Vika Krutaya Tests Makeup For A Date From Givenchy

Vika Krutaya Tests Makeup For A Date From Givenchy
Vika Krutaya Tests Makeup For A Date From Givenchy

Video: Vika Krutaya Tests Makeup For A Date From Givenchy

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You must admit that dating makeup is a responsible business. What should be the make-up for your chosen one to be ready to propose to you after the meeting? Givenchy international makeup artist Osin Zegishi told us. His model was Victoria Krutaya, co-owner of Florist Gump flowers and gifts salon.


First of all, decide whether your image will be gentle and sweet or daring and fatal. But in any case, give preference to natural shades, soft textures and shaded lines. Try to do without strobing and contouring - a hard face correction for such a make-up is useless.

For a seductive yet delicate makeup, focus only on the lips. First, create a base - it is advisable to moisturize the skin with a special cream or balm. To make the lipstick lay down as evenly as possible, outline the contour with a pencil (if you are afraid that the pigment may go beyond the edges, powder your lips a little), and only then you can apply lipstick.

If you want to create a more fatal image, then select both eyes and lips at once. But at the same time, your make-up should not be too intense. Use shadows in deep shades, just apply them with light strokes. To keep the shadows from falling, place them on the base. If there is no base, then you can first draw in the eyelids with a waterproof pencil and then carefully shade it. Concealer can also replace the base.

Be sure to fill the space between the eyelashes - here you can simply put dots between the eyelashes or connect them in a thin line. Another win-win option is to use bundles, and it is better to glue them only on the outermost eyelashes so that the result is as natural as possible.

You can add some highlighter to the cheekbones and under the eyebrow. But you should not forget about the blush - they will give the face a youthful freshness. As for the powder, then it's up to you, of course, to decide which is more convenient. But my advice: take a compact one in the daytime (it will give a smoother coverage), and in the evening - crumbly (it will give a beautiful effect of soft skin radiance).

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