Protein Diet And Plenty Of Sun: Jacqueline Kennedy's Beauty Secrets Revealed

Protein Diet And Plenty Of Sun: Jacqueline Kennedy's Beauty Secrets Revealed
Protein Diet And Plenty Of Sun: Jacqueline Kennedy's Beauty Secrets Revealed

Video: Protein Diet And Plenty Of Sun: Jacqueline Kennedy's Beauty Secrets Revealed

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Jacqueline Kennedy entered world history not only as the wife of President John F. Kennedy and the first lady of the United States in the 60s of the last century. One of the most popular women of her time is still considered an icon of style, taste and grace, and many women of fashion are trying to unravel and use her beauty secrets to this day. Jackie's style is inspired by thousands of stylists, referring to the 60s, primarily because of the impeccable Jacqueline and her fashion rules.


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On the Web, the recommendations of the dermatologist Erno Laszlo for Jacqueline Kennedy, which were discovered just the other day in the New York Museum of Makeup, made a lot of noise. These are notes that are dated May 1963 and contain Mrs. Kennedy's personalized beauty program.

It became known, for example, that the president's wife suffered from acne, so the doctor recommended that his patient not apply "more oil or creams than he advised." Allegedly, this way "bumps" will not disappear, and acne will appear again. In addition, sun exposure is among the recommendations of a dermatologist. Aesculapius advised Jacqueline not to hide her face under her hats.

Along with beauty tips in the notes, there are dietary recommendations. For example, the doctor advised Jacqueline to lean on protein and dairy products - eggs for breakfast, beef, cottage cheese and skim milk for lunch, fish for dinner.

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We asked to comment on the recommendations of 1963, which the doctor gave to his eminent patient, expert of the portal, plastic surgeon, dermatologist, cosmetologist Madina Bayramukova.

She noted that, for example, the sun's rays used to actually be recommended for people with acne. “The sun has a bactericidal effect and dries out the skin, reducing the secretion of the sebaceous glands. However, you should not be frivolous about the issue of pigmentation: if it is caused by hormonal reasons, the pigment can be so persistent that it will be very difficult to fight it even in autumn. In addition, lesions on the skin caused by acne are a factor conducive to the appearance of age spots, therefore, for my part, I would be careful not to give such recommendations to the patient,”the expert noted. But cosmetic oils are taboo for the skin of the face, and here Dr. Mrs. Kennedy is absolutely right. “They increase the secretion of the sebaceous glands, which provokes the appearance of acne,” explained Bayramukova. As for the diet for acne, Madina Bayramukova would categorically delete dairy products from the list. “You can leave only fermented milk. The protein casein in milk can trigger acne,”the doctor added. help

Madina Bayramukova - plastic surgeon, dermatologist, cosmetologist, winner of the Grace Prize in the nomination "Best Cosmetologist of 2018", author of a combined technique for sculpting the face, founder of the MaRusMed Medical Center, winner of the People of the Year 2019 award in the nomination "For the best approach to facial sculpting”And The Moscow Life and Business Awards in the“Debut of the Year”nomination in plastic surgery.

Madina Bayramukova. Photo: personal archive

Madina Bayramukova works in two areas: plastic surgery and cosmetology. In 2006 g.graduated from Volgograd Medical University, entered clinical residency with a degree in Dermatovenereology. In parallel with her work as a cosmetologist, Madina entered a clinical residency specializing in Plastic Surgery, which she successfully completed. In 2017, Dr. Bayramukova opened her own MaRusMed clinic in Pyatigorsk and a branch of this clinic in Moscow.

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