All To Storm! 18 Top Places For Beauty Shopping In Moscow

All To Storm! 18 Top Places For Beauty Shopping In Moscow
All To Storm! 18 Top Places For Beauty Shopping In Moscow

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Where to buy cosmetics with the biggest discounts? In which stores are individual fragrances sold? Where to go for organic body products? The best beauty shopping in Moscow is in the BeautyHack selection!


"LʼEtoile" City of Dreams

Where: MEGA Belaya Dacha (1st Pokrovsky proezd, 1)

In the flagship L'Etoile City of Dreams - as in France (the European spirit was created by professional architects). Here, you can stroll through the boutiques of Paris Avenue Montaigne, the shops of the Côte d'Azur and the workshops of Provence, without a visa and flights. Excellent daylight is a rare plus for a cosmetics store.

It is impossible to stay on the way in front of thousands of jars, especially in front of the NARS stand - an infrequent "exhibit" in Moscow. In addition to NARS, L'Etoile was the first to bring to Moscow Ciaté London - creative nail varnishes and bright non-trivial makeup products. Of the exclusives, L'Etoile also presents its own budget brand L'Etoile sélection and niche fragrances - for example, the huge Scent Bibliotheque collection.

The price range in the store is wide, starting from several hundred rubles for a product from the mass market. Consultants trained in France help L'Etoile MEGA Belaya Dacha to understand the entire range of products.

Don't miss out on discounts and promotions that the store organizes every couple of months - for example, "2 for the price of 1" or "-40% for the entire assortment." True, on the eve of sales, prices can be inflated, so compare the benefits. And be sure to get a Diamond Customer Card! It's simple: go to any store in the chain and show your gold Rive Gauche or VIP card from Ile de Beautet.

"Rive Gauche" in "Tsvetnoy"

Where: Tsvetnoy department store (Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 15/1)

Paradise for a beautygolic! The spacious and light Rive Gauche occupied almost the entire first floor of the Tsvetnoy department store (the rest was shared with Respublika). Here, too, everything is very European: neat corners, polite and helpful, but not annoying consultants.

The assortment is great: from budget shower products to selective perfumery. In addition to the brands that are in L'Etoile and Ile de Beautet, you should go here for Bliss SPA cosmetics, Kiehl's products (created by doctors), Cosmotheca eco-friendly brands, Tom Ford fragrances and cosmetics.

On the website, look at the schedule of brand client days and come to any of them - for the purchase of even the smallest thing you will be given a gold card (25% for half of the premium assortment).

At the beginning of each month, the chain runs the Rive Gauche Choice campaign - individual funds can be purchased at half price. And do not refuse a coupon book or a lottery ticket at the checkout - sometimes pleasant surprises come across them.

"Ile de Beaute" on Maroseyka

Where: Maroseyka, 9/2, bldg. 1

On Maroseyka there is the largest assortment of all "Il de Beaute" (three floors speak for themselves). It is also one of those stores where something is always happening - promotions, presentations, gifts, treats (nobody refuses champagne and strawberries). The consultants are polite and resourceful - they will always help even in the most difficult beauty searches.

Go for Clarisonic cleansing brushes, Korean excellent Dr. Jart ++ and Erborian, fun Benefit cosmetics (their eyebrow products are must-haves), the legendary Helena Rubinstein mascara and the affordable Sephora products. A separate pride of "Il de Beaute" is a large selection of selective aromas (and even with a discount on a gold card).

Prices - plus or minus are the same as in "Rive Gauche" and "L'Etoile". But without a VIP client card (25% discount), purchases are unprofitable. You can get it through the classic (and long) way of savings, or by showing the gold card of another store on the opening day of the new "Il de Beaute" (you just have to wait until it opens). Another sad moment: the discount is not valid for all brands (LʼOccitane and Urban Decay were left out).

Every month “Il de Beaute” has “Happy Days” (respectively, we have) - when buying for 2,500 rubles, the store gives a card for 555 rubles. There are also sales of individual products - you can follow them on the official website.

