Face After 30: How Different Skin Types Age

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Face After 30: How Different Skin Types Age
Face After 30: How Different Skin Types Age

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After 30 years, you look the way you deserve - they say the people. But this is only partly true. Different skin types age differently.

Some girls notice the first signs of age on their faces as early as 18 years old, but in fact we start aging much later. The appearance of mimic wrinkles and age spots, which sometimes "spoil" young skin, has nothing to do with the aging process of the body. All of the above is the result of insufficient skin care, but in no way signs of age.

Real age-related changes appear on the face only after 30 years, when the processes of cell renewal slow down in the body, microcirculation is disturbed and metabolism decreases. But at this time it is too early to talk about skin withering - an indispensable stage of its aging, although the status of the skin is still changing. The skin of a woman after 30 years in the language of cosmetology is called mature. And nevertheless, you should not be upset.

The skin is a hormone-dependent organ, and at the age of 30-35 years, all vital hormones are still produced in sufficient quantities. This means that if you take care of it correctly, taking into account not only its type and individual characteristics, but also the type of aging, you can achieve amazing results.


If you evaluate the condition of the skin of women at this age, you can see that it will be completely different. Some of the fair sex will look 20 years old, as if biological age has no influence on them. Others can be given "all 35" - pronounced wrinkles, a decrease in skin turgor, a floating oval of the face. Does this mean that the first ladies took better care of their skin, and their care products were more effective?

Not really. Different women differ not only in the type of skin (normal, dry, oily, combination) and its condition (sensitive, dehydrated), but also in the type of facial aging. Only taking into account all the factors, you can stay young and beautiful longer.


If you want to see your skin healthy and beautiful as long as possible, do not believe in the miraculous properties of cosmetics. The skin is a reflection of the changes that occur inside the body, which means that caring for it should be comprehensive. A portion of the cream in the morning and in the evening is not enough, you must lead a healthy lifestyle!


The skin of 30-year-old women reacts sharply to stress, so lack of sleep is immediately reflected on the face. The skin becomes dull, gray, the eyelid area turns red, and if you also leaned on coffee or alcohol in the evening, swelling appears. Sleep is the best stress cure, including for your face!


The results of an interesting study were published by specialists at McMaster University in Ontario. They gathered two groups of like-minded people from 20 to 84 years old. The first group went in for sports three times a week, and the second did not practice intense loads.

Skin biopsy showed that in the elderly people from the first group, the qualitative characteristics of the deep layers of the skin corresponded to young skin! While the second - biological age. There is something to think about, right?

Stick to the right diet

Is it trite? But effective! You can talk for a long time about the dangers of fast food, but it's better just not to eat it. Eliminate or at least limit store-bought sausages and sausages, semi-finished products, as well as pasties and pies from the tray - the skin condition will immediately improve. And if you still drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day, your skin will visually become brighter and fresher, and from the inside - it will be optimally hydrated.


After 25-30 years, the risk of pigmentation, which is difficult to correct, increases.To prevent this problem, apply sunscreen cream to the face, neck, décolleté and hands. The minimum SPF value is 30.


After 30 years, a woman should switch to anti-aging cosmetics. Regular moisturizer and simple morning and night cleansing are no longer enough. For the skin to be velvety, fresh and youthful, it will be necessary to expand the cosmetic arsenal.

Anti-aging moisturizing cream, nourishing cream (evening), toning lotions, moisturizing and regenerating masks and serums should settle on your dressing table.

9 best ingredients in anti-aging cosmetics:

- hyaluronic acid;

- peptides;

- ANA acids;

- retinoids;

- vitamins A, C and E;

- seaweed;

- collagen.



Star example: Kim Basinger, Julia Roberts.


The first type of aging affects women with normal to moderately dry skin, sometimes with increased sensitivity. Usually they have an asthenic (thin) or normosthenic physique, the face is oval or diamond-shaped.

In the morning, the skin looks great, pleases with freshness and blush, and in the evening it takes on a tired look, nature seems to “throw in” 3-5 years. The main reason for the changes is the violation of microcirculation in the deep layers.

The main signs are:

Dull complexion, acquires an earthy tint with age.

Decreased skin turgor and muscle tone.

Descent of the corners of the eyes and mouth.

The manifestation of the pattern of the nasolabial triangle and the lacrimal groove.

Visual loss of volume.

What to do?

