Spring! 35 Top Novelties For Fashionable Makeup

Spring! 35 Top Novelties For Fashionable Makeup
Spring! 35 Top Novelties For Fashionable Makeup

Video: Spring! 35 Top Novelties For Fashionable Makeup

Video: Spring! 35 Top Novelties For Fashionable Makeup
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BeautyHack editors and bloggers talk about new eyeshadow palettes, foundations, vinyl lip gloss and more to try this spring.


Mascara Workout 24-Hour Mascara, Clinique

Editor's Choice BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya

The mascara lives up to the name - it can withstand not only jogging and interval training, but also spring showers during the day.

Fans of Clinique mascaras will appreciate the effect: the new product lengthens and adds volume, but at the same time looks very natural, creating the effect "your lashes, only better." The composition contains jojoba oil, which will nourish and soften even the most difficult-to-reach eyelashes, and a convenient thin brush will reach them without any problems.

Price: 1 950 rub.

Palette eyeshadow Miniature Pallete, Sephora

Editor's Choice BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya

Sephora has released three new mini pallets with tasty names - Cookie, Nougat and Donut. The latter is dominated by pink shades, which are very suitable for this time of year. And do not let the prefix "mini" confuse you: the palette has six shades with three different effects - matte, slightly shimmery and shiny, which means that you can make absolutely different images.

The palette is very compact and reliable - a magnet lid saves your bag from pearl scattering, and a cute winking eye beckons to put on all shades at once. By the way, if you are new to eye makeup, look for clues inside the palette - illustrations will clearly show which shades to apply where.

Price: 690 rub.

Beauty box Kama Sutra, Nikonorova

Editor's Choice BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya

We have already written about the magic set for the perfect eyebrow makeup from Tatiana Nikonorova, and now her brand has released the second "volume" - a beauty box with the immodest name of Kama Sutra. In it, with love and care, super-products for face and body skin were collected - from an eyebrow highlighter to chocolate-coconut body oil.

The set includes Arctic Balm Lip Balm from BJARMIA with castor oil and Brow Henna Patch Mask, with which it is impossible not to take a couple of funny selfies. For eyebrow perfectionists, there is a super-resistant Lena Levi pencil, a permanent henna dye for 8 applications, and even a highlighter from Tatiana Nikonorova herself, which turns makeup into a work of art. Mask lovers will also delight - the fabric Deep Water Wrapping Mask for the face contains sea water and useful minerals, and the warming Daily Stream Eye Mask relieves eye strain in 25 minutes and, in general, replaces the spa procedure.

Price: 1 900 rub.

Liquid lipstick Stay Matte Liquid Lip Color, Rimmel

BeautyHack Editor's Choice Daria Sizova

The new lipstick from Rimmel meets all the parameters of a good matte lipstick: it spreads easily, does not dry the skin and lasts a long time on the lips (it firmly withstood the snack and creamy cappuccino). The product can be layered, achieving an intense color - the lipstick does not roll and will evenly leave the lips during the day. And if you apply it in one layer, it will refresh your lip color well and stay with you all day like a tint.

I advise you to moisturize your lips well before applying - the liquid texture instantly hardens and can "flow" into small cracks. I also liked the wide selection of shades - from caramel-nude to rich berry.

Price: about 400 rubles.

Contouring palette with brush, Kiss Professional New York

BeautyHack Editor's Choice Daria Sizova

The first tangible plus of the tool is its versatility. You can put this palette in your cosmetic bag, take it with you on trips or leave it on your desktop so that it is always at hand: a highlighter and highlighted cheekbones can save your makeup in seconds. The product has a powdery texture, it does not "dust" when applied. It is well pigmented, but do not be afraid to apply too much - it is shaded almost "to zero". What is especially valuable is that all shades in the palette are perfectly combined with each other. I mix highlighter and bronzer to achieve a natural tanned skin effect, and the sculptor has the “right” gray tint that doesn't make you look like an aged matryoshka doll.

The highlighter looks great solo on the cheekbones, but I like to apply it under the eyebrow as well - it makes the look wider, and the small shimmer without active glitters allows it to be used above the upper lip. In general, I recommend the palette to both beginners and experienced beauticians!

Price: 1 490 rub.

Long-lasting foundation for face Superstay 24, Maybelline

BeautyHack Editor's Choice Daria Sizova

This season's fashion weeks tell us that matte leather is a thing of the past. But the "lucky ones" with the fatty and combined type, as well as the owners of imperfections, cannot do without dense means. The new product from Maybelline is perfect in this case - it provides an even and matte finish that hides all imperfections and removes oily shine from the face. The product does not look like a dense mask on the face: instead of fantomas at the exit, you will get a girl with even, beautiful skin. A special bonus of this product that everyone will love is its persistence. It lasted 8 hours on me and did not skate by the end of the day. And the effect of natural radiant skin with this tone can be achieved with the help of a highlighter (the best are in our selection).

