Breast Forward: Is It Worth Interfering With What Nature Has Awarded You

Breast Forward: Is It Worth Interfering With What Nature Has Awarded You
Breast Forward: Is It Worth Interfering With What Nature Has Awarded You

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We admit honestly, a woman's breast was given not only for feeding her offspring. If that were the case, no one would care about the shape and size. But, according to polls of sociologists, every second lady is unhappy with her breasts.


Think about where the stronger sex looks in the first seconds of acquaintance? Certainly not in the eyes. He is more interested in your neckline. To verify this, read men's novels and poems. And no matter how hard the couturier tried to introduce fashion to a teenage figure, the round shape, pleasant to the eye, won. But often we direct all our efforts to facial care, and completely forget about the décolleté area. And in vain. The bust is a secret sign of healthy procreation, which is perceived by men on a subconscious level. But only after the birth of a child, the female breast loses its fullness and girlish outlines, not everyone succeeds in returning their former forms. And in this case, mammoplasty becomes a way out of a difficult situation. It is also necessary in case of severe asymmetry.

It is useless to look for numbers - how many women are doing something with their breasts. Few people admit that breasts are not real. So tens of thousands of women secretly improve their shape in plastic surgery clinics. True, many cases confirm that they do these operations without weighing all the pros and cons, but only following the fashion. In this case, the result is not the best, sometimes you have to redo the surgeon's work several times, or even remove the implants that have not taken root. The words of the clinics' specialists that mammoplasty is a fairly simple operation and everything in it is safe, you should not blindly take it for granted. After all, this is still an operation that takes place under anesthesia, respectively, and serious harm can be inflicted on health.

Usually, the stars do not advertise how they acquired seductive forms. Dana Borisova shared the truth. According to her, she had been thinking for a long time to enlarge her breasts, which after childbirth and feeding turned into “two dried up rags”. Singer Natalie also decided to have mammoplasty after giving birth: “I have two sons, I breastfeed both of them, which is why she completely lost her shape. In my case, this was the only way to 'save' my chest. " But Yulia Nachalova greatly regretted that she had enlarged the bust. I even had to do several operations to remove the implants, which resulted in an infection. But now, fortunately, everything is in order.

Victoria Beckham diligently hides breast manipulation, but everything is visible with the naked eye. But Pamela Anderson would not have become Pamela Anderson without her outstanding forms. At first, the actress excited the minds of fans with them in the series "Rescuers Malibu", and then the audience just watched the changes occurring in Pamela's appearance: she reduced her breasts, enlarged her breasts, reduced, enlarged Such a vicious circle.

Less is more

For many women, especially thin ones, large breasts become a real tragedy. Some say: be patient and rejoice, since nature has rewarded. But the owners of the luxurious bust themselves are not at all happy: their spine simply cannot withstand such a load. It was for them that breast reduction surgery was developed. Women who apply for it no longer talk about an aesthetic problem, but that they need a health-improving operation that will allow them to return to normal life. The difficulty lies in the fact that if the breast began to increase after childbirth and breastfeeding, there is a danger that this is an overgrowth of breast tissue - then you first need to solve endocrinological problems, and only then think about breast correction.

An experienced plastic surgeon will definitely refer his patient to an endocrinologist, mammologist - and only after the results of all studies have been received and analyzed, will he plan the operation. Moreover, it is really difficult: this is due to the delicacy of the tissues being removed, as well as the inability to hide the seam. In addition, it is necessary to preserve the current blood supply and lymph drainage system. Fortunately, the seam will fade over time, however, it still does not disappear completely. Meanwhile, many women believe that this is an inexpensive price to pay for the opportunity to feel the lightness and mobility of their own body again.

Unlike breast augmentation, such operations are usually not hidden by the stars. For example, Alena Vodonaeva admitted that all her life she dreamed of small breasts, but she kept postponing the operation. And finally day X came: after pregnancy, the TV personality went under the knife.