Articoli in GUM

Where: GUM (Red Square, 3)

The beauty giant from the Bosco family has occupied three stores along the entire first floor of GUM. After eating your childhood ice cream in the lobby of a department store, head out for selective cosmetics and perfumes. The graceful palace interiors of Articoli have niche fragrances Jo Malone and Diptyque, rare collections of brands like Chanel and Guerlain, as well as the most complete collection of Demeter toilet spirits (all the craziest mono-fragrances: the smells of dirt, zodic signs, cucumber, lobster and more).

The prices are appropriate - there is no mass market in Articoli. Only new developments of the world's cosmetic laboratories. Professionals help in choosing: cosmetologists select skin care programs, make-up artists - decorative cosmetics, based on the type of appearance, and perfumers - aromas that will reveal your image.

If you buy more than 5,000 rubles at a time, you will become the owner of the "Beauty Card" - it gives you a 5% discount. Often beauty days of individual brands are held in Articoli, for which additional discounts are made (usually 10-15%).

Where: st. Petrovka, 2

The first floor of the central Moscow department store is an ideal world for a beauty lover. It is beautiful here and smells of luxury (in fact, perfumes at the most immodest prices). Selective fragrances are presented for every taste - from minimalist Le Labo (favorites of TsUM customers) to gold bottles that can be put in a museum.

Cosmetics corners are no less impressive. For example, only in TSUM you can see the Burberry Beauty brand (an outlet for lovers of nude lipsticks), Priti NYC ecological nail polishes or Laura Mercier “makeup without makeup” products.

The consultants are polite and competent, but careful - they will not bother with conversations if you do not want to. Although they can tell a lot of useful things - they know all the little things about each tool, from the composition to interesting facts from history.

There are no discount cards in TSUM, but there is a Loyalty Card - it accumulates 5-10% of the purchase price. If in a year the amount of purchases reaches 300,000 rubles, you will be given a new level card (orange), and the accumulated bonuses can be used.

"Golden Apple"

Where: TC "Kuntsevo Plaza" (Yartsevskaya st., 19)

The first store of the Ural perfumery chain in Moscow occupied a thousand square meters on the first floor of Kuntsevo Plaza. There is everything here - middle and mass market, luxury, professional cosmetics (even Becca!). Next to the cash desks there is a separate area of ​​beauty products from Korea, in the far corner - beauty products from Siberia and the Baltic countries. And, of course, a huge block of rare perfumes.

The consultants are competent and positive. If necessary, everyone will tell and show, if not, they will not interfere.

Fans of discounts and promotions, rejoice: there are so many of them that you can buy your favorite products with a discount of up to 70%! It is better to follow all offers on the website.

And one more good news: in the "Golden Apple" discount cards are issued to everyone who has discounts in other cosmetics stores ("Rive Gauche", "L'Etoile", "Il de Beaute").

Cosmotheca at Winzavod

Where: 4th Syromyatnichesky lane, 1/8, bldg. 6

The founder of "Kosmoteka" Hayk Sargsyan understands organic products like no other. His concept store is primarily about quality. You probably won't see familiar names here if Amala and Stem Organics don't tell you anything.

The entire range is rare ethical brands of cosmetics and perfumes, with pure formulations and proven effectiveness. For example, the progressive American Malin + Goetz products, which are in the bathrooms of fashionable hotels, the Naomi Goodsir Parfums fragrances from Australia, or the Italian Acca Kappa combs, which have been produced since the 19th century.

Even the consultants at Kosmotek are not just consultants. They do not work here according to general criteria - sincere love for beauty, good cosmetics and nature is important.

The prices are high, but justified - for rare funds and a special atmosphere (the store looks more like a cosmetic shop from old films).Kosmoteka does not have discount cards, but there are short-term sales.

Giorgio Armani Beauty Boutique

Where: TRK "ATRIUM" (street Zemlyanoy Val, 33, 1st floor)

There are no boutiques of this format either in Europe or in the United States. It is decorated according to the new design concept of Giorgio Armani - in red and beige colors, with the inclusion of fabrics - corduroy and satin in the interior (these fabrics were inspired by the maestro himself when creating the iconic Armani lipsticks).

