The Choice Of Makeup Artists: 25 Holiday Effect Products

The Choice Of Makeup Artists: 25 Holiday Effect Products
The Choice Of Makeup Artists: 25 Holiday Effect Products
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Skin radiance, fresh look, natural glow - how to achieve a rested look without a two week vacation?


Ernest Muntaniol's choice:

Foundation Vitalumiere Aqua, Chanel

“The best way to refresh makeup is a well-chosen foundation - renewing it after a couple of hours, you will not get the plaster effect on your face. This cream contains a lot of water. Gives a semi-matte, semi-luminous finish and blends well. Remember: the more water in the formula, the better for dry skin - the cream will not accentuate peeling. This is important for our region and climate”.

Blush Joues Contraste, Chanel

“Blush is an indicator of health, so it is always important in makeup. This is a compact baked blush. Non-matte - contains radiant particles that refresh the face. The pigment seems to stick into the skin, it glows from the inside and looks rested."

Olga Fox's choice:

Stick Oil Prep + Prime, M.A.C

“The oil in the M.A.C stick works great on dry areas of your skin. I use it as an addition to my daily care and as a natural highlighter. The skin looks radiant from the inside."

Cream blush for lips and cheekbones Genuine Glow, Estée Lauder

“I love shining blush - this stick was my discovery. The blush is unusual - with particles of highlighter and caring balm. The effect of a healthy glow of the skin is obtained. It is shaded softly and gently, giving an "inner" glow to the cheeks and cheekbones.

The texture is creamy, quite oily. Don't be alarmed - the stick is suitable for all skin types. When you distribute Genuine Glow on your face, the product ceases to be mobile and does not accentuate the oily sheen."

Bronzers Terracotta, Guerlain and Pro Bronze Fusion, Make Up For Ever

“Bronzers instantly create a rested look. Warms your skin tone and brightens it well. Matte or radiant - choose according to your mood. The matte texture slightly sculpts the face and adjusts its shape. Shining bronzer will look amazing in the sun. What you need in anticipation of the summer!"

Elena Motinova's choice:

Serum Advanced Night Repair, Estée Lauder

“In a brown jar with a dropper - an indispensable serum, I use it before every make-up. An iconic product from Estée Lauder, she has a whole fan club. The composition contains hyaluronic acid, which every skin needs (even if you are very young). Under its influence, our cells are not destroyed and are restored all night long. Hyaluronic acid attracts moisture like a magnet - the skin's protective barrier is strengthened. I advise you to apply Advanced Night Repair day and night.

The slogan "Estée Lauder can't help you sleep, but pretend you have a great rest" - definitely about Advanced Night Repair."

Concealer Double Wear BB Glow, Estée Lauder

“You shouldn't think that a good foundation will cope with all the shortcomings. Every cosmetic bag must have a "magic" concealer! My favorite is Double Wear BB Glow, Esteé Lauder (from the shimmery golden packaging to the healthy glow that it masterfully delivers). Double Wear BB Glow reliably covers wrinkles and bruises under the eyes (even after parties until the morning). A must-have for redness skin - first sweep concealer over problem areas, then apply a thin layer of your favorite foundation.

Why is Double Wear BB Glow Concealer indispensable? A small bottle washes away years and helps to look fresh despite the time - that's all for me!"

Lipstick Love Pure Color, Estée Lauder

“You don't need bright and saturated textures - it's time to turn to translucent shades. Delicate coral and peach will refresh any face. Lipsticks Love Pure Color, Estée Lauder contain pomegranate, assai and mango oils."

Sergei Naumov's choice:

Shadows Aqua Matic Waterproof Glide-On Eye Shadow, Make Up For Ever

“The stick can be used as eye shadow and as an eyeliner. One of the most water-resistant pigments - you can even swim with it. A wide range - from nude to green. Dream of professionals."

Andrey Shilkov's choice:

Primer with the effect of shine Touche Eclat Blur Primer, YSL

“The primer has won the hearts of my clients forever.Not only is it beautiful, but also with gold, and it works for 100%! It is a transparent gel that improves the appearance of the skin. The product creates an effect of noble radiance and prolongs the life of the make-up.

Choice of Olga Charandaeva:

Blush Orgasm, Nars

“I love both dry and creamy sticks (the latter for a more natural effect). This product in the shade Orgasm has the most correct combination of rose gold - the blush turns out to be natural, without red spots and streaks. Apply dry with a large fluffy brush."

Highlighter The Multiple Stick, Copacabana, Nars

Another creamy must-have for strobing! I use this multifunctional product as a highlighter (it is understood that it also works as lipstick and shadows) and apply to the protruding parts of the face after the foundation. The face is instantly refreshed and looks healthy. Try spreading over the lids instead of eyeshadow and adding black eyeliner - a great idea for a daytime makeup.

