What Are The Intervals Between Care Steps?

What Are The Intervals Between Care Steps?
What Are The Intervals Between Care Steps?

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Cheek on cheek, that is, serum for tonic, cream for serum, and eye cream for what? And SPF when? And in general, we are confused. Tiina Orasmäe-Meder helps.

“When you apply cosmetics to your skin, there are a few simple rules to follow:

Any funds are used only on cleansed skin. The products must be applied one after the other, moving from lighter and water-soluble to more dense, oil-based. In the event that the product includes sunscreens or pigments, it should be applied last.

There are several opinions regarding whether it is necessary to observe a certain period of time when applying products to the skin - different brands may have a different position on this issue. Some developers believe that each product should be completely absorbed before the next one can be applied. Others suggest applying products in a row without waiting for complete absorption.

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I always recommend using the "full soak" tactic when using products from different lines and brands in your daily or weekly grooming routine. If you have a tonic from one manufacturer, a concentrate from another, and a cream from a third, this is the only way to slightly reduce the risk of developing cross-reactions and allergies or developing skin hypersensitivity. When the agent is completely absorbed, then the next applied after it, with a certain success, will remain in the upper layers and will not interact in any way with the agent applied before.

Is it good? From the point of view of preventing side effects - of course. But from the point of view of maximum efficiency - not very much. It's also good if something light is applied first, which should penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, and then something dense, designed to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. Then we do not expect mutually reinforcing effects. But in cases where a woman uses a soothing and moisturizing toner, a moisturizing and stimulating concentrate, and after that a stimulating cream to prevent aging, she probably wants all these actions to add up? Absorption tactics do not contribute to this, and the interaction of products from different manufacturers can be unpredictable - after all, no one has researched such a combination for safety.

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I always recommend trying to use products from one manufacturer whenever possible and trusting the manufacturers. When developing products in one laboratory, the compatibility of ingredients in different products is always taken into account, technologists try to eliminate the risk of cross-reactions, use the same canning system and other technical ingredients to stabilize the products and create a comfortable texture. In this case, it is quite possible to apply funds one after another without fear of unpleasant side effects.

When I was developing Meder Beauty Science home care products, I followed the principle of being consistent with our professional procedures - cosmetologists follow a special application protocol, which we advise, in an adapted form, to use at home as well.

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We intentionally apply products in succession and do not achieve their complete absorption in order to obtain the synergistic effect ex juvantibus - as pharmacologists say, “in the making”. In fact, when you use several of our products, an individual formula of a product is created on the skin, containing everything you need exactly for you, the ingredients of which mutually reinforce each other's action. After washing, it is enough to blot the skin with a napkin, then generously apply an antioxidant serum, selected depending on the type of skin sensitivity, apply a concentrate according to the type of problem and / or a remedy to compensate for the deficiency of the barrier layer on wet skin from the serum, and complete the treatment with a protective cream.Despite the fact that you use several products, when mixed on the skin, they easily penetrate the target layers and leave the feeling of naked skin - naked skin, when even the protective cream penetrates into the deeper layers of the stratum corneum. This makes it possible to maintain natural skin reactions and healthy renewal - the most important in maintaining healthy skin and slowing down the aging of the skin.”

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