The boutique is divided into several zones - decorative cosmetics, skin care products and fragrances. The most interesting is the cosmetics area, here you can stay for a long time. The first innovation is a virtual fitting room, where you can try on images from the latest shows. The second is the "magic" Connected Mirror. It captures the process of creating makeup on camera (Armani makeup artists work in the boutique) and sends a video to your mail so that you can repeat the makeup at home. It is better to sign up for the service in advance by phone.

MOLECULE Radisson Ukraine

Photographer: Anna Zhbanova; source:

Where: Kutuzovsky prospect, 2/1, building 1

Perfumery as an art - this is the concept of the MOLECULE project (six perfume boutiques in Moscow).

The assortment includes masterpieces of selective perfumery, the most interesting and unusual fragrances: Atelier Cologne, BYREDO, bdk Parfums, Escentric Molecules, by Kilian, Paper Passion, The Beautiful Mind and other brands. There are four rare brands of cosmetics - FEDUA, L: A BRUKET, SERGE LUTENS, SA.AL & CO - your friends will definitely not have this.

The MOLECULE project has a big and interesting goal - “to become a platform for perfumery experiments and exclusive works”. Master classes and presentations of fragrances are regularly held here, to which their creators themselves come. In a relaxed atmosphere (there are no many people in MOLECULE boutiques), you can personally meet with perfumery professor Roger Dove, BYREDO creative director Ben Gorham or, together with the creators of the Atelier Cologne workshop, come up with your own unique scent.

Prices, of course, "bite", but not more expensive than for some selective perfumery in "Rive Gauche" or "Ile de Beaute". But the impressions of such a purchase remain for a long time.

Natura Siberica

Where: st. Tverskaya, 4

If you like the smell of pine needles and natural cosmetics, you should visit the three-story Natura Siberica on Tverskaya. On the minus first floor there is a spa area, on the second - the brand's laboratory, and on the first - a sales area. There is everything for face, body, hair and oral cavity care - including for men and children. We advise you to try the sea buckthorn hair collection and the FRESH SPA professional salon care line.

All Natura Siberica products use plants that are harvested by hand (this is how our ancestors collected herbs). Some wild plants in the brand's products have been certified organic by ICEA (for example, Rhodiola rosea, Snow Cladonia, Siberian geranium).

The store employs a dermatologist who will offer free hardware diagnostics of the facial skin. Based on the results, they will select cosmetics for you and even create a personal cream.

Budget prices - the most expensive cream costs 1,277 rubles. There are no discounts or promotions, but there are contests with prizes of the level of an apartment in Moscow and an annual supply of brand cosmetics.


Where: st. Znamenka, 7/3, Business center "Znamenka"

One of the first selective perfumery stores in Moscow (opened in 2000). You can stay here for a long time - the place is called "sectarian". “Somali incense meets Gayak rose oil,” “the harsh and strong scent of a new leather lash,” such descriptions in “Aromatek” can be read endlessly.

The fragrances are really rare - many are presented in single copies. Brands include Mona di Orio, Parfums MDCI, Parfumerie Générale, Olfactive Studio, Stephanie de Saint-Aignan, Majda Bekkali.

The tiny boutique is kept by fans of their craft and works for the same perfume maniacs (that's why the prices here are not for a wide range). Warm meetings and presentations are held at Aromatek, where you can always learn something new from the world of aromas.


Where: Malaya Bronnaya, 22

Once they dispensed medicines to Bulgakov, now it is a multifunctional pharmacy in the American style - in addition to medicines, you can find excellent beauty products in it.

The first hall looks like a cosmetic supermarket - there are many jars for the face, body, hair, vitamins, nail polishes and even kiosks with drinks (in one they make herbal mixes from 250 types of herbs, in the other - vitamin shots and oxygen cocktails). You go further - and through a corridor with harmless household chemicals you find yourself in a pharmacy room, where 12,000 medicinal names and a children's corner so that everyone is not bored. By the way, there is a large selection of high-quality baby food, hypoallergenic cosmetics and hygiene items for children.

The beauty products in Maptek are not trivial: come here for hair care Valmont, Leonor Greyl, Malin + Goetz, Korean alginate masks Dr. Jart ++, Sosu pedicure socks and Russian Krasnopolyanskaya cosmetics (you will recognize their cute jars right away).


