Beauty Queens. Each Era Has Its Own Ideals

Beauty Queens. Each Era Has Its Own Ideals
Beauty Queens. Each Era Has Its Own Ideals

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On the eve of the International Day of Beauty, plastic surgeon Igor Livanovsky told Vecherka about how the standards of beauty changed and what its canons are today.


People always make up the first impression in appearance, and then in mind. It is today the fashion for appearance dictated by the media.

Until the 20th century, each country had its own standards of beauty.

For example, in ancient Egypt, women were valued slender, with chiseled features, full lips and large eyes. Ancient China put on a pedestal a small, fragile woman with tiny legs and a whitewashed face. The Greeks cultivated the beauty of the body above all. But during the Middle Ages, beauty was hidden - it was considered a sin.

During the Renaissance, overweight women with broad shoulders were in vogue.

And into our XXI century, sexy athletic girls with full lips, chiseled noses, and hairy eyes have rapidly burst into our 21st century.

But I would advise girls who are chasing beauty to remember that she is just a first impression. And in no way guarantees happiness.


Nikita Mironov, columnist

Undaunted strength

The day after tomorrow, September 9, is the International Day of Beauty. I want to squeak mimi until you find out that the holiday was established at the suggestion of the International Committee of Aesthetics and Cosmetology. To put it quite simply - Beauty Day was lobbied by cosmetics manufacturers.

My purely personal male opinion: beauty and cosmetics are not connected in any way.

For beauty is a gift from God, and cosmetics are covering up acne. And also, it seems to me that beauty is, first of all, energy. I know a dozen fat women around whom men curl like bees over a piece of cake.

Because these bbws are awesome how charming! And also self-confident. None of them are concerned about being "overweight". On the contrary, they love their every kilogram, and men love them.

And I also know many tall, curvy beauties with oiled, full lips the color of overripe cherry. And for some reason they do not curl around them very much.

It seems like a prominent young lady, everything is with her, but men somehow do not pull. Why? But because the energy is zero. Well, do not rush anyone from this "model". Like not rushing from a log that has been lying around for a year at the dacha.

The beauty of a woman, I believe, largely depends on the testosterone level of a man. If a man is "on testosterone", then he likes this one, and this one, and that one …

Well, almost everything for him is beautiful! Wives, of course, are offended, but what to do: a real man is always a womanizer.

In general, ladies, don't worry about beauty.

Love yourself, be simple, smile and are guaranteed to become beauties!

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