Banks Without Trick: 10 Funds Of The Week From Ksenia Wagner

Banks Without Trick: 10 Funds Of The Week From Ksenia Wagner
Banks Without Trick: 10 Funds Of The Week From Ksenia Wagner

Video: Banks Without Trick: 10 Funds Of The Week From Ksenia Wagner

Video: Banks Without Trick: 10 Funds Of The Week From Ksenia Wagner
Video: Stock Market Rally Rebounds From Key Levels; Facebook, Goldman Sachs, DocuSign Near Buy Points 2023, March

Shampoo for deep cleansing based on volcanic ash, CC-cream with spring water from the Arctic part of Finland, the best anti-wrinkle cream and other discoveries of BeautyHack Creative Director Ksenia Wagner.


Lipstick tint Chupa Chups Lip Locker, 01, Chupa Chups

Nope, this is not a props and is not stolen from my five-year-old Sladyushkins (Approx. Ed. - this is how Xenia calls her son), but a miracle that only pretends to be candy. If you write in three words, then - color-color-color. Excellent saturation, convenient applicator, delicious smell, acceptable persistence and lack of dryness - in short, a super-way to cheer yourself up (no calories!). And also - a cool idea for a gift for a girlfriend who was born in the late eighties (the brand, by the way, has a lot of beauty goodies). (I wrote here about ten signs that you were born in the 80s).

Price: 650 rubles

CC-cream Nordic Chic, Lumene

When I was ten, my mother had blue jars of this Finnish brand in the bathroom. Now they are not blue and not so affordable (recently, marketers fished the brand out of the lake of oblivion and "shook it up" well), but the magical northern ingredients remained in the compositions. This particular baby contains spring water from the Arctic part of Finland and is applied for as many as three positions at once: a base to match, and the tonal foundation itself, and a concealer. I'm not sure about the base - with my combination skin on top of it, applying something else would be overkill. But as a tone it is really good - it is easy to apply, masks all unnecessary, but at the same time does not put pressure on the face, shines, but not like a pancake, moisturizes without grease, contains SPF and wears well throughout the day. A rare case when value for money is not skeptical.

Price: 850 rubles

Cleansing shampoo The Cleanse, Oribe

I adore the Oribe styling and volume line since the days of Allure, when this American brand just began its triumphant march through our beauty salons. I waited passionately for the cleansing shampoo (you know, I am a great preacher of these funds) - and I was not disappointed, it is cool for at least three reasons. Firstly, the consistency is a thick dark gray (in the composition of volcanic ash) mousse. Apply this airy softness and density - and you are already swimming with happiness. Secondly, the formula - cleansing shampoos are often harsh and wash off everything "to a squeak", which is harmful to the hair. Here is the perfect balance between cleansing and protection. According to the brand, the shampoo even "neutralizes" mineral deposits from hard chlorinated water. Hair after washing is light, smooth, shiny, but not squeaky or over-matted (although conditioner is, of course, needed). And thirdly, the smell is like all Oribe products (who knows, he will understand, this characteristic floral scent cannot be confused with anything)

Price: 3400 rubles

Cream-gel for face Hydra 24+, Payot

With the Payot brand, we are smoothly moving from friendly relations to almost family relations - this is already the seventh or eighth brand means admitted to my “close” circle. The new family member is honest, hardworking and responsible. He:

A) does not lie about the declared day of hydration: by the evening the skin is really as smooth, nourished and well-groomed as in the morning (in addition to the author's complex of the brand, there are vitamins C and E and a special component to protect "from bad ecology");

B) does not clog pores - the consistency is light, but at the same time not watery (suitable for autumn as well);

C) not sticky, not leaving a film and not too odorous. Well, and the character is non-conflicting - I use it with another brand of serum without problems.

Price: 2400 rubles

Tonic Botanical Kinetics, Aveda

Aveda natural cosmetics began in the late 70s with clover shampoo, which the founder of the brand Horst Rechelbachel mixed almost in his kitchen. And until now, most people know this brand for hair products - natural and very fragrant, as well as for professional coloring in salons (in Aved dyes - from 93% to 99% of natural ingredients). But there is also a line for the face and this spring in a spray is just from it. Splashing - and the feeling that "dived" into the field bouquet. A big plus for me personally is the spray form that is easy to use throughout the day and anywhere. Well, the aromatic effect - a five-minute SPA is provided.

Price: 2580 rubles

Sun spray SPF 50, Aderma

Why is he of the thousands of sunscreens? Because the brand works closely with dermatologists, because its specialization is fragile skin. All A-DERMA products are plant-based, free of alcohols, parabens and fragrances, and the key ingredient is Realba oat sprout extract, a patented plant-based ingredient of organic origin, grown by the brand itself. All products are dermatologically tested prior to being marketed to ensure safety and efficacy. And finally, the main argument for girls - with SPF 50 I NEVER get burned, but sometimes I can look like a person smeared with sour cream. But not with this spray! It does not adhere to the skin with a dense white layer, but shines beautifully.

Price: 1200 rubles

Serum Hydra-Global Serum, Sisley

With Sisley, our love grows stronger: Hydra-Global Serum is already the second can from which I fall into a pig's delight. I apply it in the morning under a cream with SPF - it is quickly absorbed, smells like some kind of witchcraft, but most importantly - it perfectly moisturizes and smoothes the skin. This is the case when really deep hydration is perceptible, which is worth every ruble, and not just superficial "refreshment". Sea water, sun, chlorinated pool water - and I am like a bulk apple (although, of course, Sisley also has a support group). By the way, if you haven't tried anything from this brand yet, take a closer look. This is one of the few brands that have been backed by generations of the same family, and the “family” beauty business is always special, such brands as beloved fostered children. Sisley has been cared for and cherished for three generations of the clan d'Ornano, one of the most famous aristocratic families in France, whose ancestors were at the royal and imperial courts. Kings Can Do Anything!

Price: 13,900 rubles

Oblivion Purifying Shampoo, R + Co

The brand is the child of American stylists, so it has not only care, but also styling, and one thing, in fact, prepares the hair for another: some shampoos ALREADY contain thermal protection. I really don't need it here, because I don't use a hair dryer at sea at all, but good cleansing of sand, chlorine and salt on vacation is very important - and the shampoo copes with it perfectly. Shine after washing by 10 out of 10, as if re-painted.

Price: 1800 rubles

Avocado Eye Cream, Kiehl's

Well, all beauticians, of course, know this green thick dessert, and who does not know - listen, friends: this is the coolest cream against the first wrinkles for normal and especially prone to dry skin in the world. Although it is thick, it is absorbed perfectly and visually smoothes fine wrinkles immediately. At sea, where you often squint from the sun, it is doubly important to nourish the skin around your eyes.

Price: 3200 rubles

Radiance toner Reine Blanche, L'Occitane

A tonic in a spray is the most convenient and economical thing, and doubly valuable for a vacation: puff-puff on the beach in Solntsepek - and again a person. L'Occitane has all the tonics in such compact sprays, for which they are honored and praised.

Price: 1190 rubles

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