Where: st. Pavlovskaya, 27/29 (metro Tulskaya)

Perfume shop on Tulskaya calls itself "boutique living room". This is really a very cozy place: you sit down in a large soft armchair with a cup of fragrant tea and seem to be transported in a time machine to the past. The fragrances presented here are the creations of European perfume houses, whose reputation has been developing over the centuries.

In addition to niche perfume, Mayfair also sells professional face, body and hair care products. Prices - from 1,436 rubles. up to RUB 27,200 for the perfume.

Santa maria novella

Where: Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 20/1

This is the first branch of the world's oldest pharmacy, which opened in Florence back in 1612. Here - to beauty gourmets for rare perfumes and unusual cosmetics.

Surrounded by medieval frescoes, consoles, vintage furniture and expensive ceramics, they sell old-fashioned smelling salts, iris pollen pads, an anti-hysteria elixir (if you're interested, it's called Acqua di Santa Maria Novella), aromatic waters for men and deodorants for home animals. There are also edible goods - chocolate, cookies, herbal teas. Prices - from 1,360 rubles. up to 27,000 rubles.

Santa Maria Novella hosts Italian nights, lectures on art, fashion and history.

Where: st. Tverskaya, 4

On Tverskaya - the largest Lush in Russia. Everyone knows the brand of ethical handmade cosmetics (the bright aroma of natural products is felt long before you approach the store). In black jars - creams and lotions for the face and body with essential oils, scrubs, masks and cleansers with plant particles (our favorite is "Angel" with a scattering of real lavender).

A separate pride of Lush is the candy-colored bath bombs, with sparkles and fun designs (even ornaments!).

Be sure to try Lush hard toothpaste, tile massage oils and Karma with patchouli, sweet orange, lavender and lemongrass oils.

The consultants in the store are active - they will tell you about each jar. Prices - from 90 rubles. (for a small bar of soap) up to several thousand (for a good hair mask).

H&M Beauty

Where: TC "Aviapark" (Khodynsky Boulevard, 4)

A year ago, H&M Beauty moved their production to Italy - the quality of all products has improved markedly, and the range has become larger. Come here for low prices and trends - H&M always keep up with the times (even their jars are stylish and minimalistic).

From cosmetics, pay attention to eye makeup - H&M has super-long-lasting creamy shadows and eyeliners (last more than a day) and very effective liquid shadows with metallic ("liquid foil"). A must-have from the bath line is Reflection shower oil (ideal for dry skin), from hair products - On With The Glow Styling Cream. There are Eco-lines Conscious and Conscious Exclusive - all products are certified by Ecocert, and the packaging is made from recyclable materials.

The largest H&M in Russia will open on May 27 on Tverskaya, 16, so there will be even more cosmetics here!


Where: all addresses can be viewed here

You have to go to the "Girlfriend" for nice little things. On the pink stands, everything is very cute and budget.From household chemicals to cosmetics - not only L'Oreal and Maybelline, but also the rarer German brands Essence and Catrice (look for lip tint at Catrice, blush and eyeliner at Essence). Many brands with manicure products - Orly, Essie, Sally Hansen, Aurelia.

The consultants know the assortment by heart and are happy to help everyone if necessary (if not, they will not insist). Discount cards are valid for purchases (3, 10 and 15%), and on the 15th of each month there is a 15% discount for the entire assortment.

The chain stores are located in residential areas, and there are so many of them that at least one is sure to be found near your house (in case you don’t want to go far for cosmetics).

Bling blings

Where: Podsosensky lane, 21/5

Bling Blings is an online store of cosmetics and unusual accessories with two offline stores - in Podsosensky Pereulok on Kurskaya and at 9 Tverskoy Boulevard (this store is open only during master classes).

The trick of Bling Blings is to sell funds that are rarely found in Moscow. The assortment here is small, but carefully selected - each brand has an eco-certificate and efficiency studies. At Bling Blings, they buy Swedish Sachajuan hair care products, Embryolisse creams loved by makeup artists, Marvis Italian toothpastes, Davines shampoos, and Japonesque makeup accessories. Prices are not more expensive than for the same products from individual brands (Davines detox shampoo costs 1,750 rubles, Honey Bunny face wash with fruit acids - 750 rubles).

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