Celebrities Who Suddenly Lost Weight

Celebrities Who Suddenly Lost Weight
Celebrities Who Suddenly Lost Weight

Video: Celebrities Who Suddenly Lost Weight

Video: 15 Famous People Lost Extreme Amount Of Weight 2022, November

Body positivity is gaining momentum from year to year, but some Hollywood celebrities don't seem to like it. These stars, when they had impressive forms, suddenly became slim and athletic.

1. Jonah Hill. The actor gained popularity playing ridiculous and narrow-minded fat men. This summer, he impressed fans in a new way: Jonah lost so much weight that some of his fans even expressed the opinion that he was sick.

2. Khloe Kardashian. The famous Kardashian sisters seem to have always had chiseled figures, only Khloe was chubby. She recently impressed the audience by dropping 20 kilograms.

3. Christina Aguilera. The singer has already recovered many times and lost weight as many times. The last transformation happened to her quite recently. Christina became the judge of the American show "The Voice" and was so worried about it that she constantly ate and recovered. But then she pulled herself together and returned to ideal volumes.

4. Beyoncé. The singer is proud of her feminine forms, but once she had to lose a dozen kilograms in just two weeks. In 2006, she played one of the main roles in the musical "Dreamgirls", and before filming for 14 days she did not drink anything except water with lemon.

And learn about several celebrities who quickly lost weight from the video.

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