8 Makeup Rules For An Overhanging Eyelid

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8 Makeup Rules For An Overhanging Eyelid
8 Makeup Rules For An Overhanging Eyelid

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Video: Hooded Droopy Eyes Do's and Dont's | MakeupAndArtFreak 2023, January

Makeup artist Olesya Erokhina explained what you can and shouldn't do if you have a drooping eyelid.


Rule 1: use a base for shadows, eyeliners, pencils

Use a makeup base to keep pencils and eyeshadows from smudging. Many brands have them. For example, Prep + Prime 24-hour extend eye base by M.A.C or Eyeshadow Primer Potion by Urban Decay.

Rule 2: soft blending along the eyelash edge

In girls with a drooping eyelid, the eyes seem smaller than they really are. To visually enlarge them, do a soft blend along the eyelash edge at the top and bottom. Use soft pencils to make the borders less clear. My favorites are from Urban Decay. They are easily shaded and "grabbed" - it turns out to give the eyes the necessary shape.

Rule 3: thin arrow

If the movable eyelid is very small, the arrow should be thin. Draw it strictly along the ciliary edge, without covering the space of the movable eyelid. To prevent the eyeliner from sticking to the upper eyelid, use only waterproof eyeliner. For example, M.A.C Liquidlast Liner. You need to get used to it, but then you can even swim with it.

Rule 4: do not weigh the space of the eyelid

Eva Green has well painted eyes. Use matte eyeshadows in neutral shades (brown or gray) and blend the eyeshadow and pencil vigorously along the lower lash line. Do not apply pearlescent and satin textures to the fold: they focus on the overhanging eyelid.

Rule 5: smoky eyes

A good option if you have a drooping eyelid. The intensity can range from the lightest "daytime" to dark brown, graphite and black smoky eyes. The more intense, the better your skill should be. Use dry eyeshadow to work out. Selena's makeup is not bad, but there are a few mistakes that I talked about earlier - there should be no clear boundaries.

Rule 6: daytime version of smoky eyes

Emma's mucous membrane is practically not stained. Used natural brown, bronze pencils. Unlike pearlescent eyeshadows, glitter pencils on the mucous membrane open up the eyes. There are no restrictions on the colors of the shadows, start from the color of the eyes and your own preferences (I told you how to paint brown eyes here).

Rule 7: volume mascara

It is good if the mascara will lengthen the eyelashes. Blake probably has them on overhead. Eyelashes open your eyes and distract from the heavy eyelid. For daily make-up, apply a base under the eyeshadow (matte or transparent), apply a thin pencil along the eyelash edge from above and below, and paint over the lashes. This make-up takes 10 minutes and looks impressive.

For evening makeup, I love Dior's Diorshow mascara and Yves Saint Laurent's volumizing false eyelash effect. For every day - moisture resistant Kanebo, M.A.C or Clinique, they do not smudge and are washed off only with warm water.

Rule 8: draw the crease of the eyelid

Apply corrective shadows (brown or gray) to the bone (you can feel it with your finger) to visually emphasize the crease of the eyelid. Instead of shadows, you can use bronzing powder or blush to correct the oval of the face.

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