7 Common Makeup Mistakes

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7 Common Makeup Mistakes
7 Common Makeup Mistakes

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We live in a world where cosmetics stores occupy more space in shopping centers than accessories stores. There are a million videos on YouTube on how to apply shadows in an original way, on the Internet there are thousands of reviews on special makeup brushes. Do they all need them? The first and, in fact, the main rule of makeup is to do what you like. But some mistakes are really worth avoiding.


1. You use 15 colors

Palettes are a real find for fans of original make-up. How can you see their boxes with brightly pigmented eyeshadows in NYX and hold on? But this variety of colors in the palette is provided for different images, and not because you need to use all the shades at the same time. A palette can be useful for every day, but for a deep or dramatic look, you need no more than three shades. Use dark shadows as a liner, and mix light ones on the eyelid itself.

2. Don't let the eyeliner dry

you are talking with a colleague, and her eyeliner is imprinted in the crease of the eyelid, and you don't know how to say it. Sound familiar? In fact, that colleague is you, if at the time of application you do not sit with your eyes closed for a minute. Think about what eyeliner means, how important symmetry is. How can you spoil it so easily by hurrying to start getting dressed? A great reason to take a moment to collect your thoughts at the same time. By the time you find your inner peace, the liner is already absorbed enough and will not bother you during the day.

3. You use poor lighting

The best scenario is natural light, but if this is not the case, you need to really try and find a good lamp. In low light, we tend to overdo it and can completely forget about the differences in tones on different parts of the skin of the face and neck. Of course, I would like a mirror, like a professional make-up artist, with a bunch of LED bulbs, but even a simple and bright sconce in a convenient place will be enough.

4. Ignore your eyebrows

The eyebrows define all the features of the face, and this part cannot be simply left for later. Often there is only enough time to pluck them, but so that they do not seem too thin, you definitely need to paint over them. Don't make your eyebrows like Elizabeth Taylor - just sketch out their shape.

5. Watching too many tutorials

These lessons drive people crazy. Applying makeup should be fun, not work! And you definitely don't need to buy all the products from the reviews. The makeup we use for the camera is much heavier than what we do for everyday life, and bloggers tend to be super dramatic in general. Yes, makeup tutorials can be helpful, but using hundreds of different brushes and also taking a lot of time to replicate a specific look is not something worth doing every day.

6. Forget about powder



Save your face: when you finish your makeup, you can sprinkle it with a special fixing spray or use a special powder. For example, Givenchy has a wonderful translucent powder that will prolong the life of your eye makeup, while NYX and MAC have a whole palette of fixers - glossy and matte.

7. Don't throw away old mascara

When you ask professional stylists how to avoid the small flakes of mascara that end up under the eyes in a day, they answer one thing: just wipe them off. This is part of life. Mascaras do tend to crumble, and this does not depend on the brand of the manufacturer, but rather on the texture of your lashes. On the other hand, this could mean that they are starting to dry - the normal lifespan of a mascara is about two months. Be sure to change it after this time to avoid infections and inflammation.

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