergei Naumov, on the contrary, is sure: European girls can't go anywhere without strobing. To keep the face from shining too much, he advises to first apply a liquid highlighter (such as his Aurora), and only then - a light tone.

And yet, even such a simple makeup technique implies certain rules that will help you look fresh and natural, and not fight in a doppelganger competition with a disco ball.

Moisturize your skin before makeup

No highlighter will look good on imperfect skin - especially flaky skin. So make it a rule to wear a good moisturizer before your makeup. Pick up a serum that will additionally even out the complexion, and before important events, it is better to use a cloth mask as well - some can make the skin glow even without makeup.

Highlight only certain areas

Before you start strobing, make sure that the rest of the face is not shiny - otherwise the skin may appear oily. It is better to apply powder on the center of the forehead, podobodok and wings of the nose, or pre-use a matting foundation (if your skin type allows it), and only then take up the highlighter. And remember - after you have applied the powder, use only products with a dry texture.

Choose the right highlighter

The less visible the glitter in the highlighter, the better, and if you don't see them at all, then you've found the perfect remedy. Your task is to deceive everyone and create the appearance of a natural glow, and sparkles are definitely not your companions in this mission. Creamy highlighters are easier to apply, provide better skin fusion, and are ideal for dry skin types.

If you are worried about excessive shine, go for compact powder highlighters: rub the product on the back of your hand and check for large glitter on the skin. Look for the best here.

Consider your skin tone

You need to pay attention not only to the texture of the highlighter, but also to its shade. Too “cold” colors on skin with a warm undertone will look unnatural - and vice versa. If you wear the proud title of Snow White, go for light pink or light beige highlighters. Girls a little darker should give preference to the color "champagne", and the owners of olive or dark skin can safely dress in gold.

Don't forget about feathering

Strobing, like contouring, involves careful feathering - believe me, the glowing streaks on your face are no better. Fingertips, a brush, or a wet sponge - it's up to you, but there should be no visible boundaries.

Increase the shine if needed

If there is a photo shoot ahead, remember - the camera will eat most of your strobing. Makeup artist Alena Moiseeva in this case recommends to go over the liquid highlighter with a dry brush. If that's not enough, or your makeup looks too unnatural, rub the face oil into your palms and gently press them to the desired areas. Shine fixing sprays will also come to the rescue.

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