Milana Tyulpanova Was Criticized For Plump Lips

Milana Tyulpanova Was Criticized For Plump Lips
Milana Tyulpanova Was Criticized For Plump Lips

Video: Milana Tyulpanova Was Criticized For Plump Lips

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Video: ❁ Big & Plump Lips {VERY POWERFUL} || Powerful Subliminal 2023, January

The 26-year-old model decided to show beautiful makeup, but ran into an ambiguous reaction from subscribers.


Tyulpanova is known as the ex-wife of football player Alexander Kerzhakov, and not only. The girl has numerous admirers of her external data, despite criticism about the repeated use of plastics. However, the latest video posted by the star on Instagram did not like even some of her loyal fans.

In the video, the model demonstrates a skillfully applied make-up. However, it is possible that she applied a filter that further enhances the sculpting effect. One way or another, but many netizens did not appreciate the celebrity makeup. The lips of the girl, which look unnecessarily plump, and the altered nose were criticized.

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Aug 4, 2020 at 1:57 am PDT

Subscribers consider it too much of such changes, which led to the fact that Milan has lost its individuality. In their opinion, the naturally beautiful girl has become like a plastic doll.

However, there were also those who still like Tyulpanova's appearance. Dedicated fans wrote a lot of enthusiastic compliments, in which they praised the professionally made makeup, noted the well-groomed Milana and compared her to a Disney princess.


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