It Is Written On The Forehead: How To Make Your Face Kinder And More Feminine

It Is Written On The Forehead: How To Make Your Face Kinder And More Feminine
It Is Written On The Forehead: How To Make Your Face Kinder And More Feminine

Video: It Is Written On The Forehead: How To Make Your Face Kinder And More Feminine

Video: It Is Written On The Forehead: How To Make Your Face Kinder And More Feminine
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The founder of the Belle Allure Beauty Institute Elena Vasilieva says that modern programs allow not only to cope with age-related problems, but also to influence the emotional signs of your appearance


Elena Vasilieva graduated from the Moscow Medical Academy. I. M. Sechenov. He has been practicing aesthetic medicine since 1999. In 2007, she founded the Belle Allure Beauty Institute in Moscow. At one of the congresses in Paris, I heard about threads made of polylactic acid, realized that this novelty is a real breakthrough in cosmetology, and got the idea to bring threads to Russia. I signed a contract and made sure that this drug is absolutely necessary in our Russian market. In 2011, the threads were officially registered in the Russian Federation. At the moment, he is the head trainer of thread lifting specialists not only in Russia and the CIS countries, but also around the world.

Today Elena Vasilieva talks about how modern cosmetology programs help not only to rejuvenate the face, but also to make its expression more attractive and inviting for others.

- You need to understand that there are negative emotional signs and positive emotional signs. Negative emotional signs include a sagging face, a sad, tired and angry face. And positive emotional signs are the desire to look kinder, more feminine, slimmer, softer, younger, more attractive.

- And how is all this connected with cosmetology?

- All of these emotional signs may have characteristic physiological manifestations. For example, how is it characterized that a person looks tired? As a rule, his eyebrows are lowered, the zygomatic region is lowered. There are bags under the eyes, wrinkles around the eyes and poor skin quality. The presence of these signs gives the impression that the person is tired. And when does it seem to us that a person looks angry? When he has tight lips and chin, wrinkles around the eyes and wrinkles around the lips appear. What do patients with a sagging face complain about? Their zygomatic region drops, deep nasolabial folds appear, puppet wrinkles are labial-chin folds; they usually have an uneven face contour and poor skin quality. That is, these are the patients who complain of flews and ptosis. In each case, the measures are selected individually. A person comes for a consultation, fills out a questionnaire, in which he answers why he came to the clinic. In accordance with this questionnaire, we solve his problem.

- It turns out that this is not pure anti-age?

- No. Such emotional signs may be encountered by a non-aged patient. Of course, first of all, they should pay attention to the care: peels, massages, skin hydration. But there are patients who, for example, want to look less sad, who simply have such an expression, their eyebrows may drop, the corners of their eyes may be lowered. As a rule, they have a "Pierrot effect" - the tips of the eyebrows are lowered. This is a feature of the structure of the face.

- And what can you do when your face, against your will, creates a repulsive impression?

- First, correct negative visual signs:

- The most common problem is a "tired face" when a person looks tired, even if he just rested. Signs of a "tired face" are, as a rule, overhanging eyebrows, retraction of the temporal fossa, defects in the tissue of the temporal region, lowering of the zygomatic region, fine wrinkles appear not around the eyes, but under the eyes, poor quality of the skin. By leveling these signs, the face acquires a rested appearance.

- Angry is also a visual sign that prevents many from living. It is characterized by hypertonicity of the muscles of the lips and chin. In young people, this, as a rule, is associated with the peculiarities of the structure of the face or with the fact that a person speaks a lot, therefore these muscles are more active. Either it is age-related changes - we eat, talk, chew. Muscles are in hypertonicity and give our face such anger that neither others nor we ourselves like. By smoothing out this hypertonicity, eliminating the tension of the lips and chin, we get a softer and kinder face.

Second, create positive emotional expressions:

- The desire to look slimmer, as a rule, is due to the fact that the patient has a round or square face, and he wants to visually make it "lighter", because when the face is light, it always looks young. There is even such a technique - the "triangle of youthful face", when the cheekbone is emphasized, and the chin is slightly lowered down.

- You can make your face more feminine and soft by replenishing the volume and contour of the lips. But we are not talking about lip augmentation, but about light correction, emphasizing the contour - and the face acquires a softer expression. It also becomes softer when we make the chin more triangular. Because all femininity and softness are lips and chin. And of course, the quality of the leather.

- How to make your face younger? You have to do more work here. In such cases, we restore the volume of the forehead area, because with age it is lost, and the subcutaneous fat gradually begins to slide down - that is why, for example, flews or a double chin appear. Accordingly, certain deficiencies arise: a lack of volume in the forehead, volume deficits in the temples, a lack of volume in the eyebrows (the eyebrows begin to drop and overhang), wrinkles appear around the eyes, bags under the eyes, the buccal region goes down, deep nasolabial folds are formed. That is, first of all, when we start to age, changes occur in the upper and middle third of the face. Accordingly, in order to make a face younger, it is necessary to work with them. And when patients first come for a consultation and ask to remove the flews, they do not always understand that until I put the upper and middle third of their face in order, nothing can be done with the lower third. But if you do the upper and middle third, then sometimes you don't have to do anything with the lower third. But if the patient is still of a respectable age, then after working with the upper and middle third, you can work with the lower one: we remove the puppet wrinkles and perioral wrinkles, remove the uneven contour of the face oval, work with age-related changes in the chin and poor skin quality.

- The last positive sign - "I want to look more attractive." Here we usually work with the middle third of the face, slightly change the shape of the eyes and work with the chin. But the approach, in any case, cannot be general - this part of the face is different for everyone, and with the help of the correct correction we can always get a beautiful face that does not lose its individuality.

- Do you work with men according to the same schemes?

- Emotional signs are similar for both men and women. However, for the representatives of the strong half of humanity, we, of course, can make not a soft and feminine, but, on the contrary, a more masculine face. For this, the lower third becomes a little heavier, the angles of the lower jaw become more pronounced, a certain brutality is given to the face. Nevertheless, there are men who also look quite angry or tired - and you need to help fix the situation.

- How do you feel about the wrinkles of smiling people? Is it worth removing them, because they just create a positive emotional coloring?

- When there are such “smile wrinkles”, we always ask the patient. If they do not bring a person some unpleasant sensations and he is ready to live with them, we never remove them and we can even dissuade them in order to keep a cheerful look. We only remove the negative, and what is beautiful carries a positive and some zest, we try to preserve, and sometimes emphasize.

- How long does the obtained effect last?

- It depends on the program we are doing. But, as a rule, the result lasts up to two years. For this time, we give a guarantee - provided that the patient adheres to our supporting plan, which was drawn up in advance with the beautician. In general, regular and proper self-care at home is very important, and it is he who guarantees that your skin will retain its beauty and youth.

I would also like to dwell on the issue of price. It is important that the patient understands what he is paying for and what constitutes the cost of the procedure. First, it is the cost of the drug that was consumed during the procedure. Secondly, it is the experience of the doctor, which is necessary for a good result. Because if a person does the procedure for the first time, then the likelihood of getting the wrong result, which the patient expects, is much higher.

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