How To Improve The Skin? 5 Treatments From Yana Laputina

How To Improve The Skin? 5 Treatments From Yana Laputina
How To Improve The Skin? 5 Treatments From Yana Laputina

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Beauty expert Yana Laputina (@yana_laputina) told what procedures will help improve complexion, eliminate age-related changes and


Cellular rejuvenation Regen Lab

Cellular rejuvenation is a great procedure that will help you look 100%. It fights dryness and dehydration, smoothes fine and expression lines. The procedure is based on the introduction of platelet-rich plasma. This allows you to start the process of self-rejuvenation in the body. The procedure must be carried out in courses. On average, we are talking about 2-4 sessions.

Contour plastic with new generation fillers JuvedermVolite

The second option is contour correction with the new generation Juvederm Volite filler, which “holds” the result for up to 9 months. It does not add volume, but significantly improves the hydration, elasticity and texture of the skin. I did the procedure and was very pleased. Fillers are distinguished by good plasticity and are used to improve the condition of even young skin. Direct indications for fillers: dehydration, loss of firmness, uneven color, enlarged pores.

Infrared thermolifting Skin Tyte II

An excellent procedure that allows you to tighten and make the skin firmer and smoother. Its principle is based on the destruction of "old" collagen, which contributes to the formation of new. After the first time you will notice the effect, and after 6-8 sessions it will be simply amazing. The procedure can be carried out both on the face and on the heifer. Indications: skin folds, cellulite, age-related changes, drooping of the eyelids, nasolabial folds, ptosis, crow's feet. This is one of the safest anti-aging techniques that does not imply a long rehabilitation period. The tissue heating temperature does not exceed 42 degrees - this excludes burns and injury.

Ocean Secrets face care with Thalion cosmetics

The procedure is good before an important event or event! It takes place in several stages. First, the specialist performs a relaxing massage to shape the facial contour. In parallel, the skin is nourished with hyaluronic acid. The Ocean Secrets complex is based on ingredients aimed at rejuvenating, tightening and improving complexion. The result is noticeable after the first procedure. But it is better to follow the course. The duration of one procedure is about 90 minutes.


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