10 Body Features Girls Are Shy About But Men Like

10 Body Features Girls Are Shy About But Men Like
10 Body Features Girls Are Shy About But Men Like

Video: 10 Body Features Girls Are Shy About But Men Like

Video: 10 Body Features Girls Are Shy About But Men Like
Video: Which Body Parts Do Guys Find The Most Attractive | 10 Features In Women That Attract Men The Most 2023, March

The birthmark you want to get rid of can attract and fall in love with the man of your dreams. Because, for example, his mother had the same. Or your crooked nose will become the cutest in the world for him. Therefore, plastic surgery is always a risk to "miss the fate."


What do men really think about "imperfections"?

1. Freckles

This is truly a sexy trait in appearance. The girl with freckles looks cute, naturally, playful. It's hard to imagine why freckled beauties decided to remove pigmentation. They agree to chemical peels, thick layers of makeup, rubbing the face with vigorous means - just to hide the "zest".

Don't believe that freckles are very beautiful? Ask familiar men how they feel about specks on the face. Just do not be discouraged that in vain you tortured your skin for the sake of "beauty standards" and cosmetologists who will convince you of anything for your money.

2. Big growth

For some reason, women are ashamed of this characteristic: they hunch down, dress discreetly, do not wear heels. But men adore tall and leggy. They look very slender and attract attention. It is pleasant to walk with such a woman, even if the man is of medium or short stature.

Another advantage of being tall: a couple of extra pounds will not make you look fat. What can not be said about short girls: they immediately "grow round" and lose the attractiveness of their forms.

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3. Fat on the tummy

Oddly enough, this trait makes a woman a woman to the same extent as long hair, lush eyelashes, round hips and breasts. The belly should not be perfectly flat, and even more so it is not necessary to strive for "cubes". Otherwise, the lady will look like a man and scare away "real males".

The girl looks natural and beautiful without plastic surgery in the waist area. Of course, the stomach should not sag, but it is also stupid to stress because of the thin "fat layer".

4. High forehead

Women are ashamed of this part of the face, mask it with bangs, haircuts. And not because they are afraid to scare men away with their intellect: it is with mental potential that we unconsciously associate the forehead.

The point is an allegedly aesthetic defect. Dear girls, nothing like that. Men like open faces, bulging foreheads. Among the stars, you will see many ladies with a wide and always open frontal zone. And they are incredibly sexy.

5. Hips that touch when walking

And again, surprise: men love it when the hips are wide, tight, even a little thick. The space between the thighs, on the contrary, scares at a subconscious level, as it correlates with thinness, ill health. If a girl has plump hips and seductive curves, she is perfect.

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6. Tiny body

Very small, compact girls are as complex as tall ones. It seems to them that "childish proportions" look "weak", do not impress and do not attract attention. Consider themselves gray mice, even if the proportions of a small body are very seductive.

In fact, many men love babies. Next to them you feel big and courageous. It is convenient to hug little girls and carry them in their arms. It is pleasant for them to get things from high shelves and do everything that little ones, due to physiology, cannot master.

7. Pale skin

Oh, those solariums and self-tanners. How much beauty and individuality they cross out. A girl with fair skin looks incredibly attractive, natural, sophisticated. An exception is painful pallor.

Especially do not "darken" the body of beauties with red curls: they are ideally combined with white skin.

8. Lack of makeup

Many girls even take out the trash with a thick layer of foundation and ruddy cheeks. They are afraid to be left "without weapons." And in vain. For men, you will be beautiful even without a thoughtful make-up. They know how to appreciate natural beauty and see harmony in your face, which you yourself will never notice because of the stereotypes in your head.

9. Smile with a crack

A common belief that plays into the hands of veneer manufacturers. In fact, girls with diastema are incredibly charming. They attract men's looks and remain in the memory for a long time. This is the zest that catches and excites the male imagination. Suffice it to recall Vanessa Paradis and Madonna.

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10. Imperfect breasts

Which is a little low, very lush, small. For a man, this is not so important. But he will definitely be upset by the presence of implants. Breast imperfection does not scare you away when you love your woman. But artificial forms, even for a beloved lady, cause at least alertness.

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