Procedure Of The Week: Shining Peel And Laser Lip Rejuvenation

Procedure Of The Week: Shining Peel And Laser Lip Rejuvenation
Procedure Of The Week: Shining Peel And Laser Lip Rejuvenation

Video: Procedure Of The Week: Shining Peel And Laser Lip Rejuvenation

Video: Procedure Of The Week: Shining Peel And Laser Lip Rejuvenation
Video: Lip Rejuvenation with 650-Microsecond Laser Technology 2023, May

Autumn and winter are the best times to visit a beautician. There is less and less sunlight, and more permitted procedures, as well as reasons to consult a specialist, because temperature drops, dry indoor air and cold do not spare anyone.


Peeling, dull complexion and uneven tone, enlarged pores, traces of post-acne, age-related changes and other skin imperfections - all these problems are solved by laser peeling, therefore, on the eve of the "hot" cosmetology season, the Aging Control clinic has a new fractionary erbium laser Action II.

The device not only helps to get rid of dead cells and start renewal processes in the skin, but also to turn back the clock: laser procedures are performed to rejuvenate the skin of the face, neck, décolleté and, in particular, lips. If you don't know where to start, the clinic offers a universal set of procedures - Shining Peel and Laser Tint lip rejuvenation. They have already been tested by Evgenia Stepanova, a regular client of the Aging Control clinic.

Honestly, I have never tried professional peeling - I was saved by home scrubs and gommage. Unfortunately, they are not very effective - with the arrival of cold weather, the skin begins to peel off (and this is when belonging to the combined type), and even the most nourishing cream cannot bring it to life. In addition, the skin is sensitive - it reacts sharply to new products and unfamiliar procedures. But Shining Peel is a superficial peel, which means that I'm not in danger of becoming Samantha from Sex and the City.

But I have already tried laser lip rejuvenation and was completely delighted with this procedure: the contour became clearer, the color of the lips brighter (no tattoo is needed), and the volume increased noticeably. I gladly decided on the procedure again. But let the word "rejuvenation" not scare you - I am 28, and the signs of skin aging are still invisible, but both procedures "without age", you can start right from the age of majority.

I am not afraid of painful sensations during laser operation - I know that apart from a slight tingling sensation and heat, there will be no discomfort. That is why no pain relief is even given during the Shining Peel. With Laser Tint, Emla cream is still applied, because the lip area is quite sensitive.

Victoria Elesina, a dermatovenerologist and cosmetologist at the Aging Control clinic, is included in the snow-white office. She applies Emla cream to the patient's lips and carefully examines her skin, noticing slight redness on her cheeks. The flawless skin of a specialist only proves that Victoria knows exactly what procedures are needed to make her face perfect and radiant. The doctor answers Evgenia's questions clearly, explaining in detail what both procedures are and who they are suitable for.

We start with the Shining Peel - it is superficial, so it suits almost everyone. The procedure stimulates the production of collagen, the thermal effect of the laser triggers the processes of remodeling of collagen fibers and improves blood circulation. Exfoliation occurs at the outer level of the epidermis - the laser beam gently polishes the skin. In addition, Shining Peel improves the reflective functions of the skin and can be a “go out” procedure - due to dehydration, the face gains radiance and becomes more elastic. This procedure is very comfortable for patients: after it there is no bleeding or crusts, since no ablation occurs.

Despite the mild effect, this is still a peeling - I always prescribe the use of creams with SPF 35 to all my patients, even in autumn and winter. Now it is very easy to protect yourself from the sun - there are tonal foundations with SPF, BB creams both in the mass market and in the luxury segment. If you do it regularly, then Shining Peel can be done even in summer.

We thoroughly cleanse the skin before the procedure, and after peeling, we tone it up and apply a serum or a soothing mask. Beforehand, I would still recommend preparing the skin: if it is dry or sensitive, it would be good to undergo a course of plasma therapy or biorevitalization, if it is problematic, it is worth first eliminating the inflammation. For normal, combination and aged skin, this is what the doctor ordered. The tone and elasticity increase, the pores become narrower, and the face becomes perfectly smooth - this is already visible during the peeling.

Half an hour and you're done. At the same time, we do not do anesthesia, but if the patient is afraid of heating the skin, I use a distracting method - cooling Zimmer. I do not recommend applying makeup immediately after the procedure - wait two days. And, of course, postpone a visit to the sauna, solarium or gym - this will help to avoid unwanted vascular reactions.

Among the contraindications are pregnancy and lactation, standard for all cosmetic procedures, oncological diseases, diabetes mellitus, skin and chronic diseases in the acute stage, asthma, taking antibiotics and age up to 18 years. The last point is a little easier: if necessary, adolescents can also peel, but with the permission of their parents. Patients with rosacea and rosacea also fall under the restrictions - they need to be prepared for this procedure, first remove the vascular reaction and only then carry out the Shining Peel. Our patient has slight redness on her cheeks, but in this case I simply reduce the laser energy in this area so as not to dilate the vessels.

Immediately after the exfoliation, the skin begins to glow and tightens. Slight redness and peeling are possible on the second or third day, but after a few days the face will become perfectly smooth. In order to prolong this effect, it is worth taking a course of three or five procedures with an interval of 3-4 weeks.


I recommend Laser Tint to anyone who has ever experienced peeling lips, and especially if you want to give them a trendy "kissable" effect. Due to the fact that we have a mucous membrane and abundant blood circulation nearby, slight edema is possible - the laser heats the skin surface, dilating the blood vessels. But this only plays into our hands - the effect of natural swelling can last up to two days, and the result of rejuvenation will only increase.

The procedure gives the lips a rich color, a uniform silky texture, natural volume. Rough lips, fine longitudinal wrinkles and dull color are direct indications for Laser Tint.

The procedure itself resembles skin resurfacing - first, I process the surface of the lips in a short-pulse mode, which creates microthermal zones. And then I use a long-pulse mode - due to this, there is a slight warming up, vasodilation and an increase in the volume of the lips. With anesthesia, there is no need to be afraid of painful sensations: the patient only hears claps from the apparatus and feels warmth. But after the procedure, the lips become brighter and completely stop peeling. The course in this case is selected individually, but on average, it is recommended to undergo 3-5 procedures with an interval of three weeks.

After peeling and laser rejuvenation, the patient is placed under the Healite II LED therapy lamp - this is a low-intensity laser. A certain wavelength is set to rehabilitate the skin: remove redness after resurfacing, inflammation and swelling. The patient is as if lying in the sun - the lamp heats the skin slightly. Finally, I apply an alginate mask to soothe the epidermis. It contains peppermint, which cools the face - as a result, the blood vessels narrow. Twenty minutes and the patient can be released.

Before and after

Indeed, Evgenia's skin after the procedures looks great, despite slight redness. And the ban on makeup for two days does not seem strict - after exfoliation, you do not need a foundation at all. The skin of the lips was also smoothed, the volume increased, and there was no trace of dryness.

You can also try the procedures at the Aging Control clinic - until December 15, BeautyHack readers will receive laser lip rejuvenation as a gift for any face resurfacing. Just say the code word "Beautyhack" when making an appointment by phone or via "Direct" in the clinic's Instagram account.

Photo: Eugene Sorbo

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