The Secret Of "eternal Youth" Nebahat Chekhre Revealed

The Secret Of "eternal Youth" Nebahat Chekhre Revealed
The Secret Of "eternal Youth" Nebahat Chekhre Revealed

Video: The Secret Of "eternal Youth" Nebahat Chekhre Revealed

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Video: Forever young: Secret of eternal life revealed by Russian science? 2023, January

According to a widespread message, the actress spoke about several rules that she adheres to throughout her life.


“I am not a fan of skin care and do not visit beauty salons, but throughout my life I go to the hamam every two weeks and do a peeling. Also for many years I have been drinking a glass of warm water with lemon 40 minutes before breakfast,”said the star.

In one of her interviews, Nebahat also emphasized that even constant visits to a beauty salon do not help with poor genetics, and with good skin it remains young for a long time and without outside interference.

Most of the fans were shocked by the words of the star, as they suspected that she spends most of her free time in beauty salons, maintaining youthful skin.

Recall that Nebahat Chekhre is known not only in Turkey, but also far beyond its borders, among her fans are Bruce Willis, Gerard Depardieu and famous politicians, films with her participation are watched by both middle-aged people and young people.

The actress has played in dozens of films, Russian viewers are known for the series "The Magnificent Century" and "Forbidden Love".

As the information and news portal previously wrote, Nebahat Chekhre is actively looking for a husband.

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