The Choice Of Makeup Artists: 50 Bestsellers To Try At Least Once

The Choice Of Makeup Artists: 50 Bestsellers To Try At Least Once
The Choice Of Makeup Artists: 50 Bestsellers To Try At Least Once
Video: The Choice Of Makeup Artists: 50 Bestsellers To Try At Least Once
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Legendary care products, foundations, mascaras, shadows and lipsticks - in the BeautyHack selection!


Elena Motinova's choice:

Serum Advanced Night Repair, Estée Lauder

“In a brown jar with a dropper - an indispensable serum, I use it before every make-up. An iconic product from Estée Lauder, she has a whole fan club. The composition contains hyaluronic acid, which every skin needs (even if you are very young). Under its influence, our cells are not destroyed and are restored all night long. Hyaluronic acid attracts moisture like a magnet - the skin's protective barrier is strengthened. I advise you to apply Advanced Night Repair day and night.

The slogan "Estée Lauder can't help you sleep, but pretend you have a great rest" - definitely about Advanced Night Repair."

Foundation Double Wear, Estée Lauder

“The Double Wear glass bottle is my main backstage assistant. The product does not spoil the skin, lasts 24 hours and is easily shaded to a very thin layer. The Double Wear foundation is universal - suitable for every girl, regardless of skin type and color. Now in Russia there are 12 shades available, adapted for our girls - we took this choice very carefully! Even for pale skin, there are several options for you to find "yours". The most popular shade is Ecru, there is a delicate Pure Beige and Ivory Nude."

Andrey Shilkov's choice:

Shining base for makeup Touche Eclat Blur Primer, YSL

“I work with a lot of makeup, but I can still highlight a few must-haves that you can just go out and buy with your eyes closed. In addition to foundations and mascara, I always have primers, lipsticks, blush and highlighters in my case - nowhere without them! Favorite Highlighter - Touche Eclat Blur Primer, YSL

The highlighter on the cheekbones will look spectacular and natural if you do not apply tone to this part of the face. Usually, girls correct the entire face, but as a rule, there are no imperfections in the cheekbones, so use a creamy highlighter on clean skin. I am for naturalness!"

Lipstick Retro Matte Ruby Woo, M.A.C

“If we talk about the inexplicably beautiful red, this is it. The classic Ruby Woo that I worked with for a long time, and then it suddenly became widespread."

100 Urban Decay Lipsticks

“The Urban Decay brand just 'made' everyone! Released 100 fantastic lipsticks for all occasions, and of course they are in my case. I even helped the company translate the names of the shades - it is very difficult to find precise definitions. Imagine you have 20 shades of beige, and each of them needs to be given a name! The task was to choose the right synonym for the shade: ash-pink, or pink-peach, or beige-brown. It was very interesting, and the lipsticks themselves are cool and of excellent quality, feel free to choose any."

The choice of Svetlana Grebenkova:

Base under the shadow Eye Shadow Primer Potion Original, Urban Decay

“I love it for its versatility. I have never come across a tool that, on this basis, would not be shaded well. The base is completely invisible on the eyelids, it is easy to apply, dries quickly and really keeps the eyeshadow all day long."

Tim Leo's Choice:

Foundation Luminous Silk, Giorgio Armani

“Luminous Silk is loved by all makeup artists - a universal foundation suitable for all skin types. It is like a fluid: it creates a velvet coating that is invisible on the face (it contains elastic transparent Micro-fil spheres). At the same time, it evens out the tone well, masks the flaws."

Eyebrow gel Art-Visage

"A budget transparent gel that does not leave white marks on the eyebrows, but fixes securely."

Lipsticks Lip Color, Tom Ford

“I was surprised by their melting, velvety-powdery texture, which I have never seen anywhere else. It contains exotic Muru-Muru oil from Brazil and chamomile flower oil. The pigments are persistent, after a while they become matte on the lips. To restore the creamy effect, I put a balm on top of the lipstick."

Highlighter Cream Color Base, shades Luna and Pearl, M.A.C

“I love the Luna shade because it's white, making it the perfect highlighter for fair-skinned girls. It is loved by photographers for the "correct" glow. Shade Pearl - golden, will accentuate the tan."

Sergei Naumov's choice:

Hydrant Riche Cream, Embryolisse

“The most common tool among makeup artists is to use it instead of a primer. It not only tightens pores and evens out the tone, but also prevents any foundation from drying out the skin. It contains sweet almond oil, beeswax and vitamins A and E. I like the fact that after it the foundation does not creep."