Price: 470 rub.

Mascara Total Temptation, Maybelline

The choice of the BeautyHack project manager Anastasia Lyagushkina

I'm not looking for lengthening from a perfect mascara - I was lucky with that. But the volume is always welcome, and without the effect of "spider legs", but as natural as possible. The novelty from Maybelline came to my taste: the texture of the mascara is moderately thick - no need to wait until it dries, and the eyelashes become voluminous, but at the same time they look very natural. I also liked the durability - the product did not crumble during the day and was not imprinted on the upper eyelid even after a shower of wet snow.

Price: 509 rub.

Lipstick Color Riche Shine, shade 642 I Woke Up Like This, L'Oréal Paris

Editor's Choice BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya

Every year, with the arrival of spring, matte lipsticks in muted shades want to be replaced with something bright, juicy and, of course, moisturizing. L'Oreal is picking up the vinyl lip gloss trend with Color Riche Shine lipsticks. The brand's global director of makeup, Val Garland, has confirmed that lip gloss paired with a matte foundation will be very relevant this spring.

The nude shade I Woke Up Like This will appeal to those who do not like bright accents on the lips. Lipstick gives the effect of "varnish" without feeling sticky - on the contrary, it seems that the lips are moisturizing balm. Despite the glossy finish, the novelty stays firmly on the lips, and the gloss is replaced by a uniform tint. And the main bonus, which many glossy "brothers" cannot boast of - lipstick does not flow out of the lip contour and is very easy to apply even without a mirror.

Price: 640 rub.

BB-cream Healthy Mix, Bourjois

BeautyHack Editor's Choice Daria Sizova

We all know and love the Healthy Mix line since school. But during this time, the brand has stepped forward, changing the formula of the usual means. The texture is now lighter and the durability is increased.

BB cream is a new product in the collection. He is in no way inferior to his Korean "colleagues", perfectly adjusting to skin color, and the lightest shade is perfect even for snow white. The novelty is good friends with a brush (many products oxidize faster with this method of application and lay unevenly), but I liked to apply it with my fingers more: the light watery texture blends well and masks imperfections for one or two. In addition, the product has a very pleasant finish - not too matte, but giving the face a natural glow from the inside.

Price: 468 rub.

Sponge BeautyBlender Chill, BeautyBlender

Editor's Choice BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya

We love the BeautyBlender drop sponges for their new way of applying foundation - easy, fast and economical. Initially, sponges were only used in professional makeup on set, until Hollywood make-up artist Rea Ann Silva made it an indispensable tool for everyone.

This spring, the brand released a sponge in a new mint color - for all those who miss the sea, greenery and warmth. Its shape is ideal for applying tone to the face, including the most difficult to reach areas - the area under the eyes and the wings of the nose. And you can find out if you are using the sponge correctly here.

Price: 1 699 rub.

Lipstick pencil for lips Sexy Lipstick Pen Velvet, shade Praline, Romanovamakeup

Editor's Choice BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya

We fell in love with Olga Romanova's lipstick pencil for a long time - even before Keti Topuria admitted in an interview for BeautyHack that this tool is always in her cosmetic bag. The makeup artist herself, creating the Sexy Lipstick Pen, wanted to achieve versatility - this is both a pencil with which you can outline the contour, and a delicate matte lipstick, surprisingly long-lasting and not drying out lips.

The Praline shade is a tribute to the 90s, the trends of this era continue to return and find a new interpretation. The cool gray-beige shade is ideal for any type of appearance and, as a bonus, will visually enlarge the lips (due to the neutral undertone) and make the teeth whiter.

Price: 1 400 rub.

Palette shimmering blush Signature Color Shimmer Cubes for Face, Artistry

Editor's Choice BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya

Inside, there are nine shiny cubes with different shades of blush - from sparkling champagne to strawberry candy. Remember your childhood and place the cubes in the manner of "tags" - the combinations are endless. But we advise you to separate the lightest tones from the more saturated ones and use one half as a blush and the other as a delicate skin-brightening highlighter.

