Shadows "under The Dress" And 6 More Mistakes In Makeup That Will Not Forgive You

Shadows "under The Dress" And 6 More Mistakes In Makeup That Will Not Forgive You
Shadows "under The Dress" And 6 More Mistakes In Makeup That Will Not Forgive You

Video: Shadows "under The Dress" And 6 More Mistakes In Makeup That Will Not Forgive You

Video: Shadows "under The Dress" And 6 More Mistakes In Makeup That Will Not Forgive You
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Ksenia Wagner - that you need to forget and not remember as soon as possible under pain of a terrible beauty court.


Lip liner darker than lipstick

Makeup chic from the times of Alena Apina, beauty synonym for light green top, the perfect addition to chicken highlights. Dear ones, this is the 21st century. Plush skirts and other joys of the 90s have long been forgotten.

What will help you: matte lipsticks with which you don't need a pencil at all. The best are in the Chanel Double Intensite line, as well as Lime Crime, Inglot and Giorgio Armani Beauty.

Matte lipsticks Double Intensite, Chanel

Matte lipsticks Velvetines, Lime Crime

Matte lipsticks HD Lip Tint Matte, Inglot

Foundation darker than skin

You think it's refreshing, light tan and all. Surprise: You have a neck under your chin and it contrasts with your brown face.

What will help you: pigment that can be added to your regular moisturizer drop by drop, varying the degree of "tanning". Clinique and Guerlain have them.

Pigment Pigment Drops, Clinique

Serum Terracotta, Guerlain

Shadows "under the clothes"

I do not argue, makeup and what you are wearing should speak the same language. But not in the language of Ellochka the Cannibal! Literal dubbing is boring and unfashionable.

What will help you: shades of nude shades - they are universal and suitable for any look. Many shades - in the palettes Urban Decay, M. A. C, Make Up For Ever and The Balm.

LEFT TO RIGHT: X 15 Eye Shadow Warm Neutral, M. A. C; palette eyeshadow Basics, Urban Decay; eyeshadow Artist Shadow # 1 Fall, Make Up For Ever.

Blue shadows

Spring sky, first forget-me-nots and thrush eggs - leave these lovely shades to Malvina from the Theater of the Young Spectator. A grown woman and blue shadows, like a dolphin and a mermaid, are not a couple, not a couple, not a couple.

What will help you: if the craving for blue is ineradicable, replace the shadows with a pencil - and subtly bring the mucous membrane on the lower eyelids with it.

Orange eyebrow pencils

No, of course they appear brown. And in a slate pencil they really seem to be like that, but this is a hoax. In fact (that is, on the skin), the reddish undertone betrays the fact that the eyebrows are made up - and, alas, unsuccessfully (unless you yourself are red). Clown Pencil? Head of the general store Larysa Ivanna? A relative of Carlson? Who are you, sister?

What will help you: the ingenious Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pencils, Benefit eyebrow gels or Guerlain shadows - all in a cool dark gray range.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Brow Gel Ready, Set, Brow !, Benefit; palette for eyebrow makeup, Ecrin Sourcils, Guerlain.

Orange circles instead of blush

Red cheeks are even more evil than eyebrows. In short, going over the top with bronzers on any part of your body is cheap. And suspicious. What if you have a rare Malaysian fever?

What will help you: for cheeks - blush in natural pink shades with a light shimmer (such as Bobbi Brown has), and for cheekbones and décolleté - high-quality highlighters, for example, M. A. C or Estée Lauder.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Highlighter Bronze Goddess, Estée Lauder; pearlescent powder Mineralize Skinfinish, Soft & Gentle; blush Brightening Brick, Pink, Bobbi Brown.

Hook arrows

Just like the commas from punctuation textbooks. Sit down, deuce - this shape makes the eyes smaller and disturbs the proportions of the face. At the correct arrows, the “tails” smoothly stretch to the eyebrows - this “stretches” the eyelids and makes the look more expressive.

What will help you: eyeliners, markers, with which it is easy to draw long and smooth lines, for example, Clarins or L'Oreal Paris.

Eyeliner-marker Graphik Ink Liner, Clarins; eyeliner Super Liner Perfect Slim, L'oreal Paris.

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