The choice of Natalia Vlasova:

Patches Hydro-Gel Eye Patch Gold By Natalia Vlasova, Mosmake

“There are a million patches on the market - gel, fabric, thick, thin And I created my own - perfect. Even my husband uses them - many men, by the way, are friends with this type of care. You don't need to do anything, glued it for a few minutes, took it off, and the effect is instant. My hydrogel patches are made from natural rubber. They should be comfortable, snug against your skin so you can move, like making breakfast, for example, or dyeing your eyelashes. If the patches are too thick, they do not adhere well to the skin. Too thin - not moisturizing enough.

The most important thing is the composition. The richer it is, the more nourished and hydrated your skin is. And if there is still gold in the list of ingredients, as in Mosmake patches, then the tool works as a highlighter. The skin under the eyes will be as if "highlighted", this is especially noticeable in the summer in the sun ", - Natalia Vlasova.

“These patches on the plane are used by the whole team when we fly to the shooting. They can be glued not only under the eyes, but all over the face. Calm, nourish, moisturize. And during the shooting I wear them even over the foundation - in 15-20 minutes they refresh the look, the skin around the eyes is well-groomed. Once I recommended them to Philip Kirkorov - he still uses them! " - Olga Charandaeva.

Lime Crime Lipsticks

“Lime Crime are the leaders among lipsticks. By the way, they are universal - there are shades that are good not only on the lips, but also as an eye shadow or even a highlighter."

NARS Lipstick, Red Square

“I can't help but mention the perfect red with the patriotic name Red Square. Like all NARS lipsticks, it is comfortable on the lips, while at the same time long-lasting, creating a matte finish. I think that such a red can be used every day - as a bright accent of natural make-up."

The choice of Ekaterina Ponomareva:

Moisturizing cream with the effect of radiance Strobe Cream, M.A.C

“My favorite moisturizer! Its composition has not changed since 2000, because it is perfect: the grape extract brightens the skin, and the particles of mother-of-pearl visually smooth the surface and give a natural glow. Strobe Cream is suitable for all skin types, which is why it is so convenient to use backstage with dozens of models."

Foundation for face and body Face & Body Foundation, M.A.C

“Favorite cream of makeup artists behind the scenes of Fashion Weeks. Face & Body has a water base, which makes it easy to apply with your fingers. The coating is thin but durable, and the texture is like a satin fabric. Face & Body should be known to every beautician - this foundation does not dry the skin, lays flat, does not require adjustment during the day and is barely felt."

Liquidlast Liner, M.A.C

“For the last four months I haven't spent a day without arrows! The thing is, I found the perfect eyeliner. My find is a very thin eyeliner with a soft fleecy "ponytail" Liquidlast Liner, M.A.C. It is easy to maneuver along the eyelid, the brush drops gently, the eyelid does not need to be pulled out for even application. Resistant: does not smudge or spread even if accidentally touched. I fell in love!"

Matte lipsticks Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick, M.A.C

“The coating is matte and resistant - the look is preserved for 8 hours. The secret of this famous liquid Retro Matte matte effect is in the clay particles. The color on the lips is the same as on the lipstick lid - rich and bright. Retro Matte never spreads, you can eat, drink and laugh. The leaf-shaped applicator applies the lipstick evenly and smoothly."

Ernest Muntaniol's choice:

Foundation Vitalumiere Aqua, Chanel

“The best way to refresh makeup is a well-chosen foundation - if you renew it after a couple of hours, you will not get the effect of plaster on your face. This cream contains a lot of water.Gives a semi-matte, semi-luminous finish and blends well. Remember: the more water in the formula, the better for dry skin - the cream will not accentuate peeling. This is important for our region and climate”.

Blush Joues Contraste, Chanel

“Blush is an indicator of health, so it is always important in makeup. This is a compact baked blush. Non-matte - contains radiant particles that refresh the face. The pigment seems to stick into the skin, it glows from the inside and looks rested."

Set for eyebrow makeup Sourcils De Chanel, Chanel

“Translucent coating - sets off the shape of the eyebrows, not changing it, but emphasizing it. The right range of products - grayish shades of eyeshadows look natural. The color of the eyebrows is matched to the natural shade of the hair, even if yours is dyed. You must preserve the harmony that nature invented. Remember, blondes have a weird brown eyebrow."

Mascara Le Volume, Chanel

“Perfectly layering - when you need to renew your makeup after 6 hours, you don't have to wash off the mascara. If I need to slightly emphasize the lashes, I apply in one layer. If you need to make them very expressive - in several.

Delicately works with each type of eyelash - if it is long and liquid, it will not make three sticks sticking together from them, but will gently separate and give volume.

When it was presented two years ago, we had a session for journalists - everyone was testing ink. Applied to only one eye to show the difference. My task was to distribute the mascara with the exact brush that Le Volume has, not with a brush. About 22 people passed the test, everyone has different eyelashes, but the product worked for everyone. I also like it when the mascara dries up a little - a week or two after the start of use."

