Star Men Who Conquered Women Not With Beauty

Star Men Who Conquered Women Not With Beauty
Star Men Who Conquered Women Not With Beauty

Video: Star Men Who Conquered Women Not With Beauty

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There are actors who captivate fans with their spectacular appearance and gorgeous figure. But there are also artists who cannot boast of a reference beauty, but this does not prevent them from having an army of female fans. Fantastic male charisma and incredible charm are the keys to their long-term success.

1. Al Pacino became famous after participating in the movie "The Godfather". For him, this was only the third picture in his career, but after it he forever acquired the status of a sex symbol. Pacino never spoke about his personal life, but it is known that he was never married. And this circumstance still excites fans of the 78-year-old actor, who has not lost his attractiveness over the years.

2. Jean-Paul Belmondo belongs to men who can conquer with one glance. Nature rewarded Belmondo with a dubious appearance, but also gave him colossal talent. The actor was always surrounded by the most beautiful women who preferred Jean-Paul to younger and more handsome gentlemen. Today the artist is 85, but girls still look at him.

3. Gerard Depardieu from his youth was a favorite of women, although his features are far from classic. The popular actor and winemaker attracted the opposite sex not only with his acting talent, but also with amazing charm. This year, the actor will celebrate his 70th birthday, but his novels are still countless.

Watch the video and find out about other actors who cannot be called handsome, but who will give odds to their sons and even grandchildren.

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