The Rich Turned Into Plastic Dolls

The Rich Turned Into Plastic Dolls
The Rich Turned Into Plastic Dolls

Video: The Rich Turned Into Plastic Dolls

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Video: Rich People Who Turned Themselves Into Plastic 2023, January

Rich people have access to all the benefits, but for some rich people it is not enough to acquire real estate, luxury cars and designer clothes. They regularly visit plastic surgeons and change their appearance beyond recognition. And sometimes these changes are not just excessive, but downright frightening.

1. Vinnie Oh decided to become a sexless creature, like an alien. $ 60,000 brought him closer to his goal.

2. Squeak Fox imitates the cartoon heroine of the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" Jessica Rabbit. For 120,000 dollars, the girl acquired a fantastically thin waist and a prominent bust.

3. Blondie Bennett chose a Barbie doll as her ideal. 10,000 dollars allowed her to change the shape of her breasts, but the woman does not lose hope of finding funds for other transformations. To give herself an artificial look, she constantly resorts to botox and solarium. But Blondie's main goal is to become stupider, because Barbie is just a doll. To do this, Bennett goes to a hypnotherapist.

4. Adam Daniel worships the singer Madonna. But just admiring the idol is not enough for him, he intends to become Madonna. For $ 75,000, the young man acquired an appearance similar to the appearance of a pop diva, and now he earns on this by performing the singer's hits from the stage.

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