Gray In Men's Wardrobe

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Gray In Men's Wardrobe
Gray In Men's Wardrobe

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Gray is an unspoken symbol of hidden strength, restraint and influence. It is elegant and versatile. Want to be known as a man of steel? In that case, get inspired by the cool looks of urban fashionistas.

Stylish coat

Outerwear in shades of gray is unlikely to ever go out of fashion. The men's style is minimalistic and laconic, so a seemingly unremarkable coat will become an ideal wardrobe base. Look for options from Oliver Spencer or Valentino. For a complete look, choose bright boots and eye-catching accessories.

What to wear with: A classic gray coat will suit everyone without exception - it is combined with things of any style. Choose pants that are at least a couple of shades darker than your coat. Take with you a voluminous leather bag (the article "Brutal accessory: how to choose the right men's bag" will help you to find a good model).

Wear a long coat or oversized model to create a rebellious look. It should be minimalistic and without a belt. Not necessarily monochromatic - for example, the cage is still popular. You can wear such a coat with any bright things. Classic shoes will emphasize the seriousness of the image, but sneakers or rough boots are also suitable.

Quality jacket

An irreplaceable thing that you will wear in winter and summer. The main thing is to find a model that fits perfectly on the figure. You can sew to order or look at Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, Dsquared2 - their quality and design are at their best.

What to wear with: A strict gray jacket + white shirt. With this combination, the tie should be at least a tone darker than the jacket. Remember we learned how to perfectly match a tie to any shirt color?

You can create a complete casual look by wearing a gray blazer with jeans or colored trousers, a printed shirt and solid leather shoes - they can be found in dark gray at Louis Vuitton, Bally, Emporio Armani. The image is good both for the office and for every day.

Basic trousers

For a business wardrobe, gray classic trousers are a mandatory minimum, we had an infographic about this. For a casual look, go with gray jeans or warm chinos. The choice is great: Lemaire, Dsquared2, Balmain.

What to wear with: Wear pants with a vest of the same tone or a three-piece suit and you will create the image of a respectable gentleman.

A pastel-colored shirt paired with gray trousers makes a man several years younger. A snow-white shirt adds sexuality and self-confidence.

Plus, gray pants are just perfect for a bright top. Printed shirts, pullovers, sweatshirts with patches, logos and embellishments are great for meeting friends.

Total gray

We have already written about all the benefits of total gray for women. For men, the same rules apply: feel free to experiment and combine several shades of gray (even if you hate the phrase).

What to wear with: Three-piece suit - for work and special occasions. Rough boots or timberlands will add a touch of extravagance.

Gray check trousers, cardigan, coat with a belt - this bow is suitable for those who value comfort and functionality. In any other shade, this combination would look untidy, but the gray color hides some details, making the image complete and neat.

Steel shoes

For several seasons in a row, gray shoes have been especially loved by designers who release gray sneakers, metallic moccasins, and classic boots on the catwalk. Each brand has interesting proposals.

Wear it with: Light gray leather sneakers smudge less than whites and look just as impressive as Dsquared2 and Bellfield prove.

Perforated oxfords are good for both casual and office look. Do not be stingy: the quality of such shoes should be up to the mark.

Expert opinion. Sergey Maksimov, TV presenter, author and host of the Best Buy on 41-Domashny project:

- Perhaps there is no more profitable canvas against which all other colors look even more beautiful than gray. It is the perfect backdrop for creating a wide variety of color variations. In addition, gray rarely looks dull, more often it is expensive and elegant.

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