First of all, you should take care of proper rest as an effective means of reducing skin stress. When choosing cosmetics, give preference to components that improve complexion and stimulate collagen synthesis. These are products with vitamin C, antioxidants and AHA acids.

Be sure to practice self-massage of the face. The procedure, carried out in accordance with all the rules, will improve the movement of blood in the lymph and tissues, and will noticeably refresh. And do not forget about salon care - lymphatic drainage procedures will be useful - classic manual massage, myolifting, vacuum lymphatic drainage. Chemical peels are recommended once a year to improve the condition of the skin and stimulate collagen synthesis.


Star example: Svetlana Kryuchkova, Sophia Loren.


It will not be difficult to recognize on the street a woman prone to this type of aging of the face - this is about 60 percent of our compatriots. This is how “heavy” full faces grow old. The skin of beautiful ladies is most often combined or oily, porous, often with rosacea and hypersensitivity to cosmetic care.

The defining symptom of the deformation type is the sagging of the tissues, as the name suggests - the eyelids become baggy, the face circumference "floats", the cheeks drop. The reasons for the unpleasant changes are an excess of subcutaneous fat and a decrease in skin turgor.

The main signs are:

The appearance of puffiness.

The appearance of "wings", a double chin.

Bags under the eyes.

Vascular mesh (rosacea).

The cheeks hang over the nasolabial fold.

The oval of the face is lost.

What to do?

With this type of facial aging, prevention is the most important thing. Unfortunately, with the existing age-related changes - overhanging of the skin of the upper eyelids and cheeks, the appearance of fatty hernias, etc. - only surgical intervention is effective.

Therefore, it is so important to start thoughtful skin care in time to prevent imperfections. Specialists show procedures that can restore muscle tone and thereby tighten the skin. This is a sculptural massage, myostimulation, a course of modeling masks. At home, you can pamper your skin with alginate and paraffin masks, rely on anti-couperose creams and serums, and also use care cosmetics that improve microcirculation in the layers of the skin. Creams containing seaweed, vitamins K, P and C are useful.


Star example: Andie McDowell, Audrey Hepburn.


The fair half of humanity with this type of aging has normal or dry sensitive skin.Since such skin is quite thin and light, with age it does not stretch under the influence of the law of gravity, but retains its shape.

But there is also some unpleasant news! It is covered first by small, and then by deep wrinkles. Over time, the face loses its beautiful porcelain glow - the skin requires moisture and protection. To keep it bright and fresh longer, it literally needs greenhouse conditions.

The main signs are:

Constant sensations of dryness and tightness of the skin.

Acute reaction to cold and heat.

Facial wrinkles appear in the forehead area.

Wrinkles are visible on the upper and lower eyelids.

Crow's feet and wrinkles around the lips are clearly visible.

Pigment "blots" appear.

What to do?

The "golden rule" of caring for such skin is protection. In the cold season, a protective nourishing cream should be applied before going outside, and in a warm season - a product with sun filters. At the first sign of rashes and irritations, you will need an anti-allergic agent.

In addition to all of the above, daily care should include a cream based on hyaluronic acid - a cult skin moisturizer, with soothing ingredients and phytoestrogens.

If you are not afraid of injections and are ready for injection techniques, try mesotherapy sessions (injecting hyaluronic-based cocktails and gels under the skin). Among other methods, the condition of the skin will be improved by massages on top of a nourishing cream and a course of regenerating masks.


A stellar example is Irina Alferova, Brigitte Bardot.


One of the most complex types, which is characterized by all the characteristics listed above. Briefly, but succinctly, the aging process can be described as “all at once”. The face becomes gloomy, edema and wrinkles occur.

At the age of 30, it is difficult to recognize it, since aging is like a tired face, after which other signs join. However, if you have a normal physique, but have a tendency to be overweight, keep in mind that you are at risk.

The main signs are:

Formation of wrinkles.

Decreased skin firmness.

Pronounced nasolabial folds.

The overhanging of the cheeks is noticeable.

The brow ridges are lowered.

The oval of the face gradually loses its clarity.

What to do?

Since the mixed type of aging implies successive changes in appearance, each problem should be addressed separately. When wrinkles appear, they can be corrected by injection techniques (based on botulinum toxin), loss of skin turgor - by modeling massage or lymphatic drainage hardware procedures.

In home care, anti-aging products, contrast procedures, washing with ice cubes are good. A mandatory component of care should be a program to prevent hyperpigmentation. Accustom yourself to consult a cosmetologist at least once a year to track the changes that have occurred and select the necessary cosmetics.

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