11 Tips On How To Do Eyebrows

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11 Tips On How To Do Eyebrows
11 Tips On How To Do Eyebrows

Video: 11 Tips On How To Do Eyebrows

Video: 11 Tips On How To Do Eyebrows
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How to prepare your eyebrows for makeup? Which shape should you choose? Is it worth doing the correction at home?


1. The width of the eyebrows matters

Genia Radzievskaya, founder of the author's studio Geniya, makeup artist and eyebrow shaper: The fashion for wide eyebrows has spoiled a lot of beautiful faces, because such makeup is not suitable for everyone! The width of the eyebrows should be chosen in accordance with your face proportions, and not "like the model on the cover of a magazine." Everything matters: how big your eyes are, what kind of temples, the size of your forehead, the type of facial contours. What happens if these factors are neglected? If you make an eyebrow too wide, the eye area becomes visually heavier, the look becomes tired, and the face as a whole becomes older than its age. This effect is only enhanced if you naturally have slightly drooping or swollen upper eyelids. Therefore, if you have an Asian type of appearance and a characteristic eye shape, it is not recommended to do too wide eyebrows.

2. Eyebrows are a reflection of your character

Mila Klimenko, official make-up artist of L'Oréal Paris in Russia, founder of the Nikk Mole make-up school: Eyebrows are our character. The lighter their color, the visually softer you will appear. Pay attention - the richer and darker a person's eyebrows, the more daring and aggressive he seems (remember this when you are thinking of "drawing" eyebrows).

My recommendation: if a girl wants to find herself a life partner or get married, then you need to create lighter, softer eyebrows and give them a rounded shape. As feminine as possible, without sharp corners - men love such faces.

If a girl needs to be more courageous - for example, she works in a business sphere, a lawyer or in a large oil company - then her eyebrows are as straight as possible, saturated in color, close to the male form.

3. Adjust your brows very delicately at home

Brett Seer, International High Definition Trainer: I am personally convinced that eyebrows need to be done by a professional: if you work on your own, there is a great chance of ruining everything.

Concentrate on the whole shape, not plucking out individual hairs. And be careful. If you are removing hairs with tweezers, try doing it at the angle of hair growth: if you remove the hair incorrectly, you will damage the follicle. Plus, there are hairs that are best not removed at all - they are usually located on the lower edge of the base of the eyebrow.

4. Do not make an acute angle in the "arch" of the eyebrow

Genia Radzievskaya: Is a beautiful curl of an eyebrow ugly? Of course, beautiful! But only when it is made with a smooth, smoothed and soft line. And if in the "arch" zone you draw a sharp rise at 90 degrees, there is no grace in this. An "arch" at an acute angle can be in the drawing of the roof of the house, but not in the eyebrow makeup! In addition, it accentuates the sagging of the cheeks and makes the face harder. Age-related changes with a sharp "arch" will become more noticeable.

5. Long eyebrows are not for everyone

Genia Radzievskaya: The length is determined by the shape of the face, and if you have a triangular type (narrow chin, small cheekbones, wide temples and a massive forehead), elongated eyebrows will visually enhance the effect of this triangle.

In makeup, you need to take into account the shape of the temples. If you have them large and developed, like a book, an oblong eyebrow line will visually make your forehead even wider. And if the temples are narrow and sunken, long eyebrows, on the contrary, will soften this hollow and help to give the face the correct proportions.

6. Grow your eyebrows

Natalya Shirokova, make-up artist, the best eyebrow shaper in 2016: If you have pinched your eyebrows, just forget about tweezers for a while to grow them. The problem for many girls is that they hope for a beautiful eyebrow shape, growing hairs in those areas that may not be useful to the master in the future. Nature has foreseen everything: on our face there is a protruding bone (which can be felt) - this is where the eyebrow should be. And in some, hairs appear in the area of the overhanging eyelid - they can be plucked. While growing, paint on eyebrows using only waterproof products. My favorite is Dipbrow Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills. This product is not afraid of water and is suitable for all seasons. Another plus of the product is a decent selection of wearable natural colors.

7. Choose the right eyebrow shades

Genia Radzievskaya: If you have light blond hair and pale skin, you don't need to paint your eyebrows with a red pencil. And if you have tanned skin and a burning brunette, a cool graphite gray shade is unlikely to suit you. These are general rules for choosing a color scheme, but there are also halftones in the palettes, which are selected individually.

You can avoid these mistakes even in the store at the purchase stage. Always test your cosmetics! Sometimes a dark brown pencil, when applied to the skin, can give an unexpected yellow, red tone, and gray - greenish. When choosing pencils or eyebrow shadows, apply them not to your hand, but directly to your eyebrows. After all, the shades of the hands and face are different.

8. If you have stiff eyebrows, desaturate them slightly

Brett Seer: I sometimes bleach my brows slightly just to soften the texture of the hairs - consider this option if you have very stiff and unruly brows. I don't really like completely bleached or super-bright eyebrows - I still prefer the natural shape and shade - but as a fashion statement, you can draw this option.

9. If eyebrows are thick, use gel or mascara for make-up. If thin - pencil

Mila Klimenko: If the eyebrows are initially rather thick, I recommend a transparent gel or mascara for makeup. Mascara will fix and lightly paint over fine hairs, emphasizing their natural shape.

If the eyebrows are initially thin, they lack volume, take a pencil and try to draw the missing hairs, visually grow them. For a softer shape, the pencil can be shaded with a brush.

For those who like more graphic eyebrows, I recommend using lipsticks and combining them with dry shadows. L'Oréal Paris has such a palette - with two textures at once, brushes and tweezers. Apply fondant first and shadows second. The make-up is very long-lasting - it will last for several days!

Clean your eyebrows when removing makeup

Mila Klimenko: It is very important to competently approach the issue of eyebrow skin cleansing. At home, I recommend removing makeup with floral water. In professional use, it can also be used to wipe eyebrows after correction and before coloring. The water contains chamomile and rosemary. The first removes the oily layer from the skin and soothes it, while the second stimulates the growth of new hairs.

Prepare your skin before applying any pigment product

Natalya Shirokova: First use the foundation around the eyebrows, and then lightly powder them. Such a preparatory process will ensure more persistent wearing of any product, be it a pencil, tint or lipstick, with which you will dye the entire "body" of the eyebrow.

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