Top 6 Plastic Surgeries In

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Top 6 Plastic Surgeries In
Top 6 Plastic Surgeries In

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Plastic surgeon Maxim Nesterenko told what was in trend and why.


New Year 2020 is coming! Every year there is an increase in the interest of people - both women and men - in their appearance. Beauty becomes a real expression of success in life, and aesthetic plastic surgery helps us to achieve the desired contours and shapes of the body and face. In the outgoing 2019, a number of plastic surgeries remained the most in demand. If we talk about aesthetic plastic surgery, then there are at least 6 main top plastic surgeries.

1. Mammoplasty

Almost every third girl is unhappy with her breasts. Someone seems to be too small, others do not like the shape, sagging, especially after breastfeeding. Therefore, breast plastic surgeries for many years, and 2019 was no exception, remain the leading ones in demand among patients.

2. Rhinoplasty

Both women and men dream of correcting nose imperfections. In men, this desire often arises after sports injuries, road accidents, that is, lies in the plane of reconstructive surgery, but girls and women just want to make their nose more perfect. Rhinoplasty is in second place in terms of demand among plastic surgeries.

3. Blepharoplasty

Eyelid correction is also of interest to both women and men. Usually people over 35-40 years old resort to this procedure, who want to eliminate the effect of "heavy eyelids" and bags under the eyes. And the face immediately becomes younger and fresher. In 2019, blepharoplasty was still in trend and there is no reason to believe that the New Year will change this trend.

4. Liposuction and abdominoplasty

Surgeries to remove excess fat deposits in the abdomen, buttocks, and groin area occupy an honorable fourth place in demand among Russian women. I would like to note that in 2019, more and more men resorted to liposuction of the abdomen, who see this as a quick way to improve their appearance without heavy training and exhausting diets.

5. Gluteoplasty

The growing popularity of "Brazilian shapes" prompts many girls and women to seek the help of a plastic surgeon for buttocks augmentation and giving them the perfect shape. Most often, such an operation is carried out through the introduction of implants, but then the girl becomes the real queen of the beach or pool, and on the street, men's views do not leave her for a second.

6. Facelift

A facelift also remains among the most demanded plastic surgeries. In 2019, many patients turned to plastic surgeons across the country to have their face lifted using the most modern technologies. In addition, intimate plastics, otoplasty (changes in the shape of the ears) and so on remained in demand. There is no doubt that the same trends will generally continue in the coming 2020.

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