Quality Skin Care In Summer

Quality Skin Care In Summer
Quality Skin Care In Summer

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Yana Laputina is a beauty expert. She knows everything and even more about cosmetics, and we asked her the most pressing questions of this summer.


Yana, tell us, in what mood are you ready to meet the summer of 2018?

Summer is the most anticipated and favorite time of the year. Summer is always dreams and hopes. It's a small life. Summer seems to be the beginning of my new inner year. I am always glad that this time has come, although I believe that April and May are also the birth of something new. As you wait for the new year, you also wait for the summer. Always with impatience and thrill.

About make-up and cosmetics in summer

What's in your summer makeup bag?

I do the basic makeup at home. I always have a Clarins concealer, Bobbi Brown eyeliner, Tom Ford mascara, Chanel blush, and either Clarins or Gucci glitter. This is my basic summer makeup option. Also in the cosmetic bag is one of your favorite scents for your mood.

In hot weather, it is so difficult to keep makeup on your face. What do you recommend to use?

It should be remembered that in summer we choose more transparent textures that do not overload the face and leave room for breathing. Mattifying formulas are probably important for many, although I personally like it when there is a lively shine on the face.

In hot weather, I do not recommend a plentiful make-up. It is unlikely that you will be able to control that all products applied to the face remain in a digestible form for at least an hour.

And what of the funds should be postponed until winter?

Definitely dense creams and smothering aromas.

Many people argue that our skin needs nutrition just as much as it does in winter. This is true?

Absolutely right.

Look for home care products like light texture moisturizers. They provide deep nourishment. Do not forget about scrubs and peels, they are necessary because you are constantly in the sun and your skin needs to be supported.

For people prone to pigmentation, you need to choose a cream with an SPF factor that will protect from the sun. In our band, it is, by the way, very active. Yesterday I spent the whole day with my child in the countryside and had already sunburned, as if I had visited the sea.

Summer beauty treatments

Is it possible to do without going to a beautician in the summer?

Summer is not a reason to forget about yourself. Moreover, procedures such as biorevitalization or cellular rejuvenation will only help your skin. For all injection techniques, this is the optimal time of the year.

Laser treatments are also acceptable during the summer. You just need to remember that after any laser procedure, you must use products with a good SPF factor.

Usually, those who stop using the services of a dermatocosmetologist and postpone sessions until autumn return with problem skin. Often it is dry, with the manifestation of allergic reactions. Trips to the sea, changes in climatic zones and the flight itself affect the quality of the leather.

What procedures, which are sometimes imposed on us from the media, are absolutely impossible to do in the hot season?

Most of the media correctly assess climatic parameters when they recommend certain procedures.

Self-respecting sources interview people who don't want their reputation to suffer. They will not refer to those procedures that are not really recommended during the hot period.

When choosing injections or operations, it is necessary, first of all, to be guided by the real indications of the body and by the experience and knowledge possessed by the specialist.

If two indicators are met, then otherwise you can safely trust and go through the desired procedure.

About personal experience and children's cosmetics

How do you manage to keep yourself in such a gorgeous shape?

Of course, I have many complaints about my form, but from what I do regularly this:

I try to walk back and forth to work;

I walk with my child at a brisk pace;

on vacation I do not go on anything - I go.

Plus, proper harmonious nutrition, a balanced menu, a lot of greens, plant foods, a minimum of fried foods, no fast food and fast food. This is taboo.

Of course, I have a card for the gym, but I do not go to it, due to lack of time.

Do you instill in your daughter a love of good cosmetics, or is it still a taboo?

Now, of course, I don’t accustom her to any cosmetics, she will be 7 one of these days. It will be strange if at this age she will use something. She has my make-up bag in the public domain and occasionally raids on her, but in this normal mode, of course not.

Now I inculcate the elements of hygiene, explaining what is important when everything is clean, that there are daily procedures, basic. Basically, of course, it is not right at this age to make the child use some kind of cosmetics.

What are the best baby cosmetics this summer?

I know one thing. If you are going to go to the sea, be sure to buy a good sunscreen for your baby, which you will use from 10.30 am to 4 pm.

Enjoy your sunny mood and thank you very useful for the interview!

Thank you very much for your company. I wish you a warm bright summer that will definitely bring you something fabulous and enjoyable.

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