A Bright Careerist Who Dreams Of A Family. What Is She Like A Typical Resident Of Krasnodar?

A Bright Careerist Who Dreams Of A Family. What Is She Like A Typical Resident Of Krasnodar?
A Bright Careerist Who Dreams Of A Family. What Is She Like A Typical Resident Of Krasnodar?

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Children and

patriarchy About how the image of the Kuban woman was formed, that

formed the basis of her character, one cannot reason without an excursion into the past.

The Kuban woman can be characterized by epithets: stately, loyal, proud. AND

she carries this image throughout the history of the Cossacks. After the Caucasian War

a type of woman has formed, capable of replacing a man both in housework and in

army. Then there was even a mass defense tactic.

stanitsas by the female population. Many facts of the participation of the Cossacks in

open competitions in horse riding and horse riding and even participation in hand-to-hand

battles. Historian Vitaly Bondar told what they were

Krasnodar women in the late 70s - mid 80s of the last century. - The keepers of the hearth. The families were strictly

patriarchal way of life. The women who lived in the city center worked for

factories, and on the outskirts (Dubinka, Pokrovka, the village of Kalinino) there were many

housewives who were engaged in children and agriculture. There were also women intellectuals who actively led

community service. But they met less often. - As for the present day, it is very difficult to single out

some characteristic features of a local woman. In Russia over the past decade

the demographic situation has radically changed, a variety of types have mixed

thinking, behavior, lifestyle. In addition, in Krasnodar every year more and more

visitors from Siberia, from the Far North, the Far East, so make

a portrait of a typical local woman is difficult,”warned Vitaly Bondar. For figures and facts, we turned to statistics. But!

No response was received. Statisticians are waiting for the population census. Krasnodarstat

provided data that could help us compose a more accurate portrait

residents of the regional center, only for 2010. Now we will also wait for the census! Draw eyebrows and

build a career And yet, some of the character traits of Krasnodar

women can be distinguished. She is not afraid to take responsibility, she loves

their children, relatives and friends. Krasnodar women are ready to work hard so that their children

lived without trouble. This was told by "KI" professor of the Department of Russian History

Kuban State University Svetlana Mints. - To a certain extent, our modern girls and

women are careerists. Today this is the main condition for survival. They are ready

conquer the heights of a career. Although it would be great pleasure to take care of their

family, comfort in the house and devoted more time to children, - says Svetlana

Samuilovna. The modern Krasnodar woman does not forget about

their appearance. Hairdresser, beauty salon, fitness room are required

to visit. - “Beauty shots” are popular among our girls - injections

to rejuvenate the skin of the face, although all over the world women are for natural data and

botox is no longer fashionable. My clients love makeup, paint eyebrows to

look bright, - make-up artist Ekaterina told Krasnodar Izvestia. With their hairstyles, Krasnodar girls still

more interesting. If earlier calm model haircuts were popular, now

beauties are not afraid to experiment. - "And do me something creative!" With such

every second client comes to me with a request. Many people dye their hair in

red, green and other bright colors, shave whiskey, although still among

girls, the bob style is popular, - said Anna, a hairdresser from Krasnodar. Ripped jeans and

tattoos Also, many of our girls dream of having a beautiful

figure, but not everyone wants to work long and hard on it. - I am approached by women who dream of looking

a million.80% of my clients want to lose weight, another 20% are girls with good

physical data that wants to become more fit. At first girls

are actively engaged, but after a couple of months, about half are eliminated. Laziness

Kubanochek wins so far, - the fitness trainer shared her observations

Christina. When it comes to clothing, southern beauties do not choose so much.

noticeable and expressive style. More often they dress very calmly, without frills, but with a slight southern accent. Colored T-shirt, bright bag or backpack with

rhinestones - that's the whole flavor, Krasnodar stylist Anna shares her observations

on your page in Yandex-Zen. According to her, “combat

paint "- almost all girls have light makeup, no frills. "Lipped" ladies

also much less, they mainly pay attention to eyelashes and manicure. - Typical clothes of a young girl: sneakers or sneakers, jeans, a T-shirt and a light jacket. This is how 80% of those I meet on

street. Only the abundance of ripped jeans and an excessive love of tattoos upset, -

Anna shares her opinion. Here is a portrait of a Krasnodar woman for the holiday

"Drawn" by our experts. Do you agree with them or are you ready to argue with something?

Leave your comments on the topic on our social networks. Poll in the topic. "I'd get married!" "KI" talked to the men of the regional capital and

asked a Krasnodar girl to talk about her ideal. Options picked up

variety. Michael, lover of female voices: - I have no ideal, I generally rate a girl by

communication, not appearance. I like a woman's voice more, I can into it

even fall in love! And if a girl speaks in a hoarse, smoky voice, this is me

immediately repel. Ernest, undercover

admirer of the official: - My ideal is Christina! She is a famous Krasnodar

official. Christine is about 30, she has black hair, she is tall, slender and

very very beautiful! She really is my ideal: hardworking, she cooks deliciously, but, unfortunately married. I cannot name her full initials, otherwise I will have

Problems. Igor, fan of virtual beauty: - There is a very beautiful girl under the nickname Radiocat, with

fiery red hair. She comes from Krasnodar, used to teach at a university, and

then she became a web model. Igor, a real film fan: - I really like the actress who plays in "The Matrix", Carey Ann Moss. She fights well and runs on rooftops! It is a pity, in Krasnodar such

no. I would get married.

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