Celebrities Who Redesigned Their Chins

Celebrities Who Redesigned Their Chins
Celebrities Who Redesigned Their Chins

Video: Celebrities Who Redesigned Their Chins

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Today, plastic surgery has become available even to ordinary people, but celebrities are still regulars in clinics. With the help of surgeons, actors and singers acquire graceful noses and slender figures and do not age for years. And some celebrities have decided on more rare operations, for example, changed the chin.

1. Marilyn Monroe made such an operation one of the first. In the middle of the last century, doctors used insufficiently high-quality implants, but this did not stop the star, who gained fame as one of the most beautiful women on the planet.

2. Renee Zellweger had an interesting appearance, different from the classical canons. But it was precisely her dissimilarity to her colleagues that was remembered by the audience. For a long time, Rene refused to take radical measures to rejuvenate, but in 2014, the actress was no longer recognized. Then Zellweger appeared in public, significantly correcting her facial features, and this transformation, according to many fans, deprived her of her charm.

3. Oksana Samoilova is not only the wife of rapper Djigan and the mother of a charming baby, but also a model. The girl's appearance delights the fans, but for the sake of this beauty Oksana had to go through several plastic surgeries, including an operation to change the shape of the chin.

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