The Choice Of Makeup Artists: The Best Blush

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The Choice Of Makeup Artists: The Best Blush
The Choice Of Makeup Artists: The Best Blush

Video: The Choice Of Makeup Artists: The Best Blush

Video: The Choice Of Makeup Artists: The Best Blush
Video: THE BEST BLUSHERS 2020! 2023, March

Leading makeup artists told BeautyHack about their favorite blush and makeup tricks when applying them.


Choice of Alexandra Kirienko:

Instant Look in A Palette by Charlotte Tilbury

“The Instant Look in A Palette by Charlotte Tilbury has bronzer, blush, eyeshadow and highlighter. Bronzer is the right shade for natural-looking makeup. Apply a highlighter on top of it - they go well with each other.

There are two shades of blush in the palette - warm (for brunettes) and cold (for blondes). They can also be mixed with each other.

Use a large fluffy brush to apply blush, highlighter and bronzer to blend like a professional makeup artist."

Anna Merkusheva's choice:

HD Blush, Make Up For Ever

“Cream blush is natural, gentle and simple. They easily mix with the foundation and do not create an additional heavy layer (this is what dry blush "sin" about). Choose a shade of creamy blush to match your lipstick. There are no rules here (sometimes “cold” lipstick looks great with “warm” tones on the face) - feel which combination suits you today and experiment! My favorites are the cool pink HD Blush 210 and the warmer tone HD Blush 215."

Andrey Shilkov's choice:

# 11 Pale Pink, Bobbi Brown

“I love this blush in shade # 11 - a very delicate, beautiful pink. The texture of the product is creamy, so they are universal - they can be used for their intended purpose and applied to the cheekbones, or it is possible to apply to the lips as a tint. Plus, cream blush always looks more natural."

Choice of Olga Charandaeva:

Orgasm, Nars

“I love both dry and creamy sticks (the latter for a more natural effect). This product in the shade Orgasm has the most correct combination of rose gold - the blush turns out to be natural, without red spots and streaks. Apply dry with a large fluffy brush."

Ernest Muntaniol's choice:

Joues Contraste, Chanel

“Blush is an indicator of health, so it is always important in makeup. This is a compact baked blush. Non-matte - contains radiant particles that refresh the face. The pigment seems to stick into the skin, it glows from the inside and looks rested."

Elena Krygina's choice:

Benefit Dandelion

“Blush completes my daily makeup. Recently I have been using dry Benefit. As with the concealer, creamy textures are more suitable for professional make-up, and I advise ordinary girls to stick to dry blush. Benefit look very natural - apply to the apples of your cheeks with a fluffy brush, barely touching the skin."

Victoria Moiseeva's choice:

Instain, The Balm

“Most blush tints are pretty long-lasting - I always recommend them. But powdery ones also have exceptions - for example, the Instain blush from The Balm with a very tenacious pigment. They create the effect of such a blush, which, even with rubbing of the skin or with 12 hours of wear, still stays in place. It is, by right, the most persistent blush in the world. Suitable for all skin types - even oily skin."

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