Choice of Alexandra Kirienko:

Magic Cream, Charlotte Tilbury

“The thick white cream prepares the skin well for make-up, absorbs quickly and evens out the tone. It contains extracts of Damask rose and aloe vera for moisturizing. My sister Lena often flies, the skin dries up, but this product quickly gives the face a well-groomed and rested look."

Foundation Double Wear Light, Estée Lauder

“I recommend this product to clients with combination and oily skin. Mattifies, hides imperfections and gives a slight lifting effect. Light in texture - I wear it in the summer.

But for dry skin it is not suitable: it can emphasize peeling. Very persistent - lasts up to 15 hours."

Palette Instant Look in A Palette, Charlotte Tilbury

“Charlotte Tilbury's Instant Look in A Palette features bronzer, blush, eyeshadow and highlighter. Bronzer of a very correct shade - make-up looks natural with it. Apply a highlighter on top of it - they go well with each other.

There are two shades of blush in the palette - warm (for brunettes) and cold (for blondes). They can also be mixed with each other.

Use a large fluffy brush to apply blush, highlighter and bronzer to blend like a professional makeup artist."

Eyebrow pomade DipBrow, Anastasia Beverly Hills

“I love Anastasia Beverly Hills' DipBrow lipstick: very long-wearing and available in a wide range of shades - you will definitely find yours.”

Shadow Color For Eyes, Tom Ford

“The eyeshadows have excellent durability - they were applied to the eyelids and forgotten until the evening. Give a slightly damp shimmer.

I love all shades of Tom Ford cream eyeshadow, but especially Platinum (01)! Versatile - suitable for blondes and brunettes, both for daytime and evening make-up (in the second case, apply in a thick layer). If you don't have an eyeshadow brush on hand, feel free to apply the pigment with your fingers - it will turn out smoothly and neatly. I also recommend using them as a substrate for dry eyeshadows - they will not let them crumble. Remove with a two-phase cleanser."

Mascara Cabaret, Vivienne Sabo

“In my case, this is one of the inexpensive and favorite products. I love mascara because it is very flexible. I buy 5-6 pieces at once. It lengthens the eyelashes and gives them volume."

Alena Moiseeva's choice:

Highlighter Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured, Becca

“I have my favorite dry highlighters, but for the effect of wet skin I prefer liquid ones. My favorites are Becca. My favorite is the creamy Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured with the finest shimmery particles.As a part of vitamins A, B, D and E - they help the skin to retain moisture."

Choice of Yuri Stolyarov:

Cleansing brush Mia 2, Clarisonic

“A device that every girl should have. I believe that this brush can be used every day - it perfectly solves the problem of flaking, cleanses the pores and makes the skin smooth. Works in tandem with any gel or face wash without absorbing particles."

Mascara Great Lash Blackest Black, Maybelline New York

“Legendary mascara, loved by many makeup artists, you will definitely see it at fashion shows. What's the secret? It's just mascara. Often we need just such an effect - natural eyelashes, well colored, without excess volume and lengthening. For such purposes, there is nothing better than this classic remedy. By the way, you can buy different brushes and experiment with this mascara."

Choice of Olga Charandaeva:

Sponge Beautyblender

“I love it very much! These sponges are not only for the face, but also for the body. I distribute the cream on the décolleté and neck with a large black and flat - it lays down evenly and in a dense layer. And for the average, it is convenient to apply foundation and others in creamy textures on the face."

Makeup base The Pore Professional, Benefit

“The Vitamin E base delivers on its promise: tightens pores and evens out tone. There are no oils in the composition - the foundation does not roll off after it.

Blush Orgasm, Nars

“I love both dry and creamy sticks (the latter for a more natural effect). This product in the shade Orgasm has the most correct combination of rose gold - the blush turns out to be natural, without red spots and streaks. Apply dry with a large fluffy brush."

Irina Mitroshkina's choice:

Eyeshadow Palette Naked, Urban Decay

“This is a versatile palette that you can safely rely on - among the 12 shades you will always find those that will be appropriate for both daytime and evening looks. They are "eternal" - they can last more than a day (especially if applied to the brand base). Available in several textures: matte, satin, shimmery and sparkling."

Cream eyeliner Pro Longwear Fluidline, Blacktrack, M.A.C

“For black arrows, it is always used. The cream pigment is instantly fixed. For thin arrows, use a small beveled brush. If necessary, it can be used as a shadow - shades well, ideal for smoky eyes."