Due, Iridina eye drops

“I always bring this remedy from Italy. A couple of drops - and the look is fresh again, even after sleepless nights and a few make-up images. Suitable for lens wearers."

The choice of Natalia Vlasova:

Mosmake eye patches

“There are a million patches on the market: gel, fabric, thick, thin And I created my own - perfect. Even my husband uses them. Many men, by the way, are friends with this type of care - nothing needs to be done, glued for a few minutes, removed, and the effect is instant.

My hydrogel patches are made from natural rubber. They should be comfortable, close to your skin so that you can move (making breakfast, for example, or dyeing your eyelashes). If the patches are too thick, they do not adhere well to the skin. Too thin - not moisturizing enough.

The most important thing is the composition. The richer it is, the more nourished and hydrated your skin is. And if there is still gold in the list of ingredients, as in Mosmake patches, then the tool works like a highlighter. The skin under the eyes will be as if "highlighted", this is especially noticeable in the summer in the sun."

The choice of Ekaterina Ponomareva:

Moisturizing cream with the effect of radiance Strobe Cream, M.A.C

“My favorite moisturizer! Its composition has not changed since 2000, because it is perfect: the grape extract brightens the skin, and the particles of mother-of-pearl visually smooth the surface and give a natural glow. Strobe Cream is suitable for all skin types."

Liquid foundation for face and body Face & Body Foundation, M.A.C

“A favorite of makeup artists behind the scenes of Fashion Weeks. Face & Body has a water base, which makes it easy to apply with your fingers. The coating is thin but durable and the texture is like a satin fabric. Face & Body should be known to every beautician - this foundation does not dry the skin, lays flat, does not require adjustment during the day and is barely felt."

Lip gloss Plushglass, M.A.C

“Extracts of lemon, pepper and licorice leaves (like in Finnish sweets) make lips plump and youthful. The coating is transparent, nutritious and comfortable. The Plushglass trick is that the volume appears gradually, you will be satisfied with the look of your lips all day."

Tim Leo's Choice:

Concealer paste Erase Paste, Benefit

“If you need a refreshing look, I use Erase Paste, a flexible and rather greasy concealer with reflective particles. Covers dark circles well and comes with a spatula.

Unfortunately, in Russia there are only two light shades, they are not suitable for dark skin."

Anna Merkusheva's choice:

Blush HD Blush, Make Up For Ever

“Cream blush is natural, gentle and simple. They blend easily with the foundation and do not create an additional heavy layer (this is what dry blush "sin" about). Choose a shade of creamy blush to match your lipstick. There are no rules here (sometimes “cold” lipstick looks great with “warm” tones on the face) - feel which combination suits you today and experiment! My favorites are the cool pink HD Blush 210 and the warmer tone HD Blush 215."

Choice of Alexandra Kirienko:

Palette Instant Look in A Palette, Charlotte Tilbury

“The palette contains bronzer, blush, shadows and highlighter. Bronzer of a very correct shade - make-up looks natural with it. Apply a highlighter on top of it - they go well with each other.

Two shades of blush - warm (for brunettes) and cold (for blondes). They can be mixed with each other.

Use a large fluffy brush to apply blush, highlighter and bronzer to blend like a professional makeup artist."

Alena Moiseeva's choice:

Foundation Luminous Silk, Giorgio Armani

“Universal texture - I love it for the perfect balance of density and illuminating particles in the composition. The shine is matte. Non-drying and easy to apply. I recommend it for combination skin."

Body cream Senza Calze, Venus

“These are liquid tights, but can be used all over the body. I always take it with me to the shooting - after it my skin looks well-groomed and luxurious - there is a natural bronze glow effect”.

Irina Mitroshkina's choice:

Eyeliner 24/7, Urban Decay

“I use it for 'tropical' smoky eyes - what I call 'no makeup' (daytime variation). It turns out not matte and dark, but rather transparent. This pencil is creamy in texture - it is easy to apply to both the upper eyelid and the lower mucous membrane. Very tough - can last all day."

Olga Romanova's choice:

Shine Pure Color Envy, 170 Potent Petal, Estée Lauder

“At one time lip glosses went out of fashion, but now they are back again! My favorite shine for everyday use - in such a nice pink shade, very refreshing."

Lip Color, 01 Spanish Pink, Tom Ford

“The subtle creamy shade of the classic Lip Color is one of my favorites. Once he settled in my cosmetic bag and "registered" for a long time. These colors suit almost everyone - they are quite neutral, refresh the image and are ideal for everyday make-up."

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