Will They Stop Providing Planned Assistance?

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Will They Stop Providing Planned Assistance?
Will They Stop Providing Planned Assistance?
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Roman Starovoit urged to look at the development of the situation with the spread of coronavirus in the Kursk region in dynamics, without rejecting any of the likely scenarios. `` We haven't reached the peak yet. We need to consider several options for further actions, "- said the head of the region.


Speaking about how the more explosive autumn wave of morbidity differs from the calmer spring one, Deputy Governor Andrei Belostotsky assured that "This time, planned aid will not stop being provided." Recall that it was the impossibility of completing the examination and getting to a planned operation that caused a significant part of the population's dissatisfaction during self-isolation. People reported significantly deteriorating health and worsening diagnoses. What could be cured quickly and at minimal cost turned into serious illnesses for many by the fall. You won't have to close everything this time. Routine assistance will also be provided whenever possible, especially since doctors already have experience in treating coronavirus, they are provided, according to officials, with the necessary PPE and medicines, and therefore can act more calmly in difficult conditions dictated by modern reality.

At the moment, the regional administration is considering the possibility of involving sanatoriums in the aftercare of patients who have at least one negative test for coronavirus. But it is too early to say how soon it will be necessary to turn to this "source". In turn, Roman Starovoit drew attention to the difficulties with the availability of medical personnel. Andrei Belostotsky replied that he knew and was monitoring the situation. According to him, the situation with planned medical care is not easy, in the spring it was closed, some of the workers moved to covid hospitals. Many have expressed a desire to work in covid conditions in order to gain a new unique experience. Now these specialists will be able to return. The second option for attracting personnel is cooperation with KSMU. About 200 people - including senior students - have already expressed a desire to work in the Central Regional Hospital, including in Solntsevo, Fatezh, many are already working in Semashko and do not want to leave. Officials are also attracting a medical college, "we hope to attract about 50 paramedics to new covid hospitals. This will allow opening a maternity hospital," Andrei Belostotsky said.

The situation is difficult, and this is recognized in the House of Soviets. Yesterday at the videoconferencing with Mikhail Murashko, the Minister of Health, several regions have already turned to the military for help in the form of medical personnel, we still have a more stable situation, '' Andrei Belostotsky assured. Roman Starovoit noted that one must be prepared for the migration of medical personnel. Since the neighbors' situation with the incidence in some cases is worse than in our region, we must understand that after some time our health workers may try to lure to work there.

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