Price on request

Lipstories, No Cell Service, Sephora

The choice of the editorial assistant at BeautyHack Karina Ilyasova

If you want to feel like one of the Spice Girls' spices (but more fashionable), feel free to take the new lipstick from Sephora in the shade No Cell Service. You don't expect moisture or reinforced concrete resistance from lipstick of a golden color, but the novelty surprised: when applied, it lay flat and did not roll into the folds of the lips during the day. In addition, the lips remained hydrated, it felt like I had applied a nourishing balm. And let the shade not scare you - in practice it looks discreet and does not turn you into Nefertiti, but allows you to make an interesting accent on the lips.

Price: 527 rub.

Mascara Benefit BADgal BANG !, Benefit

Editor's Choice BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya:

“Mascara from the future” - this is how the brand representatives dubbed the new product. What makes it so innovative? First, a new anti-gravity formula was developed specifically for the mascara, created using aero particles from one of the lightest materials known to science. Secondly, on a flexible brush, you will count (or just take our word for it) 300 tapered bristles that pick up the optimal amount of product and create volume from the first layer. Thanks to it, eyelashes are painted over from all sides from roots to ends - even those whose existence you did not know before. An added bonus is great durability: the mascara doesn't turn you into a panda by the end of the day and honestly retains incredible volume and elongation.

Price: 1 950 rub.

Matte pencil-lipstick Phyto-Lip Twist Mat Tinted Balm, shade Tango, Sisley

Editor's Choice BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya:

Sisley's bright line of tint balms Phyto-Lip Twist in elegant striped packages has been replenished with a matte version - now they have little in common with the classic lip balm, but the formula is still caring. The lipstick is applied in one stroke and does not require layering - high pigmentation allows you to achieve maximum brightness from the first layer. The matte texture does not dry out lips, leaving them smooth and plump thanks to the plant-based ingredients. And an additional advantage of a lipstick pencil over other similar means is a convenient sharp angle of the lead, which helps to perfectly draw the contour of the lips without a pencil.

Price: 3 045 rub.

Palette for contouring Ombre Radiance Palette, shade Belgard, Kiss Professional

Editor's Choice BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya

The palette from Kiss Professional is able to give you everything: radiant skin, delicate blush and light bronze tan. And most importantly, you can adjust the color saturation and hue yourself, armed with a fluffy brush.

In the ombre palette, you will find a highlighter in a natural shade, a bright blush with a shimmer (which can also be used as a radiant top coat), as well as bronzer. For the most daring, we recommend mixing all the tones - you get a peach blush that illuminates the skin.

Price: 1 350 rub.

Eyeshadow Chanel Les 9 Ombres Affresco, Chanel

The choice of BeautyHack blogger and columnist Elvira Chabakauri

In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful eyeshadow palettes that have come out lately! First of all, the colors are remarkably combined in it, and the shadows themselves are of excellent quality. Compact and easy to travel, you can do a lot of different make-ups with it - both completely everyday and bright colors. I hope that we will see 9-ki palettes in the limited collections of Chanel or in the permanent assortment. In the meantime, you can find on sale Chanel Les 9 Ombres Affresco - it is beautiful!

Price: 6 050 rub.

Lip balm Eclat Minute 07 Hot Pink, Clarins

Elvira Chabakauri's choice

Clarins have released two new shades of my favorite color lip balms, Eclat Minute, in their spring collection. And I do not part with both! They have very thin packages that fit into any pocket, a very tasty smell of red berries. And most importantly, they work well as balms, but at the same time they are quite juicy and bright colors. Hot Pink is a warm coral shade that is very refreshing. You can apply even without a mirror!

Price: 1 495 rub.

Lip gloss Holo Lip Gloss, Artdeco

Elvira Chabakauri's choice

Holographic elements in makeup are gaining momentum right now. Fortunately, I also really like this fashion trend: I want to have everything holographic - from a backpack and boots to cheekbones and lips. The novelty from Artdeco came to my taste - yes, I mean their Holo Lip Gloss. The effect is really iridescent and holographic, and not a transparent "blende", as sometimes happens with such means. Looks very beautiful on its own, and with a lip liner, and over lipstick. It shines so that it can be seen from space, and itself looks like a small space on the lips.

Price: RUB 786

Powder Nordic Chic CC Color Correcting Powder, Lumene

Elvira Chabakauri's choice

Lumene recently updated their most famous line of tone products. The famous CC-cream was simply repackaged, but the compact powders were completely renewed. Now they are in a very nice package. And in every shade of powder, there is a small corrective green sector. It is difficult to say whether because of this or not, but the effect, in general, is excellent. It is not completely transparent and not exclusively anchorage. She also has an overlapping ability - if the concealment of the foundation is not enough, the powder will add it. The product also smoothes out the texture of the skin - it looks velvety, but not too powdery and dry. I like to use Nordic Chic CC Color Correcting Powder throughout the day.

Price: 1 140 rub.

Mascara "Super volume and separation", L'Etoile

Elvira Chabakauri's choice

I very rarely like and fit mascara. I have very modest natural data, but I want it all the same all at once! Over time, I realized that the L'Etoile brand often has mascara that suits me. For example, the new Etoile for separating makes lashes neat, a little doll-like and completely clump-free. She has a curved brush, so she curls her eyelashes, which is also always a plus. Does not smudge or crumble! What else do you need from a mascara?

Price: 524 rub.

Primer Beyond Veil, Illamasqua

Elvira Chabakauri's choice

Illamasqua has recently expanded its range of primers with the addition of Hydra Veil and Mattifying to the radiant Beyond Veil. It is in the same royal package - a round volumetric jar, under the lid of which there is also a spoon on a special stand. It is a golden gel with abundant but fine reflective particles. It looks very beautiful on the skin! Immediately after application, it may seem that the face is too "golden", but the effect does not disappear after applying the foundation - the skin begins to shine from the inside, and it always looks very impressive.

Price: 3 399 rub.

Highlighter Mermaid Glow Rainbow Highlighter, Ciaté London

Elvira Chabakauri's choice

As they say, first of all, it's beautiful. Yes, I bought into the packaging, it lifts my spirits by itself - a beautiful rainbow. I was ready to get a rainbow on my face, play with it for a themed makeup and calm down on that. But no, there is no obvious rainbow, but there is a very soft beautiful glow for every day. This is perhaps even better! It's especially cool that the hue of the highlighter is pretty cool, but without the obvious white or silver, as is often the case.

Price: 2 099 rub.

Primer SOS Primer, Clarins

Elvira Chabakauri's choice

I loved the old Clarins make-up bases too, but I liked the updated SOS Primers even more. There are now six of them for different purposes - some of them are quite universal shining ones, and several with a color correction function. All of them have an excellent, moderately dense creamy texture, without the "silicone" dullness, which I do not like. And there are many ways to use it! It is possible to cover the whole face under the foundation - as a standard base. For me, the Peach shade will completely replace the foundation itself. Coral is good for a healthy complexion and works great when mixed with a drop of foundation before applying. Lavender does a great job if you want to neutralize the yellowness on the face.

Price: 1 855 rub.

Liquid lipsticks Tatouage Couture Matte Stain, Yves Saint Laurent

Elvira Chabakauri's choice

To be honest, until recently it seemed to me that nothing could be better than Armani Lip Magnet and Chanel Rouge Allure Ink. But as soon as I tried YSL Tatouage Couture Matte Stain, I immediately realized that I now have at least three of my favorite liquid lipstick formulas.

YSL Tatouage Couture Matte Stain lays down even thinner, although it seemed that there was nowhere to be thinner. After an hour, you can completely forget that there is lipstick on your lips at all, but it will still be as bright as after application. By the way, the application itself is also very convenient due to the special shape of the applicator. But that's not all - even after eating and wiping off with a napkin, Tatouage Couture Matte Stain leaves a stein for almost the whole day. Therefore, it is not necessary to correct it every time, but for me it is a great rarity.

Price: 3 075 rub.

Shadow pencil Nordic Noir Longwear Eyeshadow Stick, Lumene

Elvira Chabakauri's choice

Who doesn't love the quick makeup eyeshadow pencil format? Probably only those who have not yet discovered and tried it for themselves! I had a month with a lot of trips: the case when I did not even disassemble my travel cosmetic bag just in case. And the Lumene Nordic Noir Longwear Eyeshadow Stick was in it and was very helpful. For a quick eye makeup, you can simply run the stick over the eyelids, blend the borders a little with your finger, and that's it! The shadows are long-lasting, the colors are casual and the quality is excellent. Not a bit worse than similar eyeshadows from more expensive brands that I have tried.

Price: 1 069 rub.

Shimmer Body Lava, Fenty Beauty

Editor's Choice BeautyHack Julia Kozoliy

New from Fenty Beauty is the Body Lava Shimmer, Rihanna's first body care product. For the presentation, the star traditionally chose Instagram, while noticing in stories that she had already practically used her bottle of Body Lava.

The body shimmer went on sale on April 6th. The product will be available in two shades: Brown Sugar and Who need the clothes. Both are super shimmery and resemble the liquid version of the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter, another bestselling brand from the brand.

Price: about 3 800 rubles.

Foundation Le Teint Ultra, Chanel

The choice of the editorial assistant at BeautyHack Karina Ilyasova

The tonal fluid immediately became my favorite among the perfect tone products. It creates the finest coverage that instantly evens out skin tone. My skin is naturally very light and most of the foundations make my face yellow. In the new line, she easily found her perfect shade for snow white. The product lasts all day without causing an oily sheen.

Price: 3 849 rub.

Concealer Le Correcteur De Chanel, Chanel

The choice of the editorial assistant at BeautyHack Karina Ilyasova

The tool managed to surprise me - it is not at all noticeable on the face! Correctors of all colors blend in with the foundation, covering imperfections. With the help of the peach color corrector, I covered the dark circles on the eyes, and the green tint helped me to cope with the small rashes that appeared so inappropriately on my face. The correctors did not get stuck in fine wrinkles and folds on the face. I also tested them on a “naked” face without a tonal base - the pigments did not look like a stain and did an excellent job.

Price: 2 749 rub. (for one remedy)

Foundation mousse Face Fabric, Giorgio Armani

The choice of beauty blogger Veronica Zaborovskaya

Fashion is becoming freer, simpler and more democratic - this trend is smoothly being introduced into luxury decorative brands.

For everyone who grieved that the original Face Fabric tonal mousse was discontinued, there is good news: it's back! The packaging changed from its classic black suit to comfortable jeans, but the formula remained the same (hurray!).

And they also officially brought several additional shades to us - Snow White, rejoice! This tone with a very light coverage is more of a leveling base for the face with a tinted effect in my opinion.

It will not cover pimples or dark circles under the eyes, but it will create the effect of a well-rested person with a natural, natural skin color. People around you may not even guess that you are wearing makeup at all, but you will receive compliments about a healthy complexion from them all the time!

Price: 3 200 rub.

Highlighter Click & Glow, Lancôme

The choice of beauty blogger Veronica Zaborovskaya

The novelty is presented in four shades at once. Choose between gold, bronze, rose gold or pearl pink?

The click-handle packaging allows you to apply makeup on the run, the handy native applicator distributes the product perfectly, but I still love to completely blend the highlighter with my fingertips!

This shining magic wand will take up little space in your cosmetic bag and will always be at hand for a natural glow and freshness!

It remains only to choose a shade, but how to decide here, because each of them is good in its own way! Maybe take 4 at once?

Price: 1 560 rub.

Collection Urban Decay & Kristen Leanne, Urban Decay

The choice of beauty blogger Veronica Zaborovskaya

A very striking collaboration of the Urban Decay brand and the blogger Kristen Leanne, which became popular due to its perky nature and love of bright colors and sparkles!

The collection came out quite large and includes the following products: Kalleidoscope Palette (11 shades of shadows!), Daydream Palette (5 shades of beige and terracotta shadows), Beauty Beam (a palette of 3 shades of highlighters and 3 limited shades of Vice lipstick) …

I literally immediately fell in love with the Daydream Palette - in fact, it's a juicy squeeze of the most wearable colors of the Naked Hot palette!

In second place in my personal rating is a palette of highlighters. Firstly, there are never many of them, and secondly, these are very beautiful shades with fine grinding and a luxurious shimmer in a completely compact package!

If you are a real beautygolic, you should run to the Urban Decay boutique or to the official website right now. As you know, brand limits are always presented in very limited quantities - I sincerely wish to be in time!

Price: palette - from 2,300 rubles, lipsticks - 1,550 rubles.

Palette eyeshadow Capri Eye Shadow Palette, Bobbi Brown

Editor's Choice BeautyHack Natalia Kapitsa

The product has two tangible advantages that make it ideal: excellent pigmentation of the eyeshadows, which are easy to blend, and also the saturation and variety of shades with which you can create both light daytime and bright evening makeup. With a powdery dark blue shade, you can create unusual smoky eyes and emphasize the depth of the eye color. Apply light, creamy eyeshadow to the corners for a more open look.

Price: 5 900 rub.

Eyeliner Dual-Ended Long-Wear Liquid Liner, Bobbi Brown

Choice of BeautyHack Editor-in-Chief Karina Andreeva

The product has a very convenient applicator - a thin brush that even a beginner can handle. It allows you to vary the thickness of the line - with it you will get both wide "cat" arrows, and a thin line that will emphasize the eyelash contour and make the look expressive

Price: 2 930 rub.

Liquid highlighter All Over Glow, Bobbi Brown

Choice of BeautyHack Editor-in-Chief Karina Andreeva

The product has a very light texture that allows the highlighter to be layered for both intense shine and subtle shine. Its special property is reflective particles, which give the skin a very natural shimmer. It's all about squalane, which is part of the highlighter, and is also 100% compatible with the skin. And for the most natural result, mix a drop of foundation with foundation and apply all over your face - skin will glow from the inside out.

Price: 3 370 rub.

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