Shape 2D: Stars Who Can't Boast Mouth-watering Shapes

Shape 2D: Stars Who Can't Boast Mouth-watering Shapes
Shape 2D: Stars Who Can't Boast Mouth-watering Shapes

Video: Shape 2D: Stars Who Can't Boast Mouth-watering Shapes

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Many stars are very worried about their appearance: some do not get out of gyms, others - from the offices of plastic surgeons. However, there are stars who do not care much about their forms.


Olga Buzova

10 Jan 2020 at 06: 41 PST

Russian singer Olga Buzova was never shy about the fact that nature did not endow her with magnificent forms. On the contrary, the star, whenever possible, mentions that she is pleased with her small breasts and butt. At the same time, the singer's fans sometimes pay attention to her strong thinness, because of which she, perhaps, does not have appetizing forms.

Miroslava Karpovich

March 31, 2020 at 11: 53 PDT

The Russian actress has never been busty, but Miroslava's followers notice that as she loses weight, her figure becomes more and more masculine. After all, due to the lack of fat, her breasts began to "evaporate".

Polina Gagarina

11 Aug 2020 at 1:35 PDT

The Russian singer has come a long way to get rid of those extra pounds and get in shape. However, due to stress, the star became very emaciated, and her forms completely disappeared, turning her figure into a teenager. However, Polina's fans are worried about her health and are advised to gain at least a couple of kilograms.

Julianna Karaulova

1 Sep 2020 at 3:51 PDT

The Russian singer has always been proud of her slim figure. Many fans envy how aristocratic she looks in her body, while many are not embarrassed by the lack of forms, on the contrary, such thinness, according to many, looks very elegant.

By the way, even at first glance ideal models do not always look great: Without retouching, with puffy eyes: Vogue Italia showed top models in everyday life. However, some celebrities change themselves a lot: Do not know: Anfisa Chekhova went too far with Photoshop or pulled her cheekbones.

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