Beauty Cabinet: 6 Favorite Products Of Anastasia Mironova

Beauty Cabinet: 6 Favorite Products Of Anastasia Mironova
Beauty Cabinet: 6 Favorite Products Of Anastasia Mironova

Video: Beauty Cabinet: 6 Favorite Products Of Anastasia Mironova

Video: Beauty Cabinet: 6 Favorite Products Of Anastasia Mironova
Video: Анастасия Миронова 2023, March

Nastya Mironova, the creator of the MiroFs online fitness school and a girl with an ideal body, on the best masks and face creams and how to get rid of skin irregularities and edema.


Cinderella Mask Prime Renewing Pack, Valmont

The first time I tried the famous mask on the recommendation of a friend. Now I use it once a week and before important meetings. It helps out when you need to transform before the event, but there is no time to go to the beautician. I leave the product on my face for 20 minutes, massage the face and remove the remnants of the mask with a damp cloth (most of the product is absorbed).

I know that there are peptides in the composition, for this reason the Prime Renewing Pack is often classified as an anti-age product, but it is also good for young skin! Refreshes, makes the skin smoother and more hydrated (among the components - urea, which retains moisture in the cells), and gives the face a rested look.

The only drawback is the high cost. But this is a good option to pamper yourself and get a product that will definitely work. Although I have nothing against cheaper masks.

Price: 14 900 rub.

Moisturizing cream Super Cream, 3Lab

My face skin is problematic and capricious, so I treat cosmetics carefully: I choose products with the most natural composition and appreciate the perfect quality. In the mass market I buy all the clothes, but never cosmetics. Therefore, this cream from 3Lab is always on my dressing table. I love the effect of super-hydrated skin, but without the discomfort and oily feeling. I apply Super Cream every morning. After a month of use, I saw real results: the skin seemed to be saturated with moisture, and the face looks fresh without the help of highlighters and concealers.

The composition of the product is very serious: peptides that stimulate cells to renewal, and plant stem cells.

Price on request

Body scrub "Lime sorbet", Marble

I love minimalism in everything! It is important for me that self-care is a ritual and not a grueling process. This philosophy formed the basis of my own brand, Marble. Buying a lot of products and using them one at a time is so tedious, which is why my team and I create one-stop body treatments. For example, I use the Lime Sorbet scrub all the time, because it is both light peeling, skin nourishment and subtle radiance at the finish - it looks very tempting! The main exfoliating ingredient in the composition is sea salt. I use the scrub every 2-3 days.

Price: 1 900 rub.

Massage Brush Marble

I am convinced that with proper care, the amount of body creams can be minimized! The effectiveness of any remedy will be several times higher if you first stimulate blood circulation with a light lymphatic drainage massage with a dry brush.

I do not allow myself to forget about her ever - the best friend in the fight against irregularities and puffiness! I do the massage in courses every day for 2-3 weeks, and then every 3 days for 10-15 minutes on dry skin.

Price: 1 290 rub.

Face mask Porecting Solution, Dr. Jart +

I know that many bloggers and influencers love Dr. Jart +. I learned about this tool from one beauty blog on Instagram. My main argument in its favor is ease of use. I often travel, on airplanes, the skin becomes dehydrated, contaminated, and the Porecting Solution cleans it qualitatively.

The mask is fabric, but it fixes well on the skin, without falling off the face with any awkward turn of the head. The basis of the serum with which the product is impregnated is carbon and active oxygen, which in tandem absorb impurities and even out skin tone.

Price: 2 285 rubles.

Cream Butter "Coconut", Marble

Correctly selected combinations of oils provide the best nutrition and protection for the skin. I love to put them on the body!

There is one "but": a liquid consistency, which makes the process of use extremely difficult. I want the product to nourish the skin with high quality, but at the same time it is easily absorbed.

For a long time and persistently we have been looking for a formula of the ideal body remedy with a composition of oils (argan, coconut, apricot and three more of the most effective), but in the form of a butter, and finally we created it.

Applying it after a shower before bed is a fairy tale! And falling asleep with a feeling of pleasure is a guarantee that the next day will be mega productive for you. Life hack from Mironova!

Price: 2 100 rubles.

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