World's Most Beautiful Engagement Ring Named

World's Most Beautiful Engagement Ring Named
World's Most Beautiful Engagement Ring Named

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The engagement ring of the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine was recognized as the most popular in the world. This is reported by the Daily Mail, citing research by Natural Diamond.

In an experiment, two thousand participants chose the celebrity with the most beautiful ring. As a result, it turned out to be Kate Middleton, who gained 20 percent of the total number of votes. Her white gold, sapphire and 14 diamond jewelery by Garrard & Co was previously owned by the late Princess Diana.

The second place was taken by the ring of Prince Harry's wife Meghan Markle: 18 percent of respondents voted for it. The gold jewelry was designed under the guidance of the husband of the Duchess of Sussex. Three diamonds were used in its creation, one of which was brought from Botswana, and the other two belonged to his mother.

The third line of the list was taken by the wedding ring of the singer Miley Cyrus, and the fourth - by the adornment of supermodel Haley Bieber. The accessory of the pop singer Beyoncé closes the top five.

In June, Kate Middleton defeated Meghan Markle again. It turned out that the duchess was recognized as the most stylish woman in the royal family. So, during the period of self-isolation introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic, clothes like the Duchess of Cambridge sold out three times more often than clothes like Markle's.

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