Drew Barrymore decided to undergo surgery in 1992 (she reduced her breasts by two sizes). “A big bust is a huge psychological burden. No matter how thin, if you have a large breast size, you will always look fatter than you really are. Yes, men like a big bust. But I'm tired of them taking in my breasts and ignoring me! " - the star complained in an interview. And the most famous actress who reduced her breasts is Christina Ricci. She decided to undergo surgery in the midst of the fashion for silicone breasts! But the girl simply did not see another way out: a large bust did not fit her miniature figure in any way.

Land of the Soviets

The skin on the chest is rather dry and sensitive, has little subcutaneous fat, so the problems become quite noticeable. The most common of these are stretch marks and loss of tone. Moreover, due to hormonal disruptions during pregnancy or significant fluctuations in weight, they can appear quite early. How do you arrange care to avoid this?

The main thing is regularity. Don't forget to nourish and moisturize this sensitive area, and home treatments are just as beneficial as salon treatments. Start by cleansing. Then wipe your neck and décolleté with a mild, alcohol-free toner. After that, apply a moisturizer (nourishing in the evening) to the still damp skin. Apply any product for the breast from the bottom up (towards the collarbones) with light patting movements, as on the skin of the eyelids. Exfoliate a couple of times a week. It can be combined with scrubbing in the shower, only for the chest area, use a mild product without abrasive particles - for example, peeling based on fruit acids.

The advice to generously apply to the skin of the breast the same creams that we use for the face, have heard many. But it turns out that this is not entirely true. The skin in the decollete area is very delicate and sensitive, there are few sebaceous glands in it. It dries quickly and becomes thinner. Therefore, if you have problematic or oily skin of your face and you use sebum-regulating tonics or gels, then it is not recommended to smear them below the face itself.

Massage your breasts several times a week. Pour a small amount of the oil (almond, grapeseed, or olive oil will work) into the palm of your hand and spread it over your neck and chest area. With light stroking movements, without stretching the skin, move from the center of the chest to the shoulders and then from the base of the neck up to the chin. Remove excess oil at the end with a napkin. Another effective massage option is cryomassage with a stream of cool water in the shower. If you do this at least every other day, the skin will quickly return to tone.

In fact, stretch marks are microscars. They are difficult to disguise even with a good foundation. Competent décolleté skin care will help to avoid this. Pay attention to the composition. It is desirable that breast products contain plant extracts, collagen or elastin, hyaluronic acid, seaweed polysaccharides. Cream with lemon, shea, jojoba oils, as well as with the addition of vitamins A and E, have a rejuvenating effect.

Treat your skin with masks at least once a week. Both commercial and home remedies are suitable, and homemade ones are often no less effective. Thus, a handmade-mask with push-up effect works no worse than the bra of the same name. Boil mint in a glass of boiling water (two teaspoons fresh and one teaspoon dry) and let it brew under the lid for twenty minutes. Heat a tablespoon of olive oil in a water bath and melt a teaspoon of crushed beeswax in it. Strain the mint infusion, mix with the oil-wax mixture and cool slightly. Add two drops of eucalyptus, lemon balm and peppermint essential oils, stir again and apply the mixture to dry breast skin. Leave it on for fifteen minutes. You do not need to wash off the mask with water: it is removed with a napkin dipped in olive oil. For a nourishing vitaminizing mask, heat half a cup of olive oil in the microwave. Add two drops each of evening primrose oil, lavender and mint. Apply to décolleté and neck, cover with a warm towel. After ten minutes, gently massage your breasts, then wash off the oil. Repeat twice a week.

Do not forget about sports. Of course, regular trips to the gym will not turn your first size into a full-fledged three, but it will help you straighten your posture and develop your pectoral muscles - as a result, your bust will seem tighter and taller. The most effective chest exercises are all types of push-ups, wall support, hand squeezes, and incline dumbbell presses.

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