Trend Of The Month: Baseball Cap

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Trend Of The Month: Baseball Cap
Trend Of The Month: Baseball Cap

Video: Trend Of The Month: Baseball Cap

Video: Trend Of The Month: Baseball Cap

It is logical to assume that the baseball cap is a tribute to the sporting theme that has been pursuing us in every designer collection in recent years. But it was not there. This summer, it should not be worn with sweatpants and sweatshirts, but with chiffon dresses and tweed suits.

The baseball cap really appeared in our wardrobe thanks to the sport of the same name - a large visor perfectly covers the face from the sun, and baseball players miss the ball less often. True, long before that, back in the 1830s, her distant relative, the kepi, managed to be part of the military uniform, and by the middle of the 20th century became the favorite of blue collars: builders, mechanics and welders. And only a few decades ago, the baseball cap acquired a modern look, moving into the category of unisex accessories. How to wear and with what to combine it now, when there are no restrictions and rigid rules?

With the classics

At the spring-summer show, Karl Lagerfeld surprised everyone. One after another, models came out in traditional tweed suits and baseball caps on their heads. Just look how harmoniously he managed to combine timeless classics and humor! Take inspiration from his example and try to bring a similar combination to life. The main thing is that in addition to the cap, there are a few more ironic details in the outfit. At Chanel, these are stripes, appliques, jewelry and make-up shades.

With evening dresses

From whom nobody expected a collection of baseball caps for sure, it is from the Lebanese designer Elie Saab. His gorgeous dresses are usually embroidered with millions of sequins and sparkling stones. But, apparently, brevity and simplicity prevailed over the shiny hem. No, Saab did not refuse to create evening dresses, on the contrary, he managed to demonstrate his versatility in a new collection, which included both dresses and baseball caps. It is easy to repeat this image: use a cap, without inscriptions and drawings, in the same color as the festive outfit.

Match with clothes

At the Max Mara show, models came out in stylish casual clothes, to which the brand's designers picked up baseball caps and tennis caps. Thanks to them, the effect of completeness is created, and even the most romantic dress looks more strict - what you need if you did not dare to put it on in the office.

In the manner of hip-hop performers

Caps with a wide visor can only be included in your bow if self-irony becomes its central theme, as in the Jeremy Scott collection for Moschino. Funny sweatshirt dresses with colorful pills, fake one-piece swimsuits, 80s makeup, bright accessories and plastic jewelry - this is a rough list of what the designer used. Look for similar items and a cap with a wide flat visor is a sensible continuation of the ironic style.

Sports style

Of course, no one has canceled the classic combination of a baseball cap and sportswear. But if you can go for a run without remorse in an elastic suit and a cap, then this option will not work for an everyday outfit. Designer Virgil Abloh, creator of the Off-White label and former stylist of Kanye West, suggested combining a baseball cap and sporty elements with feminine pieces: long pleated skirts, knitted tops and shoes with heels. This is how an extraordinary and dynamic image for every day was born.

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