Marina Roy's Choice:

Invisible Brow Gel Ready, Set, Brow !, Benefit

“Fashionable girls choose natural eyebrows. For eyebrow makeup, I blend shadows and a pencil, apply Ready, Set, Brow! Gel on top. It is transparent and covers the hairs with a shiny glaze. The feeling of healthy volumetric eyebrows is created."

Concealer Double Wear, Estée Lauder

“It is a dense and pigmented concealer, but it looks natural with a slightly rosy undertone that gives the skin a glow and a refreshing look. My Trick: I never apply concealer to the outer corners of my eyes, where mimic wrinkles are present. A normal tone is sufficient for this zone."

Alena Moiseeva's choice:

Concealer Traceless Foundation, Tom Ford

“Thin, glossy in texture. Perfectly fits even on the driest skin and removes flaking. A light shining finish appears. It includes an SPF-15 filter”.

Cream eyeshadow Color Tattoo, Maybelline New York

“I am of the opinion that cream eyeshadow sticks better than dry ones. These are so waterproof you can even swim with them! Every top makeup artist in the world has it in her cosmetic bag (I checked it with American, Korean, and many European make-up artists). Easy to apply with your fingers and give a rich pigment from the first layer - that's why they are loved."

Olga Romanova's choice:

Foundation Le Teint Touchе Eclat, YSL

"This foundation is very easy to apply and blend with a brush, the coverage is perfect - the skin immediately takes on a rested look, and the product copes with imperfections at once."

Elena Krygina's choice:

Mascara High Impact Mascara, Clinique

“This is a super mascara that was a discovery for me. Versatile, suitable for allergy sufferers, easy to rinse off, does not sting the eyes, does not leave dark circles, does not crumble, gives enough volume and color. Ideal for everyday make-up."

Blush Dandelion, Benefit

“Blush completes my daily makeup. Recently I have been using dry Benefit.As with the concealer, creamy textures are more suitable for professional make-up, and I advise ordinary girls to stick to dry blush. Benefit look very natural - apply to the apples of your cheeks with a fluffy brush, barely touching the skin."

Mascara Volume Million Lashes Feline, L'Oreal Paris

“Of the products that are widely represented and that are easy to find in any store, I would single out this mascara. She's just great - classic, comfortable, deep black."

Victoria Moiseeva's choice:

Pencils for eyes Glide-On Eye Pencil 24/7, Urban Decay

“Germany is a leader in long-lasting eyeliner products. Creamy in texture, does not injure delicate mucous membranes, is easy to apply and does not roll off. There are 39 shades in the collection - for every taste and color. Suitable for both bottom and top eyeliners."

Palette for contouring Pro Sculpting Palette, Make Up For Ever

“Russian girls are perfect in a cool 20 shade. The gel-like, translucent texture is perfect for wearable contouring. All pigments are oil-based, easy to apply and blend even with your fingers. The bronzer is not too reddish - it will adapt well to the skin tone and accentuate the cheekbones.

Nicky Kislyak's choice:

Micellar water Sensibio H2O, Bioderma

“Both for work and for myself, I really love the micellar water Sensibio H2O, Bioderma. It perfectly cleanses and slightly moisturizes the skin. If the skin is very dry, it smoothes the scales. It can be used both in the evening to remove makeup and in the morning before applying the tone."

Polina Pleshkova's choice:

Superbalanced foundation for combination skin Superbalanced Makeup, Clinique

“This foundation has been available since 1968 (since the creation of the Clinique brand), and everyone still loves it. The tone has a light texture of medium density - it fits perfectly on any skin, masking imperfections and giving it a natural glow "from the inside". Looks like a second skin and is completely invisible.

Superbalanced Makeup is a smart tool. The foundation is able to control the oily sheen in the T-zone and moisturize those areas of the face that need it. I apply sometimes with a brush, sometimes with the pads of my fingers, in any case it is applied and distributed very easily."

Cream shadow stick Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes, Clinique

“I always carry this creamy shadow pencil from the Chubby family with me. They are easy to use on the road - I apply them with a stick on the eyelid and blend with the pads of my fingers.

Use for beautiful fast smokey in mono or as a long lasting base under dry eyeshadow. Also, light shades look great on the skin as a highlighter, for example, the shade of champagne Grandest Gold."

Anna Merkusheva's choice:

Artist Rouge Matte Lipstick, Make Up For Ever

“I'm a fan of the Artist Rouge line of matte lipsticks. 10 hours on the lips, intense color (just like on the lid) and a beautiful palette of tones. I always have one of my favorite shades in my purse: Hollywood Red M401 Hot Red and Perfect Pink M200 Powder Pink. Choose your Artist Rouge color according to your mood! Pink, fuchsia, maroon, purple I assure clients that every shade suits them! You just need to imagine whether he will "sing" with your clothes."

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