Appearance Like A Star: Patients Of Plastic Surgeons Take An Example From Celebrities

Appearance Like A Star: Patients Of Plastic Surgeons Take An Example From Celebrities
Appearance Like A Star: Patients Of Plastic Surgeons Take An Example From Celebrities

Video: Appearance Like A Star: Patients Of Plastic Surgeons Take An Example From Celebrities

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Plastic surgeons say that clients often base their inquiries on the examples of famous people. Irina Konstantinova, Candidate of Medical Sciences and Associate Professor of the Department of Plastic Surgery of the RUDN University, does not see anything criminal in this. She assures: thanks to modern medicine, this is not difficult to do. - With a request to make the same appearance as a particular famous person, patients turn to me very often! - says Konstantinova. - Modern medicine allows you to get the result as close as possible to the ideal. But not every girl can be "sculpted" exactly what she wants to be similar to. This is due to the initial data of the body, skin characteristics, tissue extensibility, constitution and other physiological characteristics. For example, it is possible to make the same nose as a friend's or an idol's, but that does not mean that it will look just as beautiful on your face. The result of the same operation in different people may differ due to the physiological and anatomical characteristics of the body.


Irina Konstantinova

Forms like Dubtsova Irina Dubtsova has long been considered one of the main sex symbols on the stage. However, the star has conjured more than once over her appearance. According to doctors, Irina did liposuction after giving birth. She did not immediately decide on surgery: only after she realized that she could not get rid of excess weight. Also, after giving birth, Dubtsova increased her breasts. It should be noted that she was dissatisfied with her forms from her youth. At the age of 16, she dreamed of mammoplasty. “The transformation of the singer delights many women,” says the doctor. - Therefore, her photos are often shown as the desired result after surgery. First of all, this, of course, concerns her breasts.

Irina Dubtsova // photo: Anatoly Lomokhov / Global Look Press

Liposuction, like Isa Aiza Anokhin gained weight after the birth of her second child. With a height of 162 centimeters, massage and physical activity only slightly affected the figure, so the blogger did liposuction of her arms, hips and abdomen. Just recently, she resorted to buttock augmentation and openly described it on her Instagram. And now many girls turn to the doctor with a request to make the same ass as Isa's. - Aiza's forms are one of the most popular examples of a figure for girls who have resorted to plastic surgery, says the doctor. - But I keep repeating: everything should turn out harmoniously and beautifully, but it doesn't have to be a copy.

Aiza Anokhina with her son // photo: Global Look Press

Alena enjoys new breasts Alena Vodonaeva is considered a sex symbol not only by guys, but also by girls. The TV personality does not hide: she turned to plastic surgeons for help, as she wanted to give up her lush breasts. According to the star, due to the huge bust of the fifth size, her back often hurt, there were problems with the choice of clothes. Therefore, she underwent breast reduction surgery. Now Vodonaeva enjoys the third size breast. “This situation is very atypical,” the doctor said. - But girls who have faced a similar problem almost always show Vodonaeva's photo as an example of a successful breast reduction. They really like Alena's current forms.

Alena Vodonaeva // photo: Anatoly Lomokhov / Global Look Press

Dzhigan's wife admires the buttocks Rapper Dzhigan's wife, Oksana Samoilova, has a figure that the entire Internet is discussing. Many people think that her appearance is fake, everything is artificial and "sewn". But the girl said: she did breast augmentation and lip contouring. Everything else is the result of training.- Many people ask to make them a flat tummy and elastic buttocks, like the rapper's wife, - continues Irina. - Samoilova achieved such a figure naturally, but plastic surgery can make it possible to obtain a result close to the original.

Oksana Samoilova and rapper Dzhigan // photo: Anatoly Lomokhov / Global Look Press

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