Beauty Tips From Supermodel Natasha Poly

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Beauty Tips From Supermodel Natasha Poly
Beauty Tips From Supermodel Natasha Poly

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One of the brightest supermodels of her generation, Natasha Poly, talks about the best beauty accessory and what her youthful love for the group "Ottye scammers" led to.



Red lipstick is my secret key to mood and beauty. I wear it both to work and in everyday life. This is a complete accessory that is always with me. The L'Oréal Paris brand, of which I am the face, has a collection of personalized lipsticks dedicated to their ambassadors. My Natasha shade has a slightly cherry tint, it even has a little blue pigment in it. This is some kind of magic formula for my skin tone: the face with it becomes fresh, and the skin - radiant.

Five years ago, when I was the face of VOGUE Fashion's Night Out in Moscow, at the beginning of the event, there was no lipstick on my lips at all. We walked a lot from one store to another and were extremely tired. Somewhere in the middle of the evening, I wanted to change my mood - and I just painted my lips in scarlet. Like wearing a new dress! I instantly felt a surge of energy, and the evening ended well after midnight with dancing on the roof of the Central Department Store!

Behind-the-scenes beauty hacks

I always put on a lip liner - I choose a tone to match the lipstick, so that there is not the slightest transition: so it does not blur and lasts longer. Then I take a dry napkin and blot the entire surface of my lips with it, thanks to which the lipstick retains its durability all evening. I always use this trick when I go to events, especially charity nights and auctions - they tend to be the longest.

If the lipstick still spreads or smudges, a foundation or concealer will help correct the situation: apply it on the pad of your finger and walk it along the border of the lip contour, between the lipstick and the skin. This will also enhance the sexiness of your lips. This is especially important and noticeable on the red carpet, when the dress or hairstyle is superior to the makeup - this technique will delicately emphasize it. And don't forget to wash your hands to avoid staining your dress!


I use pearlescent powder not only for its intended purpose. I apply it between the upper corners of the lips and around the office. This will give you a subtle shine effect that looks especially beautiful in your photos. The main thing is not to overdo it!

I really love makeup and, when I have the opportunity and there is no contractual obligation, I prefer to do it myself. Since I am the face of the L'Oréal Paris brand, I often find myself in the hands of makeup artists. Which is also glad, because they teach me new tricks. I am always interested in how and what can be changed and emphasized on the face with the help of makeup.


Mom once brought me a book from the 1960s with my grandmother, there were the first tips on female beauty. I studied it cover to cover. I even did physical exercises taken from there. I filled the bags with fruit and shook my hands! I also whipped yolks with beer and did hair masks and head massage. Once I even made myself paint from onion husks - as I remember now, the reddish tint that turned out to be on my hair.

Since childhood, I have felt a passion for makeup: there were purple eyeshadows and neon pink lips. True, my parents did not like my experiments, they swore a lot. Therefore, I had to furtively paint, while no one sees. I remember that only my mother left for work, I took a regular black pencil for drawing, soaked them in water and let their eyes down. So I went to school!

Once I even made myself paint from onion husks - as I remember now, the reddish tint that turned out to be on my hair.

I was in love with the group "Inveterate scammers". In one of the videos, the soloist had an unevenly cut eyebrow. I so wanted the same! And one day I fulfilled my wish. You should have seen the faces of my parents! They were shocked and thought I had become a punk. Then the whole family enlisted me in the ranks of informals and sectarians. But on the other hand, I originated this trend at school: girls one after another appeared with a shaved eyebrow.Then there were, of course, and cutting off the bangs - uneven and short looked very funny on me.

I love experimenting with hair color: women with a bright red or even pink tint admire. I would love to see myself in that color someday. But not in the near future, if only in old age!

Beauty routine

The morning after the party, I always wear Sisley's Black Rose mask on my face. This is my lifesaver! Withstand literally 15 minutes - and the face freshens up before our eyes, the puffiness disappears.

I believe that the best facial ritual is evening care. Therefore, every time I go to bed I use the Clarisonic cleaning machine. The rotating brush opens the pores, allowing cosmetics to penetrate deeper into the skin. I apply any cream with my fingertips. Patting lightly around the eyes and cheekbones can help relieve swelling.

I recently discovered the organic brand Aesop. I use tonic and face scrub. I love them for their light texture and fresh aroma.

Hair care

Frequent dyeing has made my hair dry and brittle, so I try to wash it as little as possible. At home or in a hotel, I never dry my hair, I leave it to dry on its own. I dry it slightly with a towel and rub the oil into the ends. I love Extraordinary Oil from L'Oreal Elseve very much. It has a neutral odor that is not felt at all. This is especially important when I go to bed with the product on my hair. By the way, it is quickly absorbed and does not leave streaks on the pillow. It has a thick texture, so two to three drops are enough for one use. If this oil is not at hand, I can apply a facial cosmetic to my hair.


I don't have a haircut at all! Previously, I only leveled the ends once a month, but now I don’t remember the last time I did it. By the way, from this, it seems to me, the hair became much thicker.

If I'm in Paris, I always wear makeup at Christophe Robin's. He has an adorable hairline of his own. He makes me a slight highlight, at first glance, generally barely noticeable. It looks very natural, something like the effect of the hair burnt out after the beach.

I really like it when the roots remain dark. I do not allow to paint over them completely, because this makes the face look unnatural - as if I had put on a mask.


During the flight, I always use oil, as the skin is very dry.

If an important meeting or event is scheduled and I need to look fresh, then at the hotel I go to the treadmill and walk at a brisk pace for ten minutes. This not only improves the appearance, but also lifts the mood. Blood circulation improves - and the skin (and the entire body) becomes fresher.


I'm not a big fan of sports training. But I force myself to go to the gym as often as possible (preferably every day), especially after the birth of a child. I always take a personal trainer in hotels - it’s more fun, and I learn something new from everyone. For me, the main thing is to have fun. Kickboxing, for example. This is what I love!

Stressful situations

If I'm nervous, even and deep breathing with the diaphragm helps me to quickly gather and recover. It takes literally a few breaths. It helps a lot at the time of filming or screenings, as well as in situations when something really annoys me. Every day I breathe like this before going to bed in order to calm down and relieve fatigue, get rid of thoughts that come into my head. This was taught to me recently by my New York nutritionist Charles Barkley. He also draws up a nutrition program for me, which I try to adhere to, wherever I am.


I don't go on diets, but, like any girl, I have moments when I need to lose two kilograms before an important event, for example, before a Victoria's Secret show. Then I exclude sugar and fats from the diet for two or three days - I dry the muscles. In general, I cannot live without sugar - my body constantly requires something sweet. I really like homemade apple pies, fruit cakes, ice cream.

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