Nobody Has Tried It Yet: We Try On New Technologies Of Plastic Surgery On The Stars

Nobody Has Tried It Yet: We Try On New Technologies Of Plastic Surgery On The Stars
Nobody Has Tried It Yet: We Try On New Technologies Of Plastic Surgery On The Stars

Video: Nobody Has Tried It Yet: We Try On New Technologies Of Plastic Surgery On The Stars

Video: Nobody Has Tried It Yet: We Try On New Technologies Of Plastic Surgery On The Stars

Remove drooping eyelid: non-surgical blepharoplasty


Blake Lively

Many girls suffer from drooping or drooping eyelids. This can be a congenital feature or the result of age-related changes. In both cases, the problem is that excess fluid collects in the eyelid area, the look becomes heavy. Many people are afraid of surgical intervention. But there is another option for correcting this deficiency - non-surgical blepharoplasty.

How the procedure goes: special meso-cocktails, which help to remove accumulated fluid, are injected into problem areas. Non-surgical blepharoplasty lasts 15-25 minutes and is almost painless. In one or two procedures, a visible lifting effect appears. It is better to repeat the procedure after three to four days, and its necessity is determined by the doctor. The result lasts up to two years.

Contraindications: diseases of the cardiovascular system, herpes, infectious and inflammatory skin diseases at the site of correction, epilepsy, violation of the blood coagulation system.

Which star needs: Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Rosamund Pike, Eva Mendes.

Make a lifting: circular lifting with venotonic

Lindsey Lohan

It is possible to remove puffiness, make facial features more expressive and clear without the help of a surgeon. The "Facial Sculpting" program is a combination of drainage mesotherapy and the introduction of fillers in the required areas.

How the procedure goes: first, drainage therapy is carried out, as a result of which the patient receives a visible lifting effect, restores the skin structure and gets rid of edema. Then, if volume is lost in the cheekbones and in the temporal zone, nasolabial folds and nasolacrimal groove are pronounced, it is necessary to supplement the procedure with filler injections. This stage allows you to restore volume and solve aesthetic problems. The program of the procedure is always compiled by the doctor individually. "Sculpting the face" allows you to influence all problem areas in one step. That is why it is a worthy alternative to plastic surgery. And the result can last up to two and a half years.

Which star needs: Lindsay Lohan, Drew Barrymore, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lawrence, Mary-Kate Olsen.

Reshape the nose: non-surgical rhinoplasty

Sarah Jessica Parker

It is possible to correct minor defects in the shape of the nose, to make it even and neat without a special operation, after which a long period of rehabilitation takes place. Non-surgical rhinoplasty allows you to reduce the volume of soft tissues (tip, wings or length), remove the hump of the nasal dorsum and correct the straight and wide back. Of course, it will not work to radically change the shape of the nose in this way, but making the aesthetic look more attractive is easy.

How the procedure goes: with the help of injections, drugs are injected into problem areas that reduce subcutaneous fat, remove edema and excess fluid. This procedure should be done at intervals of seven to ten days. The number of sessions is determined by a specialist, on average, the course consists of two or three procedures, and the effect lasts from a year.

Which star needs: Cate Blanchett, Lea Michelle, Meryl Streep, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tilda Swinton.

We thank the expert for help in preparing the material. - The principle of all the listed techniques is based on non-surgical and minimally invasive mesotherapeutic procedures that require a minimum of time. The main plus: a short rehabilitation period.

Olga Moroz, author of injection techniques for rejuvenation, chief physician of the Olga Moroz Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine

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