Style In The Series "Twin Peaks"

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Style In The Series "Twin Peaks"
Style In The Series "Twin Peaks"

Video: Style In The Series "Twin Peaks"

Video: Style In The Series "Twin Peaks"
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On October 3, 2014 at 11:30 am, identical messages appeared simultaneously on the Twitter accounts of David Lynch and Mark Frost: "Dear friends on Twitter: your favorite gum is back in fashion." The tweet ended with the hashtag #damngoodcoffee. There was no doubt that the new season of "Twin Peaks" would be.

The world premiere will take place on May 21, in Russia - a day later, on May 22, on the TV-3 channel. In total, 18 episodes are promised in the third season - they will not be a remake, but a logical continuation of the first two. In anticipation of the premiere, we recall the highlights that brought the series cult status.

Agent Cooper and alter is Lynch

In 1982, during the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, David Lynch spotted actor Kyle McLachlan playing the role of Romeo. They soon became friends, and after that McLachlan acted more than once as Lynch's alter ego in his films. "Kyle, in both Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks, buttoned up his shirt with all the buttons, because he saw me behind the images of his characters and accordingly dressed like me," - explained Lynch. The director is really always fully buttoned up, since, according to him, he feels insecure with the top button unbuttoned. “Kyle is a lover of small gadgets like some special lighters or knives, like folding knives with a screwdriver and something else. He also makes funny children's faces when he is alone. And all these features of him were very suitable for Cooper. So just being Kyle, he invested a lot in Cooper. He was just born for this role."

Every morning, Agent Cooper brushes her hair smoothly and wears a black, perfectly ironed suit and a beige classic trench coat. There are no additional accessories in his image, except for the constant voice recorder, a cup of coffee and cherry pie.

Femme fatale and tribute to the golden era of Hollywood

And even though the name of Laura Palmer has become a household name, the main female character in the series is still Audrey Horne. As a schoolgirl in the 1990s, Audrey is more of a 1950s femme fatale. Her image is copied from the beauties of the golden era of Hollywood: curved eyebrows, a bright mole, hair styled in a wave, a languid look, a mysterious voice and scarlet boats. The formation of ideas about beauty (including that of women) in Lynch took place, as in the majority, in childhood. In his case, it fell in the 1950s. And all of his female images in every painting invariably return to this era. So Audrey isn't the only femme fatale in Twin Peaks - think of Josie Packard. Even being practically in a deep forest, she is the owner of the perfect manicure and expensive wardrobe. Josie Lynch was inspired by the first Chinese Hollywood star - Anna Mae Wong, best known for the "Shanghai Express". Josie inherited Wong's retro style: sleekly styled hair, long red nails, silk floor-length dresses cut in a slant, a languid manner of smoking, a sad look and a rare smile. Initially, the role of Josie was written for Isabella Rossellini (the mafia, respectively, was not supposed to be the Chinese "Triad", but the Italian "Cosa Nostra"), but after they parted with Lynch, the role passed to actress Joan Chen.

Black wigwam

The Black Lodge (aka the Red Room) is the main calling card of the series. Theatrical burgundy velvet curtains, black and white zigzag chevron on the floor, leather armchairs have become classics and have inspired thousands of artists and designers around the world. In addition, the room contains two significant objects from the point of view of art - the statue of Venus de Medici and the Saturn lamp, created for the 1939 World's Fair in New York. “There are no problems with time. And anything can happen. This is a free zone, completely unpredictable, terribly attractive and scary. It's fantastic to be in a place like this,”describes David Lynch. The mysterious atmosphere, among other things, is supported by a dwarf, a permanent inhabitant of the Black Lodge, who walks and talks in a special way. “In 1971, I asked Alan Splett to write down how I say, 'I want a pencil,' and run it backwards. I learned what it sounds like and Al recorded the reverse version. They turned it over again, and it turned out to be a seemingly normal phrase, only very strange. I was going to use this technique in Eraser Head in a scene at the pencil mill, but it was never removed,”Lynch explained. - When I came up with the Red Room, I remembered this idea as well. And then I decided that the video should also be backwards."

Black coffee and cherry pie

As you know, Lynch is a passionate coffee lover, and it is he who owns the famous phrase "bad coffee is better than none." This passion has been inherited by the people of Twin Peaks - they are fortunate enough to drink "damn good coffee" all year round. The example turned out to be contagious - it was estimated that during the period of the series' release, the amount of coffee consumed by Americans increased dramatically. The director even has a story about the Double R diner: “Previously, the highway ran through the city, and therefore the hostess was doing well. Then they built a bypass road, and there were almost no visitors. The hostess - I think her name was Peggy - was baking at most six pies a day when we arrived. Now, after Twin Peaks, she bakes sixty pies a day. Buses with tourists from Germany, Japan, from everywhere pulled there - and everyone dines there, and then they drink coffee and cherry pie. " Lynch didn't stop there: after the series, he agreed to direct four 30-second commercials for Japanese Georgia coffee and launched his own coffee brand, David Lynch Signature Cup.

The lady with the log

Unfortunately, actress Catherine Coulson, who played the Lady of the Log, did not live to see the release of the third season. And even though her heroine did not appear on the screen so often, fans will forever keep her bright and mysterious image in their hearts. The Log Lady Café was opened for them in the form of logs in Copenhagen.

Soundtrack and badalamenti

Twin Peaks is impossible to imagine without the famous soundtrack, which perfectly reflects the atmosphere of the town and instantly recreates the image of the sawmill, the waterfall and the dead Laura. “I went to Angelo's [Badalamenti] studio office to do Laura's Theme. He asks me: "Tell me what you want." I answer that I'm not sure myself. I begin to tell, he begins to write and strum. I don't remember exactly how it was; I remember saying: "Let's pump it up!" Well, Angelo began to whip up, and what he wrote seemed so wonderful to me that I burst into tears! He looked at me and said: "What are you, a fool?"

Red color

It runs as a red line through the entire series. Continue the list yourself: the Briggs family kitchen, nightclub sofas, tulips in the Hayward house, Dr. Jacoby's tie, Audrey's pumps, Donna's midi skirt, Bobby's T-shirt, Josie Packard's lips, the singer's manicure in a nightclub, Agent Cooper's boxers, One Arm Man shirt, dwarf costume, giant butterfly, Nadine lace collar blouse, Ladies with log glasses


In addition to the black-and-white zigzag, a cell is imperceptibly but actively present in the series. She is preferred by almost all characters - from schoolgirls to lumberjacks. And it seems that it is the cage that we owe to the idea of stereotypical sweaters like from Twin Peaks. In the second season of the series, even Agent Cooper will change his signature black suit for plaid shirts, thereby demonstrating a complete merger with the small town and its inhabitants. “In the second season, Cooper is no longer 100% Cooper. He has this flannel shirt,”Lynch remarked.

Fashion influence

“Twin Peaks” is, as Lynch put it, “favorite gum,” and it’s instantly recognizable. More than one clothing brand played on this. Here are some examples.


Belgian designer Veronique Brancino designed the stand of her men's collection at the Pitti Uomo Florentine fashion show under the Red Room.


Nike has released the Nike SB Dunk High Premium - Twin Peaks series of sneakers.


Californian brand Odilon has created a line of sweaters that read The owls are not what they seem.


Suckers Apparel dedicated a collection to all of the female characters on the show.


Kenzo's Carol Lim and Humberto Leon showed their fall / winter collection with acid zigzags and abstract embroidery inspired by images from the films of David Lynch. The director himself was responsible for the design of the show.

The Spanish brand Titis Clothing has named the fall-winter 2014/2015 collection Evokes the enigmatic atmosphere of Twin Peaks. Before filming the lookbook, the models were given a piece of wood each.

The Japanese BlackWeirdos have released a collection based on the famous zigzag print.


Julie Cruz (the same singer from Twin Peaks) performed songs from the series during the Fall / Winter 2017 show Creatures of The Wind Fashion.

However, not only designers but also art directors of magazines have tender feelings for Twin Peaks. The series was photographed by Australian Vogue (July 2011), American Elle (August 2013) and Vice - twice. We can't even imagine what will happen to the fashion industry after the release of the third season, if for 25 years it has not been able to move away from the impressions of the first two.