12 Excellent Powders No More Than 1,000 Rubles

12 Excellent Powders No More Than 1,000 Rubles
12 Excellent Powders No More Than 1,000 Rubles

Video: 12 Excellent Powders No More Than 1,000 Rubles

Video: 12 Excellent Powders No More Than 1,000 Rubles
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Fine fixing powder, compact powder that adjusts to skin tone and evens out skin tone, natural radiance that replaces foundation, and powder to help fight oily shine - the experts have chosen the best products in the segment available.


Powder Beauty Amplifier, Sephora

Choice of BeautyHack Special Correspondent Moore Soboleva

Another fixing transparent fine powder. It quite mattifies the face and can dry out if the skin is dry, but for owners of a combined and oily type it is suitable - the face remains matte for a long time, and the makeup does not flow. Like Diaphanous, Beauty Amplifier comes in a round jar that is better left at home than carried around.

Price: 890 rub.

Compact powder Alliance Perfect True Match, L'Orèal

BeautyHack Editor's Choice Daria Sizova

Only the lazy is not familiar with the True Match series - these correctors, foundations and powders have long been legendary. And it is not surprising - thanks to a special technology, the products adapt to your skin tone, shade perfectly and cope with the leveling of the tone with a bang. The tool perfectly fixes makeup without turning your face into a powdered mask. But it should be applied sparingly - to fix it, you need to put a thin layer of powder on the brush. By the way, this is also a plus - the expense is more than economical! It can be applied not only over the tone, but also on the "naked" face - the powder, of course, will not hide the imperfections, but the pores will become visually smaller. Read about the perfect brush for compact powder and more here.

Price: 649 rub.

Powder Pure Light & Luminous Loose Powder, shade 2, Yves Rocher

Choice of BeautyHack Special Correspondent Moore Soboleva

Loose powder from the Pure Light line, which also includes the cushion loved by beauty bloggers. Light & Luminous Loose Powder is dense enough for a loose powder, but it falls easily and invisibly. Gives the skin a noticeable shade - girls who do not like foundations can easily replace them with this powder.

Price: about 700 rubles.

Matting powder Poudre Compacte Matifiante Universelle Nuage, Vivienne Sabo

Editor's Choice BeautyHack Julia Kozoliy

My skin problems ended with my teenage worries. I remember with what joy I threw away the barely started Maybelline powder after a course with a beautician. No, no, the powder was good, but I couldn't get enough of the fact that I no longer needed it.

Since then I have not bought powder - I have combination skin, but I can easily cope with the oily sheen of the main Face and Body, M. A. C with a matte finish.

I tried Poudre Compacte Matifiante Universelle Nuage just for the sake of experiment. I liked the romantic packaging with lilacs and the Eiffel Tower.

The "grinding" of the product is fine, I noticed the size of the particles on the sponge. I did not take the brush - for the purity of the experiment. I applied the powder in the morning - on a clean face with a thin layer of moisturizing cream (this is what Ekaterina Ponomareva, the chief makeup artist of M. A. C in Russia, does). The product does not lay down with a veil, like many new powders, but with a dense, rich layer - Poudre Compacte Matifiante Universelle Nuage easily replaces the foundation. On top of the powder I ran a wide brush with a shimmering Catrice highlighter - the textures "made friends", it looked natural.

I noticed the effect in the middle of the working day. My colleagues and I took a selfie while dining on the sun terrace - my face looked smooth and matte, like after the FaceTune filter.

For a hundred pluses, there were two minuses: 1) the composition contains talc, which can clog the pores; 2) this powder is not easy to wash off. I usually remove all makeup with one cotton pad with three drops of micellar water. This time, three discs have become beige.

Price: about 300 rubles.

Powder Super Stay 24H, Maybelline New York

BeautyHack Editor's Choice Daria Sizova

Powder with excellent matting effect lasts 6-7 hours. Makeup artist Yuri Stolyarov recommends applying it with a large brush in circular movements all over the face, paying special attention to the T-zone. There are 4 shades in the palette - from very light to dark. Lays down in a light layer, masks enlarged pores. The best choice for combination skin.

Price: 605 rub.

Compact powder Decollete, L'etoile

Editor's Choice BeautyHack Natalia Kapitsa

This democratic powder attracted me with a light plastic box - after the metal Nude, Dior, I appreciate the lightness of my bag.

I will say right away - the powder has a clear color, if you are looking for a transparent coating - return to the part about Rouge Bunny Rouge.

I liked that the powder has a “layering” effect without spots and streaks - that is, you can safely run the sponge once, twice and three times. Get different coverage for different occasions.

In the morning I applied the powder in a weightless layer - in a circular motion with a fluffy brush from Pinceau Poudre, Guerlain - I bought it for the famous meteorite powder of this brand. Just in case, I took the jar with me, but I never took it out - even the back of my nose did not shine! When I returned home after a long journey and a couple of cups of tea in a cafe with a friend, I was surprised - my face looked well-groomed and natural. The powder did not roll and did not give up its positions - I was ready to take an evening selfie without touching the cosmetic bag.

In the composition - mineral particles, it seemed to me that they give an inner glow - barely noticeable and gentle. My husband noted that the skin is pleasant to touch. I decided to understand what he was talking about, and ran my hand over my cheek - satin!

There is only one minus for me - this powder is not suitable for the skin around the eyes. It covers the marks of fatigue, but leaves an unpleasant dryness when you wash off your makeup.

Price: 749 rub.

Powder Bio Detox, Bourjois

Replaces foundation when you do not want to do thick makeup. Suitable for oily skin - does not roll and mattifies well. If your skin is dry, use a moisturizer before applying. Gives a light, radiant effect.

Price: 562 rub.

Powder Alliance Perfect, L'oreal Paris

Editor's Choice BeautyHack Natalia Kapitsa

Light in texture, easily layering on other products and adapts to the natural tone. Suitable for dry skin - does not accentuate flaking. If you've done your makeup in the morning, it's easy to freshen it up in the evening with a couple of strokes of the brush with this tool.

Price: 640 rub.

Matting powder Luminous Matt Powder, Lumene

BeautyHack Editor's Choice Daria Sizova

Creates a subtle coverage, but at the same time perfectly masks minor imperfections. If you look closely, you can see microscopic reflective particles. Does not dry the skin and does not roll. Refresh after 5-6 hours.

Price: 555 rub.

Powder Pressed Powder, Max Factor

BeautyHack Editor's Choice Daria Sizova

For a natural look, this cream-based powder and light lip gloss are all you need. Apply it wet by dampening a brush or sponge with water. Evens out skin tone and brightens slightly. Suitable for combination to oily skin.

Price: 423 rub.

Powder Extreme Matt, Pupa

Editor's Choice BeautyHack Natalia Kapitsa

A find for those who are constantly struggling with oily sheen - the powder copes with it in a couple of seconds. The set includes a convenient sponge (which is a rarity!), Which distributes the product in a thin layer. Gives a matte finish without shine, does not accentuate flaking and does not clog pores. Very persistent - lasts at least 7-8 hours.

Price: 960 rub.

Powder Precious Powder Pearls Glow, Gosh

Editor's Choice BeautyHack Julia Kozoliy

An ideal choice for dark-skinned girls: pearl balls work as a highlighter, as a blush and as a powder. It is better to use a large fluffy brush for application - the sponge that comes with the kit is not convenient at all. Lasts 6-7 hours, comes off very neatly, without spots. It is consumed sparingly - one jar is enough for six months.

Price: